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GAUDI Móvil is an application offered by the Central Bank of Costa Rica, which allows Costa Rican citizens to enable digital identity and digital signature capacity through the GAUDI platform.


The collaborative pest control tool for our march to Predator Free NZ is the collaboration tool of choice in the march toward Predator Free 2050. Used and funded by many of NZ's regional councils it provides project coordinators, volunteers, and landowners the ability to each play a core role in dramatically improving the environment we live in.The app is your on the ground tool for mapping, locating and managing trap, monitoring site and bait station records: - Simplified data entry (no more spreadsheets) - Seamless on-line / off-line synchronisation (no network coverage required) - Built in 5 minute bird count functionality - Real time status of installations - Scheduling and daily logs - An array of base maps including topographic, street, aerial and parcel boundaries - Integration with many remote monitoring tools (such as econode and celium)To get started you will need a Trap.NZ account and a project. It's free, so sign up and join or create a project at takes away the need for in-house GIS skills and for larger projects removes the many hours of managing spreadsheets. Providing evidence and accountability for funding becomes trivial.With a project..
Mobile Platform IAFPRPM
Mobile Platform Financial Aid Institute for Payment of Military Retirements and Pensions
GSWS Volunteer Mobile Application
GSWS Volunteer mobile app used for conducting surveys for people of Andhra Pradesh and delivering the services
Application for employees planned by Orquest.
Thank you for using the ORQUEST APP!We have created a new version of the App with a series of internal improvements that offer better performance to the user. With the new system, the incorporation of new functionalities will be more agile and will allow us to update and improve the user experience, so that you can continue to enjoy the advantages of the ORQUEST App at all times.Do you like our App? Remember to rate it and leave your comment. Your comments are important and help us to keep improving :)App info.Download the ORQUEST App and log in with your username and password. View your assignments, review your requests, manage your vacancies and transfers, and check your latest notifications.Discover all its benefits and, if you like it, enter and rate us with 5 stars!1. Assignments.You will have your assignments with two types of view: weekly or monthly. In addition, you can navigate between the calendar dates or access a specific date.2. PetitionsYou will be able to access the list of all your requests organized by categories. You will be able..
Asan Medical Center staff and community meals are also available apps
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App to enable ADB (Android Debugging Bridge) over wifi.
Debug/test apps on device over the local wifi. Must-have developer tool.WiFi ADB makes it easy to debug/test your Android apps directly on the device via WiFi TCP/IP connectionThis app works on ROOTED devices only. Features:• Quickly enable/disable ADB connection over WiFi TCP/IP• Quick setting tile for quick enabling.• Dark mode.
Software specializing in electronic process management
Solar BPM é uma plataforma que realiza a gestão dos processos digitais e automatiza as rotinas de trabalho possibilitando eficiência à máquina pública. Elimina as pilhas de papel e o tempo com tramitações desnecessárias, através o uso de ferramentas que gerenciam todo o rito processual administrativo, a gestão arquivística e documental em uma única solução.Com o Solar BPM, todos os envolvidos se beneficiam. Os gestores tomam decisões com mais agilidade e assertividade e os servidores podem ficar mais focados, com melhores ferramentas de trabalho. Já a população fica mais próxima da administração pública e mais satisfeita com os atendimentos que podem ser feitos via internet.
Cek rute pengiriman, ambil muatan, kirim surat jalan, semua dalam satu aplikasi!
Aplikasi khusus untuk mitra driver Kargo, yang dirancang untuk memudahkan mitra driver Kargo mendapat dan menyelesaikan pengiriman.Cukup dengan minta transporter untuk mendaftarkan nomor HP Anda, kemudian download aplikasinya, Anda bisa mulai melakukan pengiriman dengan mudah!Cek info rute dan muatanLihat detail rute perjalanan dan info muatan. Anda bisa lihat jenis barang lengkap dengan jumlahnya dari awal.Kirim surat jalan lewat aplikasiMau selesaiin DO? Gampang, foto saja surat jalan dan langsung kirim lewat aplikasi. Bukti fisik surat jalan tinggal kirim lewat kurir. Kargo akan memberitahu alamat kurir terdekat dari lokasi Anda.Status pengiriman diapdet otomatisAnda cukup fokus mengemudi dan mengirimkan muatan, status pengiriman akan diapdet otomatis berdasarkan lokasi Anda, misalnya di gudang muat, gudang bongkar, dalam perjalanan, dan lain sebagainyaInstruksi lengkap di tiap tahap pengirimanKargo akan mengarahkan Anda di tiap tahap pengiriman mulai dari ambil DO, muat barang, bongkar barang, hingga kirim surat jalan untuk menyelesaikan DO. Baca petunjuknya di aplikasi dan ikuti langkah-langkahnya.Cek gudang dan info penting lainnyaTemukan informasi lengkap tentang fasilitas dan lokasi gudang muat dan gudang bongkar, biaya Tenaga Kerja Bongkar Muat (TKBM), biaya inap, proses klaim, dan masih banyak lagi...
EA Communication App
App con utilidades para comunicación EA
Easily share & transfer photos, videos, apps & files from one phone to another.
Bought a new phone?Want to transfer your Data from Old Phone to New Phone?Don’t have much time for this? We offer an all new Smart Share Data Transfer App to transfer your data from old phone to new phone in a few clicks. Smart Share app allows you to transfer your Data within seconds from one phone to another via Wifi Direct without the need for a computer.With Smart Share Data Transfer App, easily transfer data from one phone to another by QR codes. Transfer your favorite photos and send your favorite videos and music to your new phone. To start transferring data, ensure both devices are connected to the same WiFi network and then run the app. Smart Share Data Transfer app will guide you through the process of transferring your data from one device to another in a few easy steps. Clone your phone easily! Don't lose any of your file, image, document or video on your new phone.Smart Share Data Transfer app is smartly designed, quality-focused free secure sharing mobile transfer app with various prominent features. The..
Capacity of identity and digital signature for Costa Rican citizens.
GAUDI Móvil is an application offered by the Central Bank of Costa Rica, which allows Costa Rican citizens to enable digital identity and digital signature capacity through the GAUDI platform.


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Indica que hay que ir a la tienda para actualizar la aplicación, pero cuando se ingresa a la tienda no aparece la opción de actualizar, solo la de abrir o desinstalar. Se selecciona "abrir" y vuele a la pantalla donde indica que es necesario actualizar. Tanto la versión en la tienda como la instalada son la misma, versión 54


Si el teléfono se restaura o por algún motivo se debe hacer reset el app te vuelve a cobrar el certificado previamente emitido a ese dispositivo... debería reconocer que el mismo ya fue pagado si es el mismo dispositivo móvil/serie/imei


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