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Wild Horse Simulator Games 3D Game DESCRIPTION

Play as a wild horse and destroy the obstacles which comes in your way. You will be a wild horse in this game and you will have some targets to destroy. Complete the level by destroying the targets. Free roam across the forest and city. Select your horse and start the adventure. Do not hesitate to destroy anything. There are many different obstacles and objects. Enjoy the power of horse. You can also drive the vehicles in the farm. Just go near the vehicle and click drive. Enjoy the wonderful horse game.

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It is terrible. There are too many adds and the horse can kill humans and other animals


This game is terrible and the rearing is horrible and when I tried to play it made me click the horse 50 times before I rode it and its like the people who made it didn't even try to make it fun its also very boring and I hate that you have to buy all the other horses and the person and the horses don't even look realistic like the game picture i'm absoloutly never playing this game again I recomend Horse riding tales, Horse riding free, and My horse stories those are way better.


It was horrible!!!do not download!!!!!sooo many ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This game is very annoying and it has way to many adds and the animation sucks


Very dun but glitches are always coming. fix it please


It was horrible so many adds and there was a limited amount of time, and the controls where absolutely horrible. ☹😡👿


The animations of the rearing are terrible not to mention how bad the game is anyways u can't run around u have to kill things within a time limit and its very hard to get to them u have a minute to get to the other side of the map which is really bad since we are extremely slow unless we get a good horse wich is almost impossible unless u spend real money or run around for ages killing stuff that is practically useless


It a L ways times you so fix the time dont time us okay how many times do I have to tell you fix it now!!!!!


This Is so stupid all you do is run around with your legs flopping everywhere and do jumps that don't even look good or work 😐 .. don't buy weird games like this they always end up like 💩


Not to be rude but when I go on the motorbike I can't jump of I'm pressing the button but NOTHING please fix it. Thank you 🙂


Not to be rude but it is very very weird no offense the horse's tail it looks like it is weirdly again not to be rude. Please fix it thank you.


When you get into a car I hate it it's just too much to fix it it's just too much for it to get out and when you try to run it's hard for me to control cuz I


your mean guys i love this game so much! I play in the jungle for looking a very evil creatures thanks!


Not to be rude but this game sucks it needs an update the controls suck and the graphics are very bad 😕 I would not recommend this game good too play by the wayyou guys need to fix this


I am so sorry but, this game is really bad. The grafix are horrible, very boring, and if you run into someone, they die! And blood! I hate it. I am sorry if anyone disagrees with me... I am sorry to say, but I would give this zero stars if I could...


Terible absolutely Terrible I hate it you cant do anything but crash randomly I absolutely hate it!!!!!!!!!! FIX IT NOW!!!!!


WORST GAME EVER!!!!!! one:because the horses have the worst graphics ever. Two:because you cant do anything but attack, and run around 3⃣ :because in the photos it says u can ride and jump alll lies!! So don't install this game ever ever in your life byeee


This game sucks, I'm sorry to say that but it sucks it's not even realistic and it's dumb and it boring try it your self it's a waste of time


This is very bad. Do not download because if you see a car and get close you get inside and it is terribly terrible.


The pictures used to advertise the game don't have anything to do with the game, the game is actually just you being a horse and running into things on purpose and it looks awful.