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Hello by Aspire Analytica App DESCRIPTION

Hello by Aspire Analytica provide a military-grade secured messaging/calling service for your organization. This application keeps messages, documents, and files on the cloud.

Unlike Whatsapp, this app provides more control over your members whom to register, whom to block from the app. Document and file sharing and admin panel to manage it all. Keep an eye on communication without interpreting your personal messages.

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Your communication partner
Hello by Aspire Analytica provide a military-grade secured messaging/calling service for your organization. This application keeps messages, documents, and files on the cloud.Unlike Whatsapp, this app provides more control over your members whom to register, whom to block from the app. Document and file sharing and admin panel to manage it all. Keep an eye on communication without interpreting your personal messages. For more:

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Superb user experience.


Best solution for corporate customers


Secure communication and user friendly


Best App for Businesses. Solved my internal communications with control over my conversations and data




Secure communication platform


Having best experience to use this app, allowing me to connect with my loved ones in way i can't anticipate. I will surely recommend this to everyone arround there..!


Thank God theres a proper medium to communicate within the vompany now. Sick of whatsapp groups


Amazing app. Secure and reliable 👍


It is the best application for closed and secured communication. It is highly recommend to medium and large scale businesses for intra-company communication with security protocols.