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In Banana Cat: Meme Survival, you must hide from the Doggy Monster if you don’t want to be busted. Your mission is to rescue all the Banana Cat in a limited time.

– Use the joystick to move and the box to hide
– Play mini game to rescue all the Banana Cat
– Hide sneakily or you will be found by Doggy Monsters
– Alive and rescue all of the Banana Cat in time to win

– Fun game to play and relax
– Multiple themes waiting to be unlocked
– Many mini-games waiting to be played
– Countless unexpected situation
– Many meme banana cat to pick
– Cool reward for winners

What are you waiting for? Download Banana Cat: Meme Survival now and start the game for endless fun.

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Let's join and rescue all the Banana Cat to survive in Banana Cat: Meme Survival
In Banana Cat: Meme Survival, you must hide from the Doggy Monster if you don't want to be busted. Your mission is to rescue all the Banana Cat in a limited time.🍌 HOW TO PLAY 🍌- Use the joystick to move and the box to hide- Play mini game to rescue all the Banana Cat- Hide sneakily or you will be found by Doggy Monsters- Alive and rescue all of the Banana Cat in time to win🍌 GAME FEATURE 🍌- Fun game to play and relax- Multiple themes waiting to be unlocked- Many mini-games waiting to be played- Countless unexpected situation- Many meme banana cat to pick- Cool reward for winnersWhat are you waiting for? Download Banana Cat: Meme Survival now and start the game for endless fun.
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