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Stack Ball – Crash Platforms Game DESCRIPTION

Stack Ball is a 3d arcade game where players smash, bump and bounce through revolving helix platforms to reach the end.
Sound easy? You wish!!
Your ball smashes like a brick through colorful platforms that block its descent, but if you hit a black one, it’s all over! Your ball shatters to pieces and you have to start your fall all over again.
But even black platforms are no match for a fireball falling at full speed! Choose your strategy: speed up like a madman or stop and wait for your next chance to roll and jump. Other ball games wish they were this fun!

Why Stack Ball rules:
– Crazy fast speed
– Fun gameplay
– Bright vibrant graphics
– Simple and easy to play
– Great time killer


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Stack Ball – Crash Platforms Game DOWNLOAD

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Very enjoyable game! Just needs two things: 1. Longest Streak tracker (stacks continuously destroyed without lifting your finger) 2. Dark mode Thanks


I purchased ad free, but there still are ads in the app that cant be skipped.
We understand how annoying advertisements can be at times, so we appreciate your patience and understanding. We are doing everything we can to keep them as low as possible for your convenience. Keep track out for updates!)


It's okay just a little hard to play the ball hits black then I start over so I'll needs to stay focused on it this is a force game I like it


It was fun way to much ads but fun it was very good and I got to level 100 within 30,40 minutes easy challenging fun I loved how easy it is it very easy and when u jump I'll might make it to the water fun water game
Hello there! Without ads, the game can't continue being free-to-play. Thank you for your understanding!


The game is nice and satisfying and all but it's not as good as it is in the ads (even tho every game is like that) and I wish there were less ads because whenever I finish a level an ad has to come and it distrubs me alot.
Hello! Thanks for high rating, we are glad you like our game. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the game, please, contact us [email protected].


It's fun but SOOOO FREAKING annoying when everyone round there is an ad 🙄 😒 and it's the same ad over and over like if your gonna show me an ad make it different every time so i don't get bored so don't get this game I mean yes it will temporarily cure your boredom but them the ads come in and THEN IM EVEN BOREDER THEN BEFORE SO DONT GET THIS GAME
While we're disappointed that you didn't enjoy our game, we're grateful for your suggestions on how we can improve. We'll take them into consideration as we continue to develop and enhance the game.


Game 10/10 The graphics and the sounds are so chill and ASMR I suggest this game to everyone if you're going on long car rides, Or Flights i was looking for a game that had no Lag or Was full of adds and when i stumbled uppon this game i Thought to myself "I hit the Jackpot" Great game!
Hey! Our team is happy you like the game😊 We appreciate your feedback. Contact us [email protected] if you have another suggestion or ideas. Have a nice day!


This is nice and rellely this game were So so good there was a no ads.... And this is so colour ful game..... I rate 5% because this is my Most favourite game...... You try this game...... Your experience were much better From other game....


It's very nice game and offline game I am playing this by 2 days now I am going to compete 100 levels I like this game so much it's interesting one tq for introduce this game I am start in 15 may 2024 at 17 may 2024 I done 100 levels 💖


Mind blowing game. One of the best games in google play store. Just needs some more of creativeness like adding colours, candy balls and more od such types, rest it's fabulous
We're delighted to hear that you enjoyed our game! Your suggestions for improvement are much appreciated, and we'll be sure to consider them as we work on future updates. Thank you for your support!


I love this game so much like the game is awesome 😎😎, so that all i have to say,THANK YOU ALL I LOVE YOU ALL ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰💋💋💋 The reviews i heard about this game is awesome but some people just talk like bad people so they have to caution themselves, because the game is awesome because some of my friends don't like this game and I tell them to try the game,u guys should also upgrade your game so that is all I have to say to you all so till next time byeee💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋


OMG i love this game first of all I love this game cuz it has zero adds second of all it's very easy so that's probably like the nice to have everyone on the game please do more if you don't have any other games please make more actually this game is actually pretty addicting that's why I gave it five stars and I love it if I could I would like a decillion Stars I mean oh my gosh it's just like the best game I've ever played please please please please please make more games like this love it


Not a good enough game to force 2 ads at me every other level
Hello! That's a great pity to see you don't like our game. We will improve our game based on your feedback, so thank you for that! Have a nice day!


Game is good but 1. levels all same 2.alot of ads 3.not to good
Hi! Thank you for finding out time and encouraging star rating. We are very glad to have your feedback since it helps a lot in improving the game. We hope to make it better and more interesting for our players. Stay tuned for updates!


I enjoyed a lot playing this game and it is an excellent, fabulous, fantastic, amazing game. But... the only disadvantage is.... there are too many ads...., after each round I am getting an ad so..... please look into this. ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!
Hey there! Thank you for your review concerning the game. We'll take it into account. We understand how ads can be annoying sometimes and we do our best to minimize it and adjust it to the comfort of our players. So thank you for giving a credit to our game. We appreciate it. Stay tuned!


It's fun, it's addictive, but it doesn't really come with any instructions on what the fireball means or the ! with a disappearing circle around it. But the ads?! WOW! Nothing until after the 6th level for me, but then it was after each level got a while, some 5 seconds, others 30 seconds. Amount of ads a bit ridiculous, but I played more than I watched ads. Just would like some directions to go with it since it seems random at times what you can do.
Hi! Thank you for your feedback! We really appreciate you sharing a piece of your mind with us! We've improved the game and we'll be very happy if you try it out now :)


Decent game, tend to enjoy it when I need to kill time. Only problem is the ads. The levels are long enough to not feel constantly bombarded by ads, and this game runs well if you disconnect from WiFi. In this game you can continue from where you lost if you watch a video. But if you say you don't want to continue, it will often play an ad anyway and not give you anything in return? Why play an ad if I just hit a button to not watch an ad and restart the level?


Brilliant game, it's so addicting and fun! But the reason why I did 3 stars is because the ads. It's really annoying. I dont mind a little, but whenever your ball hits the black, it just throws an ad in your face. On the hard levels, I'm in ad hell. I hate the fact that it does that. I would of done 2 or one star(s) but the game its self is good. Please lower the amount of ads. Then I'll do 5 stars.🌠🌠
Hello! We are glad you gave our game a chance! We are doing our best to make it cool and fun. So your feedback is truly helpful. Stay tuned for the updates! :)


The game is very entertaining, addictive and fun to play. I wish that there were other colours alternating with black. But my worst problem is the ads. Almost every two games, despite my winning or losing the is an ad. I hope in the next version ( if you make one ) you make it without ads. Otherwise very great game, keep it up ( without ads ), best of luck.
Hi! Thank you for your input. It is important for us to receive feedback from our players because it allows us to improve the game. We will definitely listen to you. Carry on playing and stay tuned! :)


It's extremely fun! Very enjoyable! Just one thing that ruins my mood, EVERY single time. The ads. There are just too many! Once you defeat a level, there is an ad. Even while you are IN a level, there are ads. Who does that? Now, I know it's essential. I know that you need it to continue running the app. Yet, I think if there was less ads, people will like it more. If you ad some ads here and there, maybe 1 every 2-4 levels, it'll be a lot better. it's very annoying with ads evety 5 seconds.