Version 1.07
Fixing bug that in certain cases erased star at already solved level (appeared in version 1.06).

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Einstein Riddle Island Puzzle Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Einstein Riddle Island Puzzle(截图 0)【图】Einstein Riddle Island Puzzle(截图 1)【图】Einstein Riddle Island Puzzle(截图 2)

Einstein Riddle Island Puzzle Game DESCRIPTION

Einstein Riddle Island Puzzle is logical puzzle game which uses basic principles from Einstein’s Riddle but this time on two dimensional Treasure Island map. Based on clues you discover position of different items and eventually you discover where the treasure chest is.

This game is based on well know puzzle game Einstein’s Riddle (also known as Zebra Puzzle or Logic Elimination). However, this version is on Treasure Island map which gives completely new twist to this logical game. On one hand you have list of clues of style “Barrel is next to palm tree. Anchor is in the forest. Mask is in the same row as monkey.” On the other hand you know that each row and column contain exactly one item. Using logic you step by step place all items into the Treasure Island and eventually you discover where the treasure chest is. Each riddle has one unique solution.

Features of the game
– 10000+ free levels of different size ranking from simple up to extreme.
– Advanced “double” version of this puzzle game results in completely different game experience.
– Daily Challenge with 10 new unique puzzles.
– Weekly Challenge with 30 new unique puzzles.
– No internet connection required for playing this logical game.
– Simple way to keep track on solution progress.
– Clues have both pictographic and verbal description.
– Nice graphics of Treasure Island.

How to play
– Check clues to get first hints where to place items.
– Click on clues to get detail verbal description of used pictograms.
– Mark cells for possible places for items.
– Eliminate possible places for items using further clues and cross-logic.
– When you identify item position simply drag and drop it there.
– When all items are placed you win.

If you like puzzles, riddles and logical problems, this game is exactly what you are looking for!


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Einstein Riddle Island Puzzle Game DOWNLOAD

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I have no idea who made this but damn if this isn't the kind of puzzle game I enjoy. Really great and fun


I like the game, but there are several things that need improved: Bug when replaying older levels, say when you complete level 8, nine becomes undone, and this repeats until you have to complete each level on the board A way to mark clues off by yourself, maybe turning them yellow? A way to zoom in on maps, in later levels it's harder to select the exact square you need on the phone
Dear Delecone, we are aware of the bug and it is fixed in the current version. Thank you also for the suggested new features for the game. We will put them on the list and try to implement them in the future releases.


Great game. Pictorial Einstein puzzles, unobtrusive banner ads, progressing difficulty. Highly recommend.


Good idea. Terrible execution. It's a bad sign when I completed all the actions correctly and the game still doesn't register the win. You might want to go over your systems and/or phrasing.
Dear Scott, we are terribly sorry for your inconvenience. The issue you mention appeared in the last week release. Yesterday we published new update that should fix this problem. Please download the update and let us know at if you have any further trouble. Thanks!


I love this game. Would give it 5 stars except for one annoying bug. It does not save the progress of the puzzles that I've finished. I earn a star and then it disappears after playing a few other levels. I can never "finish" an island set or collection of levels because it constantly erases my completion. Not only can I not earn stars, I can't earn hints either. If you fix this, then it definitely deserves 5 stars. Thanks!
Dear Alyssa, it’s wonderful to hear your positive words about the game. The bug you mentioning appeared last week in previous release. Tomorrow we are going to publish update that will fix it. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


If you like Parks, you'll love this. Great puzzle game. Thanks for making.


This is a cute little logic puzzler with plenty of content to work through. I'd be giving it a much better rating if not for the slow time wasting pacing between levels. It feels like just as much time is spent trying to get to the next level as it does solving it. The slot machine for clues seems like such a bad way to let players get that resource and it's forced upon me every few levels.


Great logic game


Love this game! Just the right amount of challenge to keep me coming back for more.


Wonderful take on Einstein logic puzzles. Easy to understand. Love that when I have something wrong it will show the clue as red. Really helps the logic process move forward. It is like a hint system without giving away the answer.


If you like the challenge of sudoku and killer sudoku, this is a different take on a that style of game


good puzzles


Great game!


Free, non intrusive banner ads, not pushing any microtransactions. Fun game with multiple difficulty levels and plenty of levels, very nice for people who like Soduku and Einstein type puzzles.


Normálně na hry moc nejsem, ale tuto mi doporučil kamarád a fakt mě chytla!


A fun variation on the typical Einstein or Zebra puzzle. Good graphics and gameplay.