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Nos actualizamos para movernos contigo y darte la mejor experiencia, es por eso que en esta nueva versión (1.6.1) podrás agendar tu revisión técnico mecánica, comprar tu seguro todo riesgo y solicitar todos los servicios que tu vehículo necesita (peritaje, trámites, historial vehicular y más) en un solo tap.


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In carroYa we have evolved to give you a better experience and transform mobility with an APP that is present throughout Colombia and that will allow you to sell, buy, manage and keep up to date with everything your vehicle needs quickly, easily and safely. And the best? You can do it from any city: Bogotá, Cali, Barranquilla, Medellín Bucaramanga or the rest of the country… and yes, everything at your fingertips!

Do you want to sell? The truth is that doing it has never been so easy and so fast, because now in our new App you can put your vehicle in our great virtual showcase and have direct contact with the people who are interested in it to manage the sale; or if, on the contrary, what you want is to buy one, find the one that you have wanted and searched for so much; in our app you can filter it either by brand, model, city, color, etc. and find it among the entire offer of new and used vehicles that we have for you.

Do you want to finance? In the Car App, you not only find the car you want, but you can also simulate your credit, learn about the different financing offers that our allied banks have for you, and receive all the support you need throughout your purchase process.

Now, if what you want is to find a place where you can manage all the procedures, assistance, services and even have support in any emergency for your vehicle, the Carro App is already made for you! In addition, it allows you to have control and register more than one vehicle in the same place.

Do you have to do the technomechanics to your vehicle? Don’t miss out and get caught badly parked! Find your nearest CDA and schedule your appointment in minutes from your cell phone or if what you forgot was to buy the SOAT… Cool! That will no longer be a problem, with App Carro Ya now you can buy it in minutes, without lines or tedious procedures, from anywhere. Yes, we bring you an app with which you can manage absolutely all the procedures and services that your vehicle needs and create alarms so that you never forget them again.

Do you have your SOAT covered but still don’t feel safe? Protect yourself from any eventuality or accident and find out about all the insurance we have for you from our App.

Have you ever…needed a rave? Looking for a crane? Have you run out of battery? Punctured and the spare tire doesn’t work for you or you don’t know how to change it? Lost the keys? Looking for a chosen driver? We know that these types of problems on the road are more common than one thinks and that is why we can assure you that the Carro Ya App will become your great ally and the best companion for all those moments in which you need immediate assistance. and safe.

Now the headaches that your vehicle used to give you will be a thing of the past! Well, from your app you will be able to request all the services you need and you will have an immediate response, in addition, if you are one of those people who believe that being prevented is worth 2, you can also buy assistance packages so that all those inconveniences that may arise in your road do not get caught badly parked.

In addition, with App Carro Ya you can also have a complete telephone directory with the emergency lines you need in case of any emergency while you are in your vehicle and that you will always have available with your download and also, if you need it, you can get in touch Contact us if you have any kind of doubt or problem that you want to solve.

The App you need to get around calmly and manage all the services and procedures has come to transform and make your day-to-day life easier with everything related to your vehicle. Don’t you believe us? download it now and check it out.




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