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This Mobile App is designed to give you fast, secure account access so you can easily manage your account details, view your bill and your account balance, make payments and find payment locations, schedule alerts and reminders, receive push notifications, view usage graphs and stay connected via facebook. Nearly everything you can do from our portal can now be handled instantly whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go.

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IF IT DOES NOT WORK ON YOUR DEVICE, PLEASE DO NOT RATEIt is not supposed to work on every device. If it does not work, please report (with message ) here : [email protected] Calling: Phone callsusing these applications users can enable wifi calling features for free voice calls and Instead of using your carrier's network connection, you can make voice calls over the Wi-Fi network.What is wifi calling?Instead of your carrier network connection, you can do voice calls using wifi connection. If you are outside your home and you want to make calls then you can connect to nearby wifi and call anyone at free cost. Why do you need this app?Many mobile phones provide a wifi calling function but not any menu entry to enable it. Using this wifi calling application you can easily access this type of hidden function of mobile phones and use them.Why choose our wifi calling app?Because we provide sustainable connection during phone calls over wifi so you can freely call with this app. also we provide some major functions that other apps don't provide..
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Central Florida Electric Cooperative
This Mobile App is designed to give you fast, secure account access so you can easily manage your account details, view your bill and your account balance, make payments and find payment locations, schedule alerts and reminders, receive push notifications, view usage graphs and stay connected via facebook. Nearly everything you can do from our portal can now be handled instantly whether you're at home, at work, or on the go.

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Now the only way you can pay is if your cc is saved. Not happy with this new update. I dont want my cc saved on an app .Please fix and Ill update my review. But as of now the app that used to be awesome sucks. Plus the developer doesnt respond .


App not working been down for weeks. No access to account. This just tells people what the new broadband they will off will be like. They are clueless. Access using application is down. No fix in sight. Application should be deleted.


The designer or administrator of this app is terrible. Took way to long to fix originally and still having problems with connecting. Hope CFEC is not paying alot of money for this.


Finally fixed the issue with their app. Back to the convenience of being able to pay the bill through their app rather than by phone or in person.


It calls for an update. But it dosen't allow you too. It goes right back to play store. I reset apps, turn off phone and did a restart and I uninstaled and reinstated the app. Same out come..Update try to reinstall today 11/01 hope they fix the problem.. However this time I was force to remove other apps to free up space.. same outcome need updating went right back yo play store.


Hardly works when trying to log in. Has update stopping me to log in but, update is not available in play store. Other times it say it has technical problem to log in.


Very convenient and user friendly. Allows me to monitor our usage, the price of electric, and pay my bill at the drop of a hat.


App says an update is needed but there is no update available. Can't pay my bill. I've used this app for 3 years..... what's going on with the app


This Latestest Upgrade to the App renders it useless. You cannot even get to CFEC ON IT! Doesn't do all the things as the Full Site Does. So I use FFB Google Chrome Extension Instead as I rather have all the info of the Full Site.


Says I need to update the app, click the "update" button and thr only options are "uninstall" or "open". There is NO "update" option so a payment can't be made online. Wonder if we stopped making payments because the online app isn't working, would the company accept "the app won't update so I can't make a payment" as a valid rationale for not paying? Don't think so! It's forcing us to go in person or make a payment over the phone (which charges us ADDITIONAL money.


App is calling for an update, but it doesn't update. I've uninstalled the app and reinstalled to no avail.


No option to update that app. Needs to be fixed. I tried to email the developer and no response. Can't use something that does not work. People need other options to keep track of or pay electric.


App does not work!!!! It says there is an updated version but when you click to update it just returns you to the playstore. Very disappointing!!! I've paid through this app for years and now I am inconvenienced. Please fix soon.


The app is saying I need to update and when I go to Play Store, it doesn't indicate any update is needed, so I uninstalled the app, then reinstalled the app thinking it should download whatever new version is available that is not being recognized, but that didn't solve the problem. My phone is new this year, so I have plenty of room and all the newest updates, so I don't know what else is the problem. No problems before paying online with this app. Fix soon, please. Thank you!


App no longer works .. Motorola one 5g.. app erros and says no network detected .. same on wifi or 4g.. deleted app.. reinstalled no change.. deleted data and cache no change.. the app simply does not function and should be taken down from the play store


Aside from a great quality coop, with fast outage relief. Who writes checks anymore? It's crazy impossible to pay your bill without third party services, which hacked my bank account. If you go to pay an it declined a debit card you know is good . Stop an call CFEC. My bank account got hacked through their online bill pay. They don't accept cash at the bill drive through or debit or credit cards....? I'm not young but even I only use checks for the IRS


Same experience as the other reviews. Cannot pay through app because it crashes when you hit Submit Payment. Useless app.


App use to work and then out of no where it stopped even uninstalled it and waited a month to reinstall and it still says it can not connect to internet. Ashame too because I really liked it.


Refuses to work. I open the app and it's says no internet connection. Everything else on my phone has no problem.


This app would make paying the bill very easy, IF IT WORKED!!! Every time I try to make the payment, THE APP CLOSES instead of processing my payment. Complete GARBAGE!
Oh no! We sincerely apologize for the troubles you've had with the app. We'd be happy to take a look into this for you, please contact us at [email protected]. Thank you.