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The app will allow real time Communication Between School and Parents.


A larger edit area for your messages & texts. No permissions, no ads, opensource
Messaging, chat, or texting apps usually have a small message text editor. With Temporedit you can easily compose your longer messages in a cozy full screen editor, and then easily use the Copy or Share toolbar buttons to send them back to your favorite communication app, and send them away.Use it when you have to send complex business decisions explanations, or deep love messages or even poems.Temporedit lets you customize the editor's typeface, font style, size, line spacing, and background and text color.Free and Open SourceTemporedit is completely free, without ads or Internet permissions. It is also open source! You can check out the source code at: you need help, or have any feedback, questions, or concerns, we'd love to hear from you! Please email us at:[email protected] visit:
Wang TV Replay Broadcast Schedule Real-time Broadcasting and Information
바쁜 현대인을 필수 앱 왕티비 다시보기입니다.실시간방송 및 방송 스케쥴 , 다시보기 방송정보 제공합니다.가입이 필요 없고 모든 방송을 쉽게 시청하세요.가장 빠른 업데이트를 제공합니다.모든것이 무료! 회원가입 필요없는 다시보기 최강앱
Brahma Kumaris WAStickerApps Sticker is now available!
Brahma Kumaris WAStickerApps Sticker is now available!is now available! Now you can send stickers to all children of Baba.Brahma Kumaris WAStickerApps Sticker to share in whats app. Now you can wish all the baba's children with this stickers.Brahma Kumaris WAStickerApps Sticker app contains all sorts of stickers ordered in different categories mentioned below:Categories:1)Shiva Baba2)Brahma Baba3)Dadis4)Balloons5)Medals etc.NOTEThis app will work, only when WhatsApp stickers feature is enabled.IMPORTANT : The "WhatsApp" name is copyright to WhatsApp, Inc. Sticker Pack for whatsapp is in no way affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by WhatsApp, Inc.If you notice that any content in our app violates any copyrights than please inform us so that we remove that content.
Audio application dictates of French vocabulary words most used!
Ceci est la version gratuite avec 15 mots, la version complète contient 350 mots et pas de publicité!Cette application est là pour vous aider. Vous pouvez commencer à apprendre l’anglais tout en pratiquant vos tâches quotidiennes, telles que:- Conduire - Prendre le bus- Faire le ménage- Prendre une douche (nécessite haut-parleurs)- TravaillerNous avons regroupé les mots et expressions les plus utilisés dans la langue Espagnol (version gratuite: 15 mots et phrases)..L'application va dicter un mot en Français, disons "Amour", puis va dicter le même mot en Espagnol "Amor".Tout ce que vous avez à faire est d’écouter et votre cerveau commencera à assimiler les mots !Après avoir utilisé cette application pendant quelques semaines, vous verrez que vous serez en mesure de comprendre certains dialogues en Espagnol. Cette méthode est un cours intensif pour apprendre l'Espagnol.
Fun, anonymous two way messaging
Emojiwho is the unique, anonymous, two-way messaging AppIt's the fun, easy way to express yourselfShare your feelings, compliment , complain, flirt (or even tell your boss a wage increase is long overdue) completely anonymously! With stacks of Emojis and preset messages, you can say what you like and remain protected from sending or receiving offensive or abusive content because Emojiwho is a troll-free and bully-free AppYou can even ask a sender to reveal his or her identity and, if they accept, simply continue that message thread using Emojiwho as you would a normal messaging AppIt's great for both work and personal use so download Emojiwho, the free App that everyone is talking about, and join the fun today!
It allows you to communicate with vehicle owners quickly and easily.
The easiest and fastest way to reach vehicle owners through their license plates. Thanks to our mobile application, you will be able to communicate directly to vehicle owners without having to deal with websites (social media, advertisement pages, etc.) within their permission. (If they use our app) The vehicle you want to warn while driving, such as the selector, horn, etc. You can access the methods instead of the application.• You will be able to access news and interesting information about motor vehicles prepared by our editors.• With its constantly updated list, you will have up-to-date information about Gasoline, LPG and Diesel fuel prices in your region.• You will be able to show the pictures and explanations you uploaded to your gallery to members who visit your profile free and fast. In this way, you will share your vehicle, spare part sales, advertisement and promotion contents with your visitors free and fast.• You can add the people you chat with to your favorites in order to remember and not lose them later.• You will be able to block people who..
Securely Share or Copy your Photos, Video, Music, to your families, Friends.
1. Install Smart Share app and Connect same Wi-Fi on both devices.(File Transfer to/from Android and Windows and MacOS)downloadwww.smartshareapp.com2. Share your media content Photos, Video, Music, and Document to your families, Friends Within Same Local Wifi network. Note: This will not use any of your mobile data or Wi-Fi data.3. Look for a device name and Device Access code if both devices connected to Same Wi-Fi.4. Smart Share app will find nearby devices connected to same Wi-Fi and Send and Receive file between two devices connected to Same Wi-Fi5. Do not have Wi-Fi on both devices? Enable one of the device Hotspot and then connect Other Mobile this Wi-Fi Hotspot then you can send and receive files.6. This app helps Securely Share or Copy your Photos, Video, Music, Doc to your families, Friends7Securely share your media without Internet or Mobile data plan and send and receive large files never losing the quality of media and this is 100 times faster than normal. Again, don’t use your mobile data plan to send and receive photos, video, etcIf your friends and family..
Responder application for users of the Symposium Technologies' Sinirji System
The Sinirji Responder Application allows registered users of Symposium Technologies Inc's Sinirji Platform to quickly access active events and indicate their response. The Sinirji Responder Application provides users and organizations with one universal platform that organizes their teams into groups based on tasks and events. All info and activity tracking is tied to the event-task, stored in one place, and shared in real time with whoever needs it – simply, intelligently, and securely.
Handcent SMS Norwegian Language Pack
This is Handcent SMS Norwegian Language pack,install it will support display French user interface at Handcent SMSApp2SDThis plugin support App2SD,you can move it to SDCARD and save your internal memory spaceUseageThis plugin work with Handcent SMS 3.8 and above
Get mobile Cardenete municipal information in real time
"Cardenete Informa" is a communication service in real time, between the city and neighbors.Downloading this free application will be in direct contact with the municipality receiving the news and sides and events that occur in your municipality, regardless of where you are.In addition, through this service and thanks to the module COMMUNICATE! You can report incidents, ask questions and propose new ideas to your local authority. All in a simple and intuitive way and track the status of communications.More information about COMUNICA !: bandomovil and the service offered by the city of Cardenete, Cuenca.You can also receive municipal information by email:-http: // via web:-http: // any questions or problems, please contact in [email protected])
Communication Between School and Parents.
The app will allow real time Communication Between School and Parents.


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It was lagging over and over again 🙃 😒


So bad unless trash 🗑


The connection is poor and it lags every single time


Good for nothing. If it wasn't for my school I would delete it.


Very inefficient on iphone.


worst app possible doesnt save messages and poor connection


Gibson is bad 😡😡


Absolute garbage this app is not functioning at all its always lagging. 0 rating




How the heak am i suppost to openthe email


You can only open it when your child is learnig in Gibson youth acadamy and its best


It is easy app for Gibson School Systems parents to follow their child daily accomplishments and behavioral progress! Gibson school becomes one of the leading private school on making the parents to advance with technology.


It is not clear how to open my account.


Where can we get the login ID and password?