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Rat zone helps you experience a conditioning experiment first hand with your own virtual rat!

Explore both pavlovian and Instrumental conditioning concepts and learn about the psychology behind the “Pavlov’s Dogs” experiment.

Bring your rat to life in the optional Augmented Reality mode, then collect crumbs from the flying cake bots and watch your rat’s behaviours change as you feed it delicious treats!

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Pavlov's Rats!
Rat zone helps you experience a conditioning experiment first hand with your own virtual rat!Explore both pavlovian and Instrumental conditioning concepts and learn about the psychology behind the "Pavlov's Dogs" experiment.Bring your rat to life in the optional Augmented Reality mode, then collect crumbs from the flying cake bots and watch your rat's behaviours change as you feed it delicious treats!
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So cute and epic, totally recommend for kids who love rats!!!




This game hurts my eyes. The text is hard to read (because of font, size, and colour). Graphics overlap making it hard to work out what's going on. Moving graphics are jerky.


This gameplay is fascinating, when will the next update come out, i want to teach the rat to do more things. Thanks, sir snivy


Great experience, especially in a group!


Loads, asks you to place a rat, then just delivers a blank screen with background music. This was the same for a Galaxy, a pixel, and 3 different iPhones. I was so excited to use this with my students, but all we got was frustration.
Hi Claire, We've had a lot of problems with Vuforia and Unity playing nicely with different Android phones. But we came up with a solution - we've now added a non-Augmented Reality mode. This allows players to skip over the Vuforia problem. Please try it again and please get in touch at if you have any other issues. Michael


Doesn't let you do anything, at all.
Hi Jessica, WE've fixed the issue with phones not activating Vuforia by adding a non-Augmented Reality mode. Please give it another try and if you have any issues, get in touch at and I'll be happy to help. Michael


It didn't work
Hey ILP, We've fixed the issue with phones not activating Vuforia by adding a non-Augmented Reality mode. Please give it another try and if you have any issues, get in touch at and I'll be happy to help. Michael