PROJECT MAKEOVER’s two new guests both need some lift! An old flyboy’s trying to recapture his glory days, and a selfless volunteer needs a helping hand. Plus, our new Season Pass just pulled up: the Bohemian Bus Ride! Like exclusive boho styles and prizes? Thought so!

-NEW MAKEOVERS: Adventurer & Advocate!
-120+ new levels!

Project Makeover Game SCREENSHOT

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Project Makeover Game DESCRIPTION

Give desperately needed makeovers to help people achieve their dreams! Choose highly fashionable clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and even furniture! Deal with dramatic characters like egotistical fashion icons, scheming assistants, or stubborn clients in dire need of a new wardrobe. Play challenging fashion-themed puzzles to help find that perfect look! And don’t forget to customize your own signature style with your avatar!

CHOOSE from lots of fashionable clothes to create the perfect look!

MAKEOVER helpless clients and give them the confidence to follow their dreams!

DECORATE a person’s room as well as their appearance!

DRAMA is everywhere, be ready to meet some extreme personalities!

SOLVE addictive puzzles with challenging obstacles!

STYLIZE your avatar to stand out on the red carpet!

VISIT FRIENDS and see how they dressed their avatar!

BLAST through levels with exciting power-ups with explosive benefits!

Support: Dear Director, are you having problems with the game? Visit or contact us in-game by going to Settings >Help >Contact Us.

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There's no challenge. Any choice you make for the makeover is right. So there's nothing to learn. You have to constantly play the mini games just to keep getting enough money to do the tasks. I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because there are no ads. But I would rather play a game where there are wrong choices and you're graded on what you choose. How else do you learn?


This game is very entertaining. There many fun aspects. You get to not only makeover characters, but also rooms associated with their individual storylines. The cons about playing this game however, is that it is too difficult. Each time you get close to winning a level, you lose within 2-3 moves of solving the puzzle. It is quite clear this company is only out to make money. I confess I have purchased power up packs in hopes of winning. That's not the case here. Don't waste your time.


I have really enjoyed playing this game for the first month or so. I am at level 500+ now and this game is more frustrating than enjoyable. I don't know who gave the developers the idea that making the levels so difficult that we have to play the same level 10+ times to get through to the next would be a good idea. No matter how many boosters you use, it just seems impossible. Already lost interest, might uninstall soon. It's sad because I really liked the game overall.


i love this game but it makes me want to tear my hair out. The "One Time Challenge" levels are just designed to make you fail and use up your hearts, and the hearts take so long to replenish 🥲 There should be an option to skip levels, in my opinion. If youve tried over and over, with no success, no matter what you do, the game just says too bad basically and you cant progress at all until you beat that impossible level. Its also really limited for male customization options, which is kinda sad.


Change review to 1 star because app stated to sign back in FB to save progress. Which don't know why had to, but I've done with another game before with no issues. I did and over 3 years of progress gone. Play store showed update needed. Updated and loading bar stays at quarter way loaded. I emailed support and waiting for a response. If I lose all my progress, I will be deleting the game. Also, the game graphics & play is not as advertised. If it was, it would be much better & interesting.


This is getting frustrating again. Never mind if there are no timed challenges. I am already running out of time but the almost if not impossible levels are standing between me and success in passing the levels. Just when I only need one move, the ad that provides the extra moves will disappear until I have consumed all five lives, the lives given to me, and all the boosts. Unless I have all the money in the world to waste! If this will not be fixed ASAP and for long term, zero stars if I can!


I ❤️ this game, I've been playing it for 3 yrs now. It's my favorite. Stories are cute, makeovers fun, and gameplay challenging. Two complaints: w/ timed makeover challenges the ratio of tickets won for completing a level to the number of tickets it costs to complete a single task is poorly balanced. Second, I wish booster detonation would go back to needing 2 taps. If I accidentally tap one once, or touch it and change my mind, I lose that power-up. I can't be the only one this happens to.


