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ANIME quiz guess the Character Game DESCRIPTION

There are 50 levels from easy to hard
from very famous anime like

Guess the popular anime and characters

This is an Missing Piece quiz so we recommend to watch the anime first before playing our game. This will test your anime knowledge and how well you know the anime characters. The images contain character’s power, poses, weapon…

100% free game, no pay-to-win like other anime games. Download and play immediately! You can earn hint points without paying, you have a lot of options to get hints for free. We have roulette that will give you hints weekly, daily and even every few minutes

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ANIME quiz guess the Characters is a game where you guess the character name
There are 50 levels from easy to hardfrom very famous anime like Guess the popular anime and charactersThis is an Missing Piece quiz so we recommend to watch the anime first before playing our game. This will test your anime knowledge and how well you know the anime characters. The images contain character's power, poses, weaponFREE-TO-PLAY100% free game, no pay-to-win like other anime games. Download and play immediately! You can earn hint points without paying, you have a lot of options to get hints for free. We have roulette that will give you hints weekly, daily and even every few minutes
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guys I think they misspelled sanji it's not a big deal lol 😂😂 xd


Sanji Vinsmoke Sanji even his Name is NOT Sinji it should be corrected


Too many ads, every time you play two times, ads will appear again


Lol I finish the game within 5 mins


It's just One Piece?




Its a nice game


Who the heck is "SINJI" 😡


So far I like it


Good game. People are whining about the misspelling of names, like it's a big deal lol. Cut them some slack.


Wrong spelling of names


I have finished the game in 5 minutes. Sanji's name is mispelled to Sinji. Also looking forward for more levels/characters.


I got annoyed by "SINJI" haha Bro it's SANJI not Sinji 🤦♀️😂


Beautiful game for one piece lovers