- Added PIN Purhase Function
- Added PIN Purchase Record Function


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This app is exclusive to all our BeONE Business Partners. With this app you may :
1. Check Your E-wallet Balance.
2. Pay Utility Bills.
3. Reload Credits.
4. Transfer Credits.
5. Purchase PIN.
6. Check Purchase Records.
7. Transfer To Finance.
8. Generate Receipts.
9. Contact Us.
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Thousands of loading opportunities to increase revenue and reduce downtime
Loads only available in Argentina. If you are in another country in Latin America, you can register so that we will notify you as soon as we arrive in your country.EARN MONEY WITH YOUR OWN CARGO VEHICLE- Work for people and companies transporting their goods. No office, no boss or schedules and no contract or fine print.- Drive full time or a few hours a week, whichever suits you best. You can complete it with shipments that you have from other platforms.Download our app and add your truck, utility or van to connect with companies that generate loads or people who need to send their merchandise.Save time and money and forget about WhatsApp or Facebook groups to get uploads.HOW DOES IT WORK?1- Cargo generating companies or individuals publish their shipping needs.2- We notify you when they match your profile according to the type of vehicle and geolocation.3- Choose the loads that interest you.4- If the load generator chooses you, we will notify you.5- They are in contact to coordinate the details of the load.5- When the load is finalized, they..
HSE and Internal Compliance support devices that are always close to you.
Operational Safety supporting device at PT Berau Coal so that the work can run safely according to procedure.The BEATS platform is a support application for Safety and Internal Compliance, which began to be implemented in 2018 at the Berau Coal mining company and gradually became a one-stop service for all Berau Coal employees and partners.Currently, services supported are HSE and Internal Compliance features such as BeInspection, BeObservation, BeHazard, BeLearning, BeEvent, BeNews, BeCoaching, BePoint and BeID. In terms of the above functions, this platform supports faster input, processing and analysis.If you are an employee or partner of Berau Coal, and want your work to be more effective and efficient, please contact the platform development department. After that, we will help present features in the next release.We have developed this change together to increase safety-related awareness within PT Berau Coal. We understand that this application does not fully meet the needs of all stakeholders, but we still provide the best. So what are you waiting for? download and use the BEATS application immediately
Got some data over time? Visualize with a graph.
The perfect general purpose app that will remind you to get data and plots the data in a graph.You can specify when you want this app to remind you to get data.You can export the data as CSV.The perfect app to track things like weight, height, bills over time.All free. No ads.
A customizable, lightweight, and open source alarm clock.
Customize how your alarms look, easily create/delete alarms, and more. Each alarm can be configured however you want to use it.For those that struggle to wake up, you can restrict the volume or have it gradually increase when your alarm goes off. You can also use an NFC card or tag to dismiss your alarm. See the full list of features below for a more detailed look into all the things you can do.Features• Edit and view alarms all in one screen.• Swipe left to delete an alarm.• Swipe right to copy an alarm.• Play music from your phone to wake up. Can even choose to play all the music in a folder.• Use NFC to dismiss an alarm. This is optional and can be set on a per-alarm basis. Found by selecting the gear icon next to the volume slider of an alarm.• Gradually increase the volume when your alarm goes off. This is optional and can be set on a per-alarm basis. Found by selecting the gear icon next to the volume slider of an alarm.• Restrict changing..
NovoPresenter is the companion for wireless collaboration system, NovoPro.
Start your wireless collaboration with this cool App – NovoPresenter(畅享汇) is the companion App for wireless collaboration system, NovoPro. You can share your screen, annotate your work, wow your audience with clear video and sound, and more.
Automatic search for jobs and internships
Aplicativo que filtra informações pertinentes a empregos e vagas de estágio nos estados do Amapá, Amazonas, Maranhão, Pará, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina e São Paulo. Não nos responsabilizamos por informações inverídicas pois o objetivo é disseminar propostas de emprego e estágio.O aplicativo ainda oferece cursos a distância gratuitos através do celular com certificados válidos em todo território nacional.
Best app for class 9th students to study, bookmark, edit & create notes offline
Computer Book 9th Class app is a textbook of 9th class from Punjab Textbook Board. The app is the digital form of the original book that includes smart features. What’s the main reason of developing this app? Well, as you know load shedding is the biggest problem in our country that’s why most students demand an offline app that works great within load-shedding hours.Features:Now we will discuss the smart features of this app:Bookmarks creation:Bookmarks enable you to save the current page that will enable you to see that page in future. You just need to bookmark that specific page with a name in bookmarks folder. This feature is no doubt the most helpful facility for students during their examination.Cropping:The cropping feature enables you to cut the required portion of the page just by moving grid area to the specific content, and then you need to re-size the grid that will fit with your content. You can easily save this crop image to see it later if required.Notes:You can easily create notes like highlighting important points or content just by selecting..
Streamline your workflow, reduce response and completion times.
REQUIRES A CONNECTION TO AN AGILITY9 SYSTEM. If you do not have a main Agility system contact SSG Insight to request a demo. Streamline your workflow, reduce response and completion times and minimise administration with Agility.Whether you’re dealing with an urgent open help desk request, manufacturing downtime, a waiting patient or emergency call out, they all mean one thing: cost. Cost in lost production or through the consequences of missed SLAs. If you want to be able to recognise and react to situations instantly, then you need Agility. Each member of your team will be able to receive, action and complete work on the move, reducing response and completion times, maximising service levels and production uptime.WHY CHOOSE AGILITY?Reduce administration & response timeImprove work completion timesaccess previous completion commentsIdentify true costs – track the exact time takenImprove communication across your teamReduce errors and duplication – capture information and readingsProvide an automatic audit trailFEATURESQuick and easy to navigate interfaceAccept, suspend and complete work on the moveCapture fault codes to identify common issuesRaise a new job from the devicePush notifications advise of new..
Surya Abadi Cooperative Application - KKSA-KU
Aplikasi Koperasi Karyawan PT. Fajar Surya Wisesa, Tbk. dan “Surya Abadi”
Read, edit and view documents using any format such as PDF, PPT, DOC & more
All documents viewer & editor: files creator is docs converter for reading and opening document like pptx as excel viewer in rar extractor. Documents viewer & editor is integrates offline editing, docs creation, converting files, read all file, spreadsheet viewer, extract rar archive, file management, zip archive creator, encrypt document, multiple compression formats, open all encrypted docs, write and share files freelyAll in one office suite for PowerPoint, word, excel, spreadsheet, and pdf reading is offline documents writer & editor can create and convert files. Read files & extract zip archive as well as convert docs in different formats freely with document editor & reader. 1. All documents viewer & editor- Create new documents, edit all files or convert docs into pdf with document creator & editor.- Pdf viewer is document reader: editor for making new docs as pptx opener & offline rar extractor for android.- All documents viewer & editor is efficient for converting and creating files in docs reader tool.2. Documents Creator & converter• Docs editor is offline rtf reader & document maker, create all your files and..
Check your e-wallet balance
This app is exclusive to all our BeONE Business Partners. With this app you may :1. Check Your E-wallet Balance.2. Pay Utility Bills.3. Reload Credits.4. Transfer Credits.5. Purchase PIN.6. Check Purchase Records.7. Transfer To Finance.8. Generate Receipts.9. Contact Us.Interested to become a BeONE Sales Executive? Visit


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