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Who is Hussain is a global organization dedicated to letting the world know about an inspirational man who lived fourteen-hundred years ago.

A man called Hussain.

We aim to inspire people through the timeless example of Hussain and bring positive change in the world we live in. Our reps and volunteers organize events to give back in their local communities, ranging from blood donation drives to feeding the homeless and much more.

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Who is Hussain is a global organization dedicated to letting the world know
Who is Hussain is a global organization dedicated to letting the world know about an inspirational man who lived fourteen-hundred years ago.A man called Hussain.We aim to inspire people through the timeless example of Hussain and bring positive change in the world we live in. Our reps and volunteers organize events to give back in their local communities, ranging from blood donation drives to feeding the homeless and much more.

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Labayka yaa Hussain


Day by day am changing my life


This app awesome !


Salaam ya Hussain a.s


This is a great app i loved it. Plz tell me how can i join events in my area and how can i buy WIH items?


Perfect & awesome


can't wait to join😣


Great app!


Can't wait to explore their events and work! Finally I can buy their amazing hoodies and t shirts online


Can't wait to start using this to keep up with WIH events :)