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Become the part of an energetic community, where people make money from renewable energy and protect the environment! To strengthen our great team, we are going to bond members to each other with a joint effort and fun. Step together for a greener world! Count your and your community’s steps and points in Sunmoney360 app. Hope, we will enjoy this team activity together.

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It's the best solution created to ensure your goals!
It's finally here!After months of development and testing we launched a new update we have taken into account the comments received during this time on your part. Enjoy greater autonomy and a better user experience.Notes the new features, you will not leave you indifferent!- You have your tutorials available so that you know the main features- You can view the options flyout- Shortcuts in the home screen will allow you to consult faster 4 features- Choose the list of other club training workouts that you like and asígnatelos- Displays and validates your training exercises faster
The beginning of golf begins with the choice of club. SmartPitter-SmartFitter
Smart Peter released !!GolfFind the strongest SmartFitter app has been released.The beginning of golf begins with the choice of club.Everyone knows the best club for you isIt's hard to know which club is right for youThe senior is a good fit, a lot of flying out of the ad,A professional winning club is not a club that suits me well.Recently, the swing analysis equipment is diversified and easily accessible through the appSimply input your own swing spec to get the best club specBased on this, the most suitable for you by matching with the right brand clubPresent your clubThe speed of the club determines the strength of the shaft, and the pitch of the ball determines the shape and design of the head.Will decideSpartan is not a standard for S, SR and R, which is displayed differently by club manufacturers.We match based on actual club strength (CPM) and various conditions.
Alkaline diet app offers healthy diet plans and food charts for weight loss.
Are you planning on starting an alkaline diet? We have a perfect solution for you. The Alkaline app combines the perfect alkaline recipes and diet food charts to get you fit and healthy. Alkaline food recipes can be an essential part of your healthy life as they can increase metabolism. Alkaline food app consists of carefully picked healthy recipes that are low acidic-ash alkaline recipes. Healthy diet plans can bring great change to your lifestyle. As the alkaline diet app helps you to control pH levels and aid healthy weight loss.A fast weight loss diet plan can help you follow a healthy lifestyle, check ph levels, blood sugar, acidic and alkaline foods, etc. The alkaline app also provides access to diet planners for fast weight loss with an easy alkaline foods list.Diet recipes for free contain a complete list of diet meal plans to lose weight in 28 days. Alkaline recipes are personalized for you based on your health conditions and acidity. A plant based diet can efficiently control your acidic intake. Alkaline diet app free also contains vegetarian recipes..
It measures your body fat at any time and helps to manage your diet habits.
Fitrus TFitrus T measures body fat at any time and helps to manage diet habits. Fitrus T allows users to manage almost all health and habits, including heart rate, stress level, skin temperature, object temperature, and step count. 1) Measure body fat and follow up.The Fitrus device is a portable BIA body composition analyzer that can measure body composition anytime, anywhere.It provides body fat percentage, body fat mass, skeletal muscle mass, basic metabolism, body mass index (BMI), and body water. 2) Count calories and make a diet plan.Search over 700,000 food data or edit your own food that is not available in the data to count calories.It also tells you the calories burned through the step counts data collected from your smartphone. 3) Set goals with friends and try challenging them.Invite a friend who is a member of Fitrus T and set a target number of steps and calorie intakes to compete for each other.Share with friends through comments and make fun stories. 4) Getting tips from the membership company.You can get various tips and event information quickly from the..
Runmeter is the most advanced app for runners, cyclists, and exercise walkers.
Runmeter is the most advanced application for runners, cyclists, and exercise walkers ever designed for a mobile device. Built from the ground up for Android, it makes your phone a powerful fitness computer — with maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, training plans and more. Experience core features and dependability for free, then upgrade to Elite to add advanced features.Android Powered• Records an unlimited number of workouts — years of workouts only take up the space of a few songs.• No website login required.• Swipe across the stopwatch to see pages of stats, maps, and graphscompletely configurable.• View your workouts on a calendar, and by routes and activities.• View bar and pie charts summarizing all your workouts.Track• Exclude stopped time with automatic stop detection.• View terrain and traffic maps with Google Maps.• Record heart rate, bike speed, bike cadence, and bike power with sensors.• Automatically record the weather.Train• Supports cycling, running, walking, skating, skiing, and many other activities.• Keep on track with extremely configurable interval training, zones, and targets.• Set up repeating intervals, pyramid intervals, or tempo workouts.• Hear..
AYUSH Kavach is an Initiative of Uttar Pradesh Government, Department of AYUSH
AYUSH Kavach is an initiative of AYUSH Department Government Of Uttar Pradesh , to provide latest updates for a healthy lifestyle , Immunity Boosting measures based on locally and easily available natural resources in Uttar Pradesh.This application will also bring to you the latest information about AYUSH, Live YOGA sessions for different age group users e.g Kids, Adults, Elderly People , Pregnant women , Office stress Management yoga protocol , and many more. The Uttar Pradesh State controls rooms are just a click away using this app and you can directly call them using this application. The special and general precautions to be taken care for protection against Covid-19 Infection is also there which can be easily assessed .Thank You AYUSH Uttar Pradesh GoUP
Digital initiative dedicated to the idea of preventive health management.
H3U (smart healthcare) is a digital initiative that is dedicated to the idea of preventive management of health and provides services that facilitate everything from health awareness to pre-hospitalization which includes health camps, health talks, health check-ups (including on request / camps / group / community health check-ups/etc) with report management, immunization at group level apart from cashless OPD and discounted pharmacy and diagnostic services.The H3U Medhealth card is a unique platform for managing health and health transactions where unique customized products can be structured along with multiple tools for overall health management.The service is available on multiple platforms currently including the following:1Android2IOS3WebThe key features of the service include:1Cashless doctor consultations2Discounted Health Check-ups with report management3Discounts at Pharmacies4Online Opinions5Tools & TrackersHow the H3U service works1The Medhealth Card user goes to the H3U network healthcare provider2User Accesses the H3U application with their login and views the Medhealth card3User opens the H3U wallet by clicking the card4User selects who is the service being taken for (Self or registered dependent)5User generates a service request (coupon)6Coupon is generated which is shown to the billing..
| H3U
General Insurance for Railway Workers (MGC)
Members of the MGC, find at home and on the move on your smartphone and tablet the essential services of your mutual insurance: - Your contract with your beneficiaries and contributions- Your personal information- Follow-up of your reimbursements with the possibility of downloading your statements and carrying out searches according to different criteria (date of treatment, beneficiary, type of procedures reimbursed, etc.)- Alert messages (PopUp) when a refund is made to your bank account;- Your dematerialized membership card and its datamatrix to be able to justify your rights to healthcare professionals and establishments at any time- The geolocation of the mutual agency closest to you and the one to which you are attached, if applicable.- make an appointment- Being reminded- Find a healthcare professional- Find drug information
The App for customers of the gyms and personal trainers who use EvolutionFit
Discover the New version of the EvolutionFit App for Gyms and Personal Trainer customers.All new for an incredible user experience for your customers!The whole app has been completely redone both from the point of view of functions, but above all to offer your customers a unique tool to manage:- New graphical interface- New training schedule management- New section for weight room and activity bookings- New training diary- New progress section and graphs- New tools to track weight and measurements- New food section- New food diary- New weight and calorie goal management- New live and streaming lesson calendarAll simpler and more intuitive, but above all all in one app!
Stress Mentor communicates stress management methods in a fun way.
Die APP wurde entwickelt um nach derzeitigem Kenntnisstand bewährte Stress-Management-Methoden, wie sie normalerweise in Selbsthilfebüchern oder Audio-CDs vermittelt werden, im Rahmen einer interaktiven App zu präsentieren. Die APP ist als Selbsthilfewerkzeug zu verstehen und nicht für das Erkennen und Behandeln von Krankheiten geeignet. Die APP vermittelt folgende Stressbewältigungsstrategien:Selbstbeobachtung: In einem Tagebuch können Schlaf (Qualität und Quantität), Sport (Dauer, Belastung, Schritte), Ernährung (ungesüßte, neutrale Getränke, Alkohol, Koffein, Obst und Gemüse), Verdauung, subjektiv empfundener Stresslevel, vorherrschende Stimmung, sowie positive und negative Ereignisse des Tages festgehalten und in einer Langzeitübersicht eingesehen werdenEntspannungsverfahren: Atemübungen, progressive Muskelrelaxation, Meditation, Visualisierung, Genusstraining, Übungen zur MuskelentspannungKognition und Zeitmanagement: Umgang mit irrationalen Gedanken, Selbstsicherheitstraining, Planen, PriorisierenWissensvermittlung: Quizaufgaben zur Festigung des GelerntenWöchentlich werden im Rahmen einer Stress-Checkliste die Ausprägung von körperlichen (Muskelverspannungen, Verdauungsprobleme, Schlafprobleme, verspannungsbedingte Kopf-, Nacken- und Rückenprobleme) und emotionalen Stressindikatoren (Angst und Sorgen, Traurigkeit, Ärger, Stress bei der Arbeit und im Privatleben) abgefragt. Darauf basierend wird durch die APP die Reihenfolge der Stressbewältigungsstrategien ausgewählt. Einige der verwendeten Instruktionen wurden mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Dr. L. John Mason (, Stress Education Center) aus dem „Guide to Stress Reduction“ aus..
Build up our own Sunmoney community via Sunmoney360 app!
Become the part of an energetic community, where people make money from renewable energy and protect the environment! To strengthen our great team, we are going to bond members to each other with a joint effort and fun. Step together for a greener world! Count your and your community’s steps and points in Sunmoney360 app. Hope, we will enjoy this team activity together.

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The app is super, from a trustworthy company. I've got their full portfolio.


Working great and very fast


Nice app


I like it!


Easy user interface with accurate real time data tracking regarding counting steps.


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