1. Phone Book Contact list updated.
2. Privacy Policy updated as google play console.
3. For Fraud Prevention,Security and Compliance Purpose we collect and upload User's Phone Number.

Aseer Dialer App SCREENSHOT

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Aseer Dialer App DESCRIPTION

Aseer Dialer application is offer best quality VoIP calls.This will work in all Android enabled devices with internet connectivity via 3G/Edge/Wi-Fi.This application is designed to give an edge for VoIP Providers in improving their customer base.

Key Features:
No call disconnection in limited bandwidth
Supports G729
Loud Speaker
SIP based protocol for Signaling
Screen display for your call history, call timer and balance
Automatic Balance Syncing
Advance Echo Cancellation
Auto detection of contacts picked from phone book

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Aseer Dialer is an app for making international VoIP Calls
Aseer Dialer application is offer best quality VoIP calls.This will work in all Android enabled devices with internet connectivity via 3G/Edge/Wi-Fi.This application is designed to give an edge for VoIP Providers in improving their customer base.Key Features:No call disconnection in limited bandwidthSupports G729Loud SpeakerSIP based protocol for SignalingScreen display for your call history, call timer and balanceAutomatic Balance SyncingAdvance Echo CancellationAuto detection of contacts picked from phone book

Aseer Dialer App DOWNLOAD

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Best than others


Outstanding work and great experience in providing quality services


I speak only 44sec but deducted 5mins. Worst experience.


Worst app


Talking one minute but they are deducting 3 minutes extra so bad and cheating.






Very good working but same time problem


Too too much bad. Total waste😠 They told that, you have to speak 250 minute. But i talk 1 minute they will cut 3 minutes. It means they give us only 83 minute.😠 not buy this aseer. Try another one.