We've updated the game to fix some crashes and make features more stablity.

Moto Bike Race Game SCREENSHOT

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Moto Bike Race Game DESCRIPTION

Moto bike race : 3xm game drives you through a whole new experience with the most extreme bike races ever.

Moto bike race : 3xm game brings to players the latest-updated engine, stunning 3D graphics, fast-furious spins ride and the most awesome motorbikes that you can never inmagine. You could check realistic driving sensations and make the incredible stunt. All motorbikes have been reproduced on the basis of real life engines, all details have been taken care of. Specially, crash is excluded from the game so you will not be disrupted from enjoying your time with our game.

Moto bike race : 3xm game contains:
– Multi language selection:
Multi-language option is available for the best gaming experience. Don’t worry, we speak the same language.

– Ton of amazing bikes:
Drive the coolest motorbikes? Just make your own pick from the garage, choose your favorite body color and slap on some well-designed decals as you wish and start a wonderful racing experience.
– Diffrerent game features:
Controls are adjustable for your satisfaction. Many of different racing types in different seasons in amazing scenes are waiting for you to join in. New game contents are updated frequently.

– Endless gameplay:
You can play unlimited free levels by completing one by one. You can unlock all levels by buying our package at very low price. It’s easy to play but hard to master.

– Quality graphics:
We have tried our best to bring to you the most realistic 3D graphics for a speedy riding experience. We also provide you unique HD 3D graphics features detailed car damage, fully functional rearview mirrors, and dynamic reflections for truly HD racing.

– Impressive sound:
Better music, better experience. Beside qualified graphics, we also focus on enhancing sound effect quality. Enjoy the music while playing our games. Music off is avalable in the setting button.
Moto bike race : 3xm game let you create very out-standing bike stunts and races.
Our game is free but ads are supported. If you have any complains, please read our policy or reach out to us for more information.


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it's really fun I just started and I'm level 13 and it's fun and easy it helps me calm down sometimes and if I find a glitch later on I will tell you


lot's of fun, once you get the hang of it.


great game and please tell me when there is another update


There was no race and it said there was a race.


terrible game the ads are way too much


the thing I gave 4 stars is that there's alot of add but not to many adds but I want you to add 3D and not so hard. add more bikes more easy it will be great add that please add background add like you can make your own character add multilayer and add rewards and future releases bikes. and in reality...


This is actually an ad viewer with a built-in mini game.


Seriously beefier I can play this game I have to watch an add then another add that's B. S. I had to Uninstall this game


hi my name is Tony and .y sons love it


Loosy 2d (!) hill jump game. Ads everywhere


If you like commercials this game is perfect for you so far I actually played the game about 5 minutes and watched about 4 minutes worth of commercials and, the commercials are set up when you click on the x to close it it opens up the link to the game or other item. Plus, I get a pop-up at the beginning of each round for a local business. And it's impossible to close that. The back button does not work so you have to close the game to close the ads.


Sooo many ads. Can't even see the screen. Awful


Not the actual game their ads show. False advertising to get you to download for their download count


Lots of ads


Game is decent but sucks there are way too many ads if you die ad if you complete a level ad. good game just to many ads


More adds then riding. Might as well just watch an infomercial


Wow! If you love ad ads and more ads, this is the game for you. If you love staring at your phone and waiting for 4 screens of ads before you can play 3 seconds of a game download now!!! If you love to watch the same ad over and over and over again this is an excellent choice! If you have hours to do nothing but look at ads check this one out. If you have unlimited data and don't mind being robbed download now!!! Happy ad watching!!!


The pop ups wouldn't even let my try the game. PSA I did download but couldn't play


Sucks adds adds right off the bat 5 secs of play 30 secs of adds do not install sucks a wanka


Pretty neat fun game so far haven't played it too much but I can see myself falling for it must get free It's all good