Apps for company customers To view news, reserve a seminar, report complaints And is a means of communication with ASEFA.


Talk to millions of people worldwide anonymously.
The BoomChat! application came with many new features. You will have access to a simple and easy application to chat anonymously with several people from different places in the world.👥 Anonymous: You will talk completely anonymously. Being impossible to be identified or recognized. 🔐 Insurance: Our application encrypts all sent messages. No one else can read the sent messages.🎈 Simple and Lightweight: We developed an application to make it as simple and light as possible. This way you will not have problems with your mobile storage.🌍 Global Distribution: Our application is translated into more than 10 languages so that everyone can have ease and opening possibility to meet people from all over the world.
"CopConnect" a Telangana state Police Messenger App
"CopConnect" App is specifically designed to accommodate the dynamic needs which are required in the Police Division, it's swift data transfer mechanism enables user to push the data of various meta types to another users in a Seamless way.
CommunityMsg is a Messenger for any Community such as Samaj, Sangh, Trust, etc.
CommunityMsg Messanger for your Smartphone:Best Messanger for any Community such as Family, Samaj, Sangh, Society, Religious Trust, etc.Registered Community:- Samast Gujarat Prajapati Yuva Mandal (Prajapati Samaj)- Shri Dasha Shrimali Betalisi Jain Pragati Mandal - 72 Kadva Patidar Samaj- Shree Aanta Kadva Patidar Samaj, Unjhaj- Shri Bajkhedawal Kelavni & Sanskruti Mandal- Akhil Bhartiya Bhansali Samaj- Shri Chanasma Pragati Mandal, Ahmedabad- 37 Jain Welfare Foundation- Shri Dashanima Vanik Samaj, Dahod- Dakshin Maharastra Goa Region- Shress Ghatopar Kutch Kadva Patidar Sanatan Samaj (Mumbai) - Shree Harsola Vanik Samaj- Vadhiyar gol sai Suthar samaj- Greater Batrisi Jain Community- Jain Samaj Online- Akhil Gujarat Kanya Kubj Brahman- Shri Vastrapur Karishma Swe.Mu.Pu.Jain Sangh- Shree Kheda Jain Mitra Mandal- Shri Kutchi Kadva Patidar Laxminarayan Santatan Samaj, Mumbai- Lohana Samaj- Machchhu Kantha Jain- Shri Mandal Nagrik Sangh- Mannewar samaj- Memnagar Jain Sangh- Modh Vanik Federation- Nai-Limbachiya Samaj- Shree Nanabar Kadva Patida Samaj- Shree Navgam Dasha Dishawal Vanik Gnati Samaj - Param Pujya Mahabodhiji Maharaj Saheb- Parajiya Soni Samaj- Shri Rajasthan Digambar Jain Dasha Narsinhpura Samaj- Sabarkantha Leva Patidar Samaj- Shree Visha Shrimali Sadatrisi Jain Samaj- Shri Baba Ramdev..
Online Dialer is a Mobile VoIP dialer application that allow VoIP calls.
Online Dialer is a Mobile VoIP dialer application that allow to VoIP calls from any of the Android devices and it uses 3G/Edge/Wi-fi Internet connectivity.It is developed based on the requirements of VoIP Providers business needs.The main features of this applications are-. Making VoIP calls to GSM numbers.. Receiving a call from another user of this application..Easy Sign Up with Mobile Number as user ID & automatic Buddy List creation with facility to invite phonebook contacts to install the app..Facility to enable Mobile Top Up.
A communication tool to monitor QR entrance and exit of individuals
A communication tool to monitor QR entrance and exit of individuals
Easy access to Mobile Data network settings!
Easy access to mobile network settings with just one touch! Add this app's icon to your home screen to access mobile data network settings without having to go through several menus.Not a widget: no constant CPU or battery power drain.Totally free! No adsNo permissions.Privacy Policy:This app does not read, use, save, track or share the contents of any personal data or metadata.This app does not collect any data about your use of the app.Explanation of permissions requested:No permissions are requested.Enjoy the app!
Push-to-Talk (PTT) for field teams
Push-to-Talk (PTT) is the proven standard for in-field team communications. MODULO transforms your team’s smartphones into PTT Walkie-Talkies for professional in-field use.With the addition of standard Mic/Audio Accessories, MODULO converts your smartphone into a field-grade walkie-talkie: •. No need to unlock your phone or open an app •. MODULO supports top PTT mic/speaker accessories. •. Listen to multiple channels simultaneouslyMissed and historical PTT messages are stored for later playback. MODULO also supports texting and sharing media files, documents, and GPS location. MODULO works on any 3G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi network. It is SSL-encrypted for secure communications. MODULO is FREE for teams of up to TEN (10) users, and you can create UNLIMITED FREE TEAMS. This is 2X the Free Users per team allowed by Zello. Each Team can create an unlimited number of walkie-talkie Channels. You can conveniently manage your teams via our Web Admin Portal by logging in to our website at: professional use, we also offer MODULO Pro:MODULO PRO •. MODULO Pro enables additional features valuable for professional use. • About 50% the price of Zello and..
As a member of Bonitas you have the ability to chat with us online, in real time
As a member of Bonitas you are able to download BonitasConnect and have the ability to chat online, in real time, with a Service Centre consultant by using this instant messenger as the tool for communication. You are able to: • Clarify simple enquiries without calling the call center or sending emails.• Achieve a speedy resolution to your enquiry due to real time responses.• Receive IM messages instead of SMS’s improving accessibility.• Ask your benefit and or claim related enquiries.• Chat to a person and not an automated system.
Tunnel through firewalls.
Just another simple private ѴРИ client. Dubbed as the best gaming ѴРИ.Hadron Particle version 8.0We updated the app for a better experience. Get the latest version for the available fixes and changes:build: 53Changed:- updated the OpenSSL library to version 1.1.1i- updated to the latest Gradle- focusing username/password will now show its details- allowed apps can now be disabled- Logs now go upFixed:- no browse Android 11 (Samsung)- routing- typo in Clear logs which does not workAdded:- prompt user to clear app data if config has changedbuild 51, 52:- updated dependenciesbuild 50:- Improved stability and speed- updated libraries a. OpenSSL 1.1.1h-dev (which does not support Android Lollipop and below. The app will only work from API 23 to 30)b.Boost 1.74.0build 49:- Improved Ad handling. Prevent future crashes when Interstitial Ads are showing or failed to load. (I'm sorry for not paying attention to this.)- temporarily disabled Wi-Fi Direct 48- fixed No Network issue for android 10+build: 47- retain UI view state at orientation changebuild 46:- optimizations- updated dependenciesbuild 45:- updated dependencies and libraries- built with the latest NDKbuild 44:- fixed..
Family Group of Saurashtra Family from Adajan Surat
SPM Group is a private group located in Surat, Gujarat India, Full form of SPM is Saurashtra Patel Mitra Mandal. Aim of AppProvide connectivity of group members with each.Find Members.Notify Members of any eventsAbout SPMThis organization's members to develop social and family solidarity, through gatherings, and meetings. members to encourage children to develop educational activities as well as to their boldness. The procedures for the realization of our society orchard / Community Hall. To honor any of its society, the individual and social/political/educational service activity that receives greater prominence.
Apps for company customers
Apps for company customers To view news, reserve a seminar, report complaints And is a means of communication with ASEFA.


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