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Celebrating 10 years of the SAO anime, the new mobile game Sword Art Online Variant Showdown is finally here!

When Kirito and his friends hear about a new game called Cross Edge that is supposedly causing memory loss to its players, they set off to investigate…
But while playing Cross Edge, they are ambushed by a mysterious presence!

Take control of characters straight out of the anime like Kirito and Asuna in ferocious 3D battles!
Do you have what it takes to defeat fearsome bosses like The Gleam Eyes?

Sword Art Online Variant Showdown Features:

Use character-specific Sword Skills and switch between offense and defense on the fly to take down vicious bosses!
Counter enemies’ special attacks with parries! Awaken your characters to unleash their true power on the battlefield!

Featuring the world of Cross Edge, a VR action game developed by a middle school genius, experience a brand new story with Kirito and his friends.
And just who is this new, original character Layla?

Choose 3 characters you know and love from SAO and take control of them in battle.
Each character has his or her own special techniques and Skills, so be sure to form parties that exploit your opponents’ weaknesses!

Equip your characters with Ability Cards to raise their power!
Boost your strengths or mitigate your weaknesses! Strategically equip cards to create the ultimate party!

Customize characters to your liking by equipping different accessories or changing the color of their outfits.
You can also add specific characters to your party to get special interactions that can only be seen in SAOVS!

So, are you ready to set out on the latest SAO adventure?
Players! Take up your swords!

*The ability to equip Accessories and change outfit color is scheduled to be added in an update after the app’s official service launch.


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This game contains some items available for in-app purchase that can enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases can be disabled in your device settings, see for more details.

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i must say, the game is exceptional. graphics is good, voice is good as always, controls are a bit wonky but no different than PGR (Punishing Gray Raven) and i know the game was just released but it needs more optimisation. the game is running like dog water even with low graphics. BANDAI, please don't ignore the game and make the performance of the game better! the game has potential.


Unplayable. After the first 10 pull I get this event/notification window that pops up and I can't interact with it or close it with the X in the top right or the close button at the bottom.


As for the gameplay, it's good, but it still needs a lot of improvement to optimize it, then in the gacha section, please, when we have 10 tickets, please, so that you can use them directly and don't press one by one. , but it doesn't matter because this game has just been released, my hope is that in the future the developers will optimize it even more


Overall the game just started I enjoy the gameplay mechanic one thing is that game so laggy especially in lobby. I hope dev would do something about it like choose fps from 30-60 to increase performance less lag but during gameplay I don't have lag problem. Because graphics adjustment can fix it. Please bandai fix I've already read all info on support I did some steps still lag won't budge. My device currently android 10


Even as I booted up the game, I really liked the style. The controls feel nice, it has an amazing quality, both visually and mechanically. It's fun, a great adaptation to the anime, and a lovely game all around. (also first review lol)


It's very good I think is the closest game to the real sao experience and the facts that it is a mix of their previous games memory defrag and intergal factor is exciting but the lag is unbearable I have a semi good phone xiaomi redmi 8t and it lags hardcore even in the lowest settings. I hope they will fix the stability of it in the near future overall a great game


Interesting game; a combination of ability cards and unique characters. Much more to develop. Still not optimized to mid-tier phones and runs poorly. High refresh rate of devices are wasted on clunkiness of the controls and UI.


Good game, smooth game play, interesting story so far. The only downside is the long loading time when changing between scene/menu/everything. Eventually your battery drained not for playing the game but mostly for waiting the game to load here and there.


Will update upon bug fixes. Very pleasant gameplay. The summon animation is a clever take on draw hype building. Visuals are great however the launching is failing way too often. Currently locked in the Notification window. When I can actually play the game will consider changing review


Not so good, not too bad either. Overall 7 out of 10 for me. Still need some improvements. For example: the motion is still too laggy even on med quality. Pls fix the gacha animation, sometimes it takes too long to load. And pls add 10x gacha instead summoning 1 by 1 when using gacha ticket. Would give 5 stars if the said problems fixed. Other than that, it was a good game.


After all, the game a very best and i will give 5 star. But i just want to complain a little when running the game. My resolution have been set to number 1 and its still little bit lagging and my phone can't run it smoothly. My device is redmi 8, 64GB rom and 4GB ram. I know this game are early release but i hope this problem can be fix it. And I love the game, love this anime Sword Art Online, love the bandai namco and I hope the developer can make this game go far.


TOO LAG. The game takes a minute or so to go from one feature to another. Pulling for gacha also takes too long unless I tabbed out of the game and go back just to see the results. The combat itself is fine but a camera auto adjusting itself along your target is kinda annoying. I hope you fix the server issues asap.


Sorry but to me it just felt lazy. There's just too many competition that does it better these days. And those games have arena as a mode and not a sole mechanic. It doesn't even do something unique, maybe something about the environment? But nah, it's a basic 3d arcade fighting game with the worse mechanic which is gacha. I just can't recommend it.


The game is so freaking awesome. The graphics are so clear, and vibrant. The gameplay is smooth and inviting. The character plots are beyond amazing. The auto-read options saves time from having to read through the lengthy dialog. all and all , this game is a must play. You will not be disappointed.


Superb!! But theres so many bugs like when i try skip the scouting thing(pull) it stucks in a character i get. But the music still going on i thought its lagging but since the music is still going i decide to just wait for it to finish. And make it more optimize its so laggy in home screen but in battle is not so laggy. But well i think the devs would figure it out earlier.. so far so good im enjoying the gameplay, and switching thing to power up your attack just like genshin impact. Thumbs up.


I'm enjoying the game so far. The multi summons take to long in my opinion and the skip button is inconsistent. The dodging mechanic could use a little touching up, but besides those the games a 10/10. I will gladly rate 5 stars if these problems are touched up but on day 1-5 launch it's doing amazing. Side note, I haven't seen one yet but I'd like a tank character who can block, so I can utilize switching much more efficiently. It doesn't have to completely offset dmg just minimize it.


The game seems pretty smooth and fun to play but now when I try to log back in, everything seems fine until the notification board comes up. When I try to close it, the game freezes and the notification board just stays there, none of the articles would open. I basically can't play the game and I only got through the first story after the tutorial so I barely got to play anything


I was able to get through the tutorial and the game was very fun, but when facing floor 1 boss it asked me to use my ultimate ability but no button would work. I then tried to close the app and re open it and now the notification menu pops up but won't go away when I press close or the x icon. I'm on a Pixel 7 Pro and I have tried restarting my phone, closing the app down and I still get the same issue. I look forward to seeing where you take this game as it's a really cool idea!


Can't even get passed the start up screen. Downloaded all of the data and when I try to start the game it brings me to Twitter, and when I close that, it recycles the game. If you need a Twitter account to play, that's a big flaw. May try again down the road, but one star for today.


(First Installment) After completing update, "touch screen to start" > select language > the game goes into loading screen mentioning in-app purchases, then returns me to title screen to repeat "touch screen to start" > select language > rinse repeat. Looking forward to this game. 2 stars until this is fixed.