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Why do different authors give different interpretations?
Daily-centered theory of suppression, birth season (Wolji)-centered
This is because it uses one of the theories, Chohu and Gyeokgukron.
Strength and weakness of daily life (relationship), relationship between daily life and monthly knowledge
The interpretation focusing on one of (Johu, Gyeokguk)
Different interpretations of the same stock give different results.
This is not an error of mysticism, but a weighted
This is because the subjective interpretation of the theory is different.

Indication of isolation (vulnerability)
By comprehensively inspecting circulation and coexistence,
Identify isolated, vulnerable characters.
Patent: No. 10-2235206
Application number: 10-2020-0113276
Personal propensity analysis method using myungri

to a state that can be overlooked by certain theories
Total inspection to produce isolation (vulnerability)
Manse-ryeok is my master, which I knew before.
helping to reanalyze, quantifying the
We will present a new reference point.

* Isolation, Vulnerability Display Function

– Isolation, vulnerable display function
Corresponding to social temperament and function
It shows the isolated and vulnerable state of the Ten Gods (Five Elements).

– When you click Daewoon or Sewoon, you move to the side of the original country
You can see the relationship between luck and the country of origin at a glance.

– sign of confluence

Cheonganhap: Mark a circle in the color of the opposing five elements to be combined (insert the corresponding display image)
Cheonganchung: Star-shaped display in the color of the opponent’s Five Elements
Supporting sum: Circle the five elements of the color you want to combine
Support worm: Star-shaped display in the color of the opponent’s five elements.
Interstitial complex: indicated by a gray circle

– Daewoon, Sewoon vs Won-guk Interaction display of agreement and loyalty

– New death signs: Yeokma, Dohwa, Hwagae, Cheoneul, Moonchang, Cheonui, Cheondeok, Woldeok, Yangin, Baekho, Gwimoon, Wonjin, Amrok

– Cut-off date/birth date, not cut-off time/
Segmented and applied based on birth time
Existing grand transport application method (based on infeed date)
Example) January 22, 1988 06:00 (female)
Cutting date) February 4, 1988 23:36 (first spring)
Sunhaeng Grand Cloud: 13 days
Grand Luck: 13/3 = 4.333 (4 Grand Luck applied)

Myeongyeon Daewoon’s application method (based on cutting time)
Example) January 22, 1988 06:00 (female)
Cutting date) February 4, 1988 23:36 (first spring)
Sunhaeng Great Cloud: 13.73 days
Great fortune: 13.73/3 = 4.5777 (5 great fortunes applied)

– Various search functions of user saved names
Search by name (ㄱㄴㄴ), automatic save and search by daily, multi-five elements

– Summer time correction and palm/joja time classification function
(Korea summer time application period)
1948.06.01. 00:00 ~ 1948.09.13. 00:00
1949.04.03. 00:00 ~ 1949.09.11. 00:00
1950.04.01. 00:00 ~ 1950.09.10. 00:00
1951.05.06. 00:00 ~ 1951.09.09. 00:00
1955.05.05. 00:00 ~ 1955.09.09. 00:00
1956.05.20. 00:00 ~ 1956.09.30. 00:00
1957.05.05. 00:00 ~ 1957.09.22. 00:00
1958.05.04. 00:00 ~ 1958.09.21. 00:00
1959.05.03. 00:00 ~ 1959.09.20. 00:00
1960.05.01. 00:00 ~ 1960.09.18. 00:00
1987.05.10. 02:00 ~ 1987.10.11. 03:00
1988.05.08. 02:00 ~ 1988.10.09. 03:00

– Calculated weight for each position of 8 letters and up to
Five Elements, Ten Gods Distribution is displayed as a percentage (%)


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