- Improved Performance.
- Patients can request blood from blood banks and nearby donors.
- Realtