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Groovy Galaxy Game DESCRIPTION

Simply use one thumb to swipe to the beats to master your favorite songs.

● Easy to play, hard to master.
● Swiping to control the flying disc slashing on the beats.

● Discover songs from your favorite artists
● Extraordinary slashing visual effects makes your favorite songs unforgettable
● Climb ranks to unlock more songs!
● Join the community to vote for your favorite song, make devs add it to the game!!

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Simply use one thumb to swipe to the beats to master your favorite songsFEEL THE RHYTHM● Easy to play, hard to master. ● Swiping to control the flying disc slashing on the beatsPLAY YOUR FAVORITE SONGS● Discover songs from your favorite artists● Extraordinary slashing visual effects makes your favorite songs unforgettable● Climb ranks to unlock more songs!● Join the community to vote for your favorite song, make devs add it to the game!! Support:Having any problems? Contact us at [email protected]
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Just tell me why would you make your perfect game to another copy that has a concept from another game called "Beatstar" pls? Just why?


Ads no one likes your ads no dont ask me to message you blah blah im so tired of yall cash grab chinese bullcrap


Glad you like it! :) We'll continue to enhance Groovy Galaxy to provide you with an even better gaming experience!


Beat blade (beat mania) has everything this wants to do and does it better, scrap this project and renew beat blade without damaging player progress, youre wasting resources this will never be beat blade


Wow cool😎😎❤️🔥👍👍
Thank you for enjoying our game! 🤗🤗🤗 We'll continue to enhance Groovy Galaxy to provide you with an even better gaming experience!


this game is good 👍🏼
Thank you for liking our game! We'll continue to improve Groovy Galaxy in the future ❤️ Have a nice day.🤗