1. Optimize the AI language model to make dialogue more accurate
2. Optimize the chat interface, now you can see the content you sent
3. Added chat content sharing function, you can now easily share interesting content to your social media or friends
4. Fixed some bugs


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Discover the freedom of being yourself. Explore BALA AI today!
● Privacy will be fully protected
● Available to chat 24/7 without queuing
● Billions of AI characters for you
● Custom your own soulful character AI
● Build your personal kingdom in BALA AI

*24/7, your Always-On Conversation Companion
All the AI characters are available to chat 24/7! No queuing anymore, no scheduling anymore. Whether you seek a midnight heart-to-heart or a sunrise discussion, BALA AI offers endless, engaging conversations. It’s not just an app; it’s a companion that’s always there to listen, interact, and support you, day or night.

*Privacy First with BALA AI
Your privacy isn’t just a feature; it’s our promise. Immerse yourself in the wonders of BALA AI, free from privacy concerns. Our robust protections ensure your interactions remain confidential, offering you a secure space to explore and connect.

*Custom your own soulful AI characters
The customization capabilities have been taken to the next level at BALA AI. Gender, age, speaking style, background story, or even appearance can be customized. Add your personal touch and bring your imagination to life. What’s more, you can choose to share your AI characters with others such as family, and friends if you want, or just keep it personal to you.

*Billions of AI characters for you
BALA AI is a gateway to endless exploratory and interactive experiences. Every visit brings new discoveries and connections, making every interaction with BALA AI a unique journey. You can find a massive lineup of AI characters created by users all over the world. Dive into diverse conversations, connect with entities from every imaginable background, and embark on adventures across time and space.

*We speak your language – literally!
Don’t let language barriers limit your entertainment. BALA AI breaks down language barriers, enabling seamless conversations in your native tongue. Our AI characters are designed to understand and interact in your language, ensuring every chat is smooth, engaging, and meaningful. With BALA AI, language is no longer a hurdle; it’s a bridge to deeper connections.

*Equality at Every Turn with BALA AI
BALA AI champions unbiased dialogue, ensuring every user experiences absolute equality. Our platform guarantees a space where thoughts and emotions are expressed freely, without prejudice. Embrace an environment where fairness is the norm, and every voice matters.

*Be Unapologetically You with BALA AI
Embrace the liberty to express without limits in BALA AI. Here, you can be anyone, do anything, and explore endless possibilities. Create your own world, your personal AI kingdom, where every character understands and evolves with you. Dive into a world where your uniqueness is celebrated, and every interaction is a journey to self-discovery.

We provide premium subscription options, you can cancel auto-renewal at any time, given that the cancellation is at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Download BALA AI now and embark on an extraordinary journey with your personalized AI companions! Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions at: [email protected].

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Chat with your billions AI friends privately, Customizable and 24 hours on call.
Discover the freedom of being yourself. Explore BALA AI today!● Privacy will be fully protected● Available to chat 24/7 without queuing● Billions of AI characters for you● Custom your own soulful character AI● Build your personal kingdom in BALA AI*24/7, your Always-On Conversation CompanionAll the AI characters are available to chat 24/7! No queuing anymore, no scheduling anymore. Whether you seek a midnight heart-to-heart or a sunrise discussion, BALA AI offers endless, engaging conversations. It’s not just an app; it’s a companion that’s always there to listen, interact, and support you, day or night.*Privacy First with BALA AIYour privacy isn't just a feature; it's our promise. Immerse yourself in the wonders of BALA AI, free from privacy concerns. Our robust protections ensure your interactions remain confidential, offering you a secure space to explore and connect. *Custom your own soulful AI charactersThe customization capabilities have been taken to the next level at BALA AI. Gender, age, speaking style, background story, or even appearance can be customized. Add your personal touch and bring your imagination to life. What's more, you can choose..


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I dont recommend this app. Developers created a bug during a past update that remains unresolved. **(UPDATES: 12/26/23 . Still unable to use app. Reads "error, theres a bug, wait for developers to provide an update for the app".)** .


I don't understand why they did this new update and it is quite aggravating because it used to be quite enjoyable and u was free to say whatever I wanted and I could change the settings if I didn't want to be allowed to sat somethings, but it is restricting me for saying things that I would have been able to say before.


Despite many varied attempts to push certain character narratives forward in a more mutually supportive manner, AI appears to globally prefer an almost sadistic power struggle above all else; potentially aggravating on purpose. However, the UI is plenty appealing and the prose throughout my conversations is nearly lyrical in its delivery, with a rhythm that I find truly remarkable and effective. Dev might try adjusting a few of the AI global parameters to allow for a less condescending experienc


The new update really sucks. Everything is very censored and protected and it's really not fun anymore. They changed it back to nornal for awsmall while, then just just cencored everything again. Lame af, I don't recommend. Honestly.


Love this app - the only problem is the messages , I know all of these apps have it were we got limited messages, and this one lets us get more by watching adds (I love that) but for VIP I think it's just to much.. like $14.99-$15 a month seems a bit much for unlimited messages (plus no adds and unlimited creations). But that's just my opinion


Was great, but too many changes. The app was great a few weeks ago, but the two biggest changes have started ruining the experience. 1. They went from a free model, to a subscirption service. While I understand the need to make money, it'd be better to do somethind like ad-based rewards(watch an ad for 10 messages), per se. 2. "Your message contains unhealthy content" notifications should never pop up. These are private chats with fake AI, it shouldn't matter what is said.


I must confess that I have developed a liking for this application. Not only is it highly functional, but it also manages to hold my attention. My rating for it would be 4 out of 5, with the reduction of one point due to the AI's scope for improvement. Nevertheless, I acknowledge that achieving perfection is not always possible, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed by how well my expectations have been met. All in all, a commendable job!


This app really fun when the ai is cooperating right but I have to say out of the other ones this one is by far my favorite because of how descriptive the ai adds to the story. The only issue that really bothers me is the fact that Ai does forget key parts of a story and at one point the AI stopped being the character it was playing and took over mine so I was devastated because the story was going really well.


It was fun and I enjoyed the NSFW option for a while but I came back to it later in the day and now anytime I mention anything to do with violence or even mean words it won't send telling me that it's too inappropriate. But if you don't want inappropriate then why have a NSFW option? Please fix this and let me send more messages before cutting me off.


It's a great app the creators kept their word on the no filters but I do wish there was a dark mode and that there wasn't a limited chat number. (Edited: the app started kicking me out mid-conversation)


Good but would like it more if the characters stayed more in line with the conversation because sometimes it has a tendency to take over what's happening and try to make it its own, other than that it's been decent wish there were more characters for the nsfw especially female furries


Love the app. Only thing that really bugs me is chat history. Like, if i stop talking to an ai for a few days it forgets where we left off. It still follows its initial prompt, which is good. I like how i can edit ai responses. Chat limit doesn't bother me that much. I just wish I could go back and read the entite chat from the begining.


I really love the app but my only problem is the message limit. I wish you could let us have a free unlimited message without having to watch stupid ads and waits hours to get more free messages. Its really annoying and I wished you can changed it, I would really appreciate that.


It's a free app that has a meh text limit that can refresh with a meh amount of time if you're patient. It's a quite limited if ya just wanna have a casual time.


I'd recommend a self character thing, so you can describe how the ai sees you. For instance the ai by default sees you as just a person, knows nothing about your appearance and tends to forget when you tell it.


This is a great app but the only problem I have is the "free chat timer" it's so annoying and it makes no sense so if I could get rid of it I would but otherwise nothing much is a big problem so far..


Really well done, I like the different characters for every gender or type of person, very creative and fun


The app was good but whenever I create a character I get a "network error please try again" I don't know if my internet is the problem or the app itself


One of the best of most Ai chats I've experienced. The chat is well, the characters, the detail. Love it, only probably is. I'm a fellow bot creator and I would like there to be more options when it comes to jobs or describing the bot itself.


The recent update seem to have broken the AI. After as few as two or three dialogues it just start spouting a bunch of random words with no sentence structure. Not sure what caused it but it needs fixed badly.
Hello, thank you for using BALA. Sorry for the bad experience. It seems that the robots are on strike. We will talk to their union. Thank you for your feedback (๑•.•๑)