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We’ve been hard at work improving the app experience. App now features free vs premium - for one low monthly price continue to listen to your favorite radio stations without commercials. We love your feedback, so keep it coming to


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Welcome to the faidr radio app – we’ve engineered a completely improved streaming experience, providing radio fans unlimited choice and control. Our technology removes annoying commercial breaks and lets you replace them with the audio content you actually want to hear.

We love everything about radio streaming – that’s why we’ve made it better.

Our app currently services 5,200+ live radio stations in every major U.S. market, providing easy access to music, news, talk, sports and more.

Faidr provides a 90-day free trial to our premiere streaming experience, and after the trial, subscription plans start at $5.99 per month. Want to stay on our basic free version? No problem. It’s yours at no cost.

By downloading and listening to faidr you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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This app will not allow me to listen to my favorite radio stations w/o a subscription. It freezes during downloading process.
Phillip, Sorry you're having issues. You can absolutely listen to any AM/FM station without a subscription on the app. The subscription is for premium features like avoiding commercials, but all AM/FM stations are available to both free users and subscribers. Email and we can help with the freezing issue you're having.


Lots of great music to choose from.


Best app for radio on your phone! 👍👌
Love to hear it, Sarah!


Seattle music NOT Canadian music Most stations no longer in service.
Hey Carolyn, if your stations aren't playing, shoot us a support ticket at, and we'll get to the bottom of this.


There were SO MANY choices of stations and type of music that it was difficult to simply put on my radio station that plays a wide variety of music usually!٪


The app will stop playing in midstream about a minute in. This seems like a great app but I'm not so sure yet.


Hearing about this on the internet faidr helps take the noise out of listening to your favorite music, noise as is commercials. I actually enjoyed this app but never had the time or the patience to sit down and listen to it thoroughly. I've seen the ad from faidr throughout most of the ads inside the apps of the Google Play store. Until I actually get to use it for a week, I will leave it at a three-star review, until then, I will readjust my rating scale and add some new comments to it.


This app dosnt work right anymore I try to go to my radio station and it never goes to my radio station it just keeps playing songs from the mixer over and over


I like the app needs some improvements but nice start. Songs don't show up on bluetooth in vehicle, needs a scan option in vehicle to skip stations, and finally add to android auto.
Thanks for the review, Richard. You'll be happy to know that Android Auto is on our roadmap for this year.


I was excited to try this app. I was even going to commit myself to going through their massive number of stations to select as many stations as I could (that play what I like). But then I got an error message from my device about my storage space running out. Turns out faidr is about 2½ gigs. The next largest app on my machine is only a quarter that size. So I never really got to fully experience the app, as it became necessary to delete it, although I did enjoy the music I heard along the way.


It doesn't work anymore. There is sound for a few seconds but it goes right off again. Was it updated to be subscription required or to need a registered account to use it?


Downloaded the app and it's unusable. Try to sign up/log in but the home screen is locked. Uninstalled and tried again but same result.


App is buggy. Plays stations music for a few seconds then thinks it's on a ad break when it isn't. Fix this functionality.


This is a great idea! You get the radio without the adds that wreck the mood. I love that you can customize the add music for each station. Overall great app!


Was great when they offered it free as I don't listen to music very often. Now they are subscription based. Uninstalled.


Don't get this app! I haven't even used it once and it has sent me a notification every 5 minutes. Besides, the first time I tried to use this app it didn't even load.
Sorry the app didn't load for you. Please note that you can always enable/disable push notifications for any app by long pressing the app icon and choosing 'App info', 'Notifications'.


More like "faker". This app is nothing but a piece of junk! Not only does it eat up all my data, it freezes and crashes. It's always kicking me back to the phone menu when it turns off. It feels like this app is possessed. Not only that,it also locks up my phone,too. Shame on you, putting it on Google Play. POS app. Uninstalled.😡


Saw an ad for this app on another music app...downloaded it, but when I open the app, it does nothing, just a gradient purple screen. Finally, after uninstalling and downloading multiple times, when the purple screen comes up, if you hit the back button, the home screen for the app comes up, but half the time it kicks me out of the app. And every time you click on a station, you get an announcement that "you're back on faidr"... every time you click on a station... gets kind of old after awhile


The most amazing app by far for music! The coolest part about the app is it gets rid of all commercials on all your favorite radio stations. You can listen to stations even from different states not just where you live, which I find pretty awesome! I definitely recommend this app to anybody. It played hits today I haven't heard in ages!! Love love love it!!!!


I like the concept, but not the app. I did a search for blues, selected a station, then when I returned I was no longer on the blues page. Also, I did not see any login, so favourite stations are only for the device that you are on? Perhaps I am missing something, but I don't know what I could be doing wrong. Doesn't seem to be a very intuitive interface.