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Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner Game SCREENSHOT

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Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner Game DESCRIPTION

Sharpen your blade, sword master! Dive into the world of action games where every slice is a masterpiece of power and precision. Sword Play is not just a game; it’s a duel of fate and glory set against a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and mysterious enemies.

Welcome to Sword Play! – a marriage of cutting games and action games, a universe where each slash is a testament to the skills of the kunai master. With no need for internet, relish in the challenges of games with no wifi and embark on an epic ninja journey that knows no bounds!

Dash through numerous challenging levels, a perfect mix of slicing games and fighting games, where every enemy defeated is another step closer to becoming the ultimate slice master. With no wifi games feature, the adventure never stops; it only becomes more intense.

Feel the thrill of the sword fight, where ninja slice maneuvers and swift katana strikes rule the battlefield. Face hordes of assassins, ragdoll ninja warriors, and master the arts of ninja game strategies amidst the heat of the battle.


In the realm of sword games and samurai games, you’re not just a warrior; you are a ninja, a stealth master navigating through waves of enemies, from formidable samurai jack figures to fearsome samurai shodown warriors. Be the slicer that legends speak of, a true knife game and knife games maestro.


The blade forge 3d awaits, where epic swords are not just weapons but legendary artifacts of power. Knock em all down with the Lusting Katana or the Sabre of Darkness. In this captivating sword game, every sword fight is a dance of death and destiny.


Outsmart and outmaneuver every enemy with an array of perks and abilities that turn every ninja slice moment into a masterpiece of slicing game and slicing games artistry. Be the whip master, the ultimate sword master where every strike, every slash is a testament to the pinnacle of ninja game mastery.


– Intuitive slicing gameplay
– A myriad of challenging levels
– An epic ninja adventure
– Action-packed samurai missions
– Waves of ninja assassins
– A true offline games experience

For fans of ninja games and throwing knife games like Stealth Master, Draw Saber, and Sword Hunter, stepping into the world of Sword Play is stepping into a universe where sword games and action games are redefined.

With sword master prowess and ninja agility, every ragdoll ninja enemy and every samurai shodown warrior will know your name. The fate of the shadowy realms rests in your hands, slice master. Download now, and let the ultimate ninja game odyssey begin!

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Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner Game DOWNLOAD

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It's good but too much ads and more I didn't play this game for five days then I came back I was started again for level 1 and lost all of my skins. That's all
We're sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy our game. If you have any specific feedback on how we can improve it, please let us know.


reset my progress at level 1000 but was overall fun when I was bored and a decent game. only complaint was when I was reset and quite a few ads
Hey there! Thank you for your review concerning the game. We'll take it into account. We understand how ads can be annoying sometimes and we do our best to minimize it and adjust it to the comfort of our players. So thank you for giving a credit to our game. We appreciate it. Stay tuned!


It is a very satisfying game But please remove the ads


This game is nice but in this game only some sword skins are there and some levels are only coming again and again so this game should increase levels and swords skins because of this to I am giving this game 3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐
Hey there! We're so glad you gave our game a chance. However we are constantly improving our app. So, we hope you'll like it even more in the future. Have a nice play!


This game is so good when am bored I play this game I think Azur games are the 2nd best game developer but 1st is always roblox. I think if the graphics would be ap little better it would be better or else this game is wonderful


This game is very very good and this game level is endless and easy but,this game has very less ads


The game is actually very good and it's like vr headset but only three stars because there are only less weapons and there are no good things about the weapons and the levels are like abit the same as others so its a bit boring so pls make it more interesting 😄
Could you kindly tell us more about the problem you are facing? We are looking to improve the game. Thanks.


I have know idea why people is dislikes this game is awesome. You get to freely control your sword and not to many ads also is has a satisfying slice alsoit has good levels and also cool swords to use the graphics are incredible the enemy has a cool sword animation please change the review this game is amazing 1000/1000 💯


Very Lagy. The swings of the sword delay and the slashes sometimes don't actually slice through the enemies.
Hi! We appreciate your interest to our game. Maybe you tell us what we need to improve in the game to get 5 stars from you?


All the time the blade is not moving but I am swiping I don't know why and it is an issue the it is fun I play it everywhere In public


I just love it so much to do lots of sword it's just👌 and there's just a lot of challenges and what ever you would expect in a game like this it is my personal favorite game that I have oh by the way there is 1or2anime swords big anime fan and hazbin hotel alesters cane we need in and why I am typing so much is because I want to use up all500 words so uhhhhhh sub to my YouTube channel it is blox fruits theme and the name is animeboi so if I have 500 subs I will give any one a shoutout I do not


It's really good if you can't pay money for no ads just go in the game then turn off internet no more ads! also I'm pretty sure past level 100 the levels repeat so 4 stars
Hello! Thank you for your feedback on the game. We will consider it. We understand how annoying ads can be at times, and we do our best to minimize them and tailor them to our players' expectations. So thank you for reviewing our game. It is much appreciated. Stay updated!


This is game is very enjoyable but some level hard and my failed many times maybe some level repeat to repeat but game is well my sword is very heavy and best 😀
Hi! Thank you for your feedback. It is very important for us to receive feedback from our players, as this helps us develop the game. We will definitely listen to you. Keep playing and stay tuned! :)


The option to get skins or skip a level doesn't even work why even put it on the screen if you can't select it Stupid as f&$# and annoying.Uninstalled quick
Sorry to hear you didn’t like it. We are working on new content and improvements and hope you enjoy the game in the future :)


I like playing the game but the problem is after the levels are all complete they get repeated again and again 😞 making this game boring 😔 i also unlocked all swords so its not that challenging anymore pls have a update and add new levels swords and other overall a great game. So i changed my ratings to 4 stars 🤩 plus i have also seen that about no ads come in the game.
Hi! The game is regularly updated, we recommend waiting for the next updates. Thanks for the feedback!


I LOVE THIS GAME! The ads.. NO ADS! Best game since 2022, I've been really busy with this game. But the problem is when I hit the enemy it doesn't hit!! Please I'm begging you to fix it! And when that one enemy that shoots the bomb arrows, It doesn't even hit when I hit it the right way!! >:( Please fix it! And so far very good and bamboo doesn't hit 😡. And can you add more swords and favorite swords? It would be decent!! And for now I'll wait for a update. Edit:I said there's bugs no ads.
Hey there! We understand how ads can be really annoying sometimes so thank you for patience and understanding! We are doing our best to minimize them as much as possible for your comfort!


Decent game fun for a while, but them it's bland. After you get all the swords which is a very small number, not much to do. You keep earning the cash, but you can spend it on anything. No new terrains or swords to buy. Physics is a bit janky, and it's just not much exciting to me anymore. There is a lot more that they can do but can be a better game. Also, ads are annoying after every level
Hello! We'll take it into account. Sponsored ads help us make the game free to play. Also, advertising helps you to reach a higher level and get different useful things in the game!


I had this game downloaded a long time ago, I recently reinstalled it and was kinda disappointed that you can't chop people in to one million pieces anymore. Also I'm not sure if this was in the game before because I can't remember: there should be something at the end of a level. Like maybe the character pulls out a bow and you can like shoot balloons to get more coins or something. If those were added (or added back) the game would easily be 5 stars.
Hi! We feel sorry that you have issues. Could you please contact us at [email protected] and we will gladly help you in resolving the issue.


An okay game that's easy to pick up and play. There's a limited number of swords and trails and they're all just purely aesthetic, not to mention that you need to watch an ad (even after buying the ad free version) to unlock them. The slow motion mechanic when approaching an enemy is gone which makes levels frustrating now. To be honest, with the slow motion gone, I'm probably going to install it soon as the fun just isn't there anymore.
Sorry to hear you didn’t like it. We are working on new content and improvements and hope you enjoy the game in the future :)


Good and satisfying game to play when you're bored. I would give it 5 stars to be honest but it becomes really boring and repetitive in a few hundred levels and another problem with this game is a lot of ads. Sure, we play this game for free and it is their game but still, the ads can be annoying. You can also sometimes experience an ad when playing which ruins it. The ads can also be quite inappropriate if I do say so, but other than that, 10/10 relaxing game in my opinion and add more stuff.