It seems like they updated the game! It's a lot easier now, and I'm able to traverse through levels I previously found tricky with ease. I decided to come back to the game to see if it had gotten better, and it kept my original progress and let me log back in to my previous game. No issue! I'm excited to give this game another shot, as it seems to be incredibly fun now! There are no ads at all, so that makes it very relaxing to play. Thanks for listening to your audience and fixing the issue:)


Been playing for a few days & like others have said there are levels that are impossible to pass, been stuck on a level myself for a couple of days but I refuse to spend any money as it doesn't seem worth it when you have to wait for your lives to be restored and spending money on diamonds will end up costly, plus they have just made some levels ridiculously difficult to pass. Anyway, it's just a time filler for me otherwise, I would have uninstalled, will do so if I get stuck for too long!


I like this game but EVERY TIME a stupid snapchat ad comes on, it resets the game which is especially annoying when I'm trying to get 2 extra turns and finish a level. It has been happening for months now, please do something about it! I tried doing a chat in the game but it wouldn't let me respond. I'm very frustrated.


Too much for too little As the levels and requirements increase the money stays the same (A standard $300 per game with a mini set at $100). All this while you're asked to pay for: $600+ clothing, to remove clothing items from a character (separately) and to do the basics you shouldn't have to pay for. I've been playing for a couple hours, I'm at my sec character and it's already too much. On the plus side, it doesn't seem to be a pay to play/win but it can get there fast with no self ctrl.


I first rated this game a 2/5, but they improved almost everything, so now I can happily give it a 4/5. It's not a 5/5 because the ads and screenshots are still fake and not actually the game minus one. Otherwise, It's super fun and has an interesting storyline and side stories to keep up with. The options are amazing and it keeps me entertained.
Thanks for your feedback. Some difficult levels require more time or skills, but they are passable with some hard work and skills. We continuously reward players with free boosters and gems in the game. If you're stuck on a particularly challenging level, maybe try using a booster or two to help you get back to the adventure.


The game is okay, but some things could be fixed, like the difficulty on some of the levels. It's hard to go through the stages when you're given limited moves. Not to mention, it literally takes me 2 or 3 days to complete ONE level. Also, the dialogue is a little annoying. I dislike how the characters are too fixated on their jobs and make it their entire personality. Like yes, I get it.. stop talking about being a car mechanic


While normally I don't have any complaints playing Project Makeover, my biggest concern recently is that the game freezes at the most inopportune times. I could be one move away from finishing a level and then the game freezes and I need to force close if and try to beat the level again. It is even more frustrating when think you've beaten a red hard level and then poof. Your progress is gone.


Love this game. It's super addictive and the story and progression outside the puzzle game is actually good lol. Along with the animation and everything. And no ads! But I can tell they make it so you get stuck and want to make in-game purchases, because when you use power-ups you keep getting more, but without them it's really difficult to complete the higher levels


In my opinion, some of these reviews are a bit harsh or nitpicky. I've been playing this game for years and have zero complaints. The game is free, there are no ads unless you choose to watch for boosters, there are games within the game to keep you occupied when you're out of lives, bonus games, contests, fun rooms to decorate and styles to create, you can view and rate other players' styles, and have the option to purchase extras that come with some cool bonus prizes:) 4/5: ❤️ refill too long


I really enjoyed this but the new version must have new algorithms or something that make playing more enjoyable bc the special effects work better, but it takes forever to actually win. Especially win the larger timed events. If you even get to win. I'm getting rid of the game because of this. I'll spend too much time trying to complete something just to still not finish and it feels like it's set up that way so you'll spend money on jewels to complete sooner. Not worth the time anymore.


Super fun game to play! Usually,I don't really like hat candy crush type of puzzle games, but the ones in the game aren't too difficult and repetitive to the point it becomes boring. I also like how it isn't so cash grabby and it's actually fairly easy to earn points. The touch of adding more minigames so it doesn't become repetitive is also really nice. Though, I do wish the other type of minigames shows up a bit more than just the candy crush swiping game. Other than that, it's a 10/10 for meh


So, after playing through a couple of makeovers, I can say this: the game is basically candy crush but with some story. No pop-up adds so that's a big plus. Also, the game does give you access to those mini games you always see in adds, like once every 5 candy crush levels played you can do one of those 'connect the dots' or 'put all the red balls in the box by removing the proper walls' sort of mini games.


I like this game, I really do, but some of the levels are impossible. I know it's because you guys want people to spend money on the game, but most people won't do that nowadays. I think at least give us 3 extra goes when we fail a level and watch an ad to get more tries. Most of the time I find myself using the 2 extra tries and only needing one more move to win, which is annoying and makes me not want to pick the game up again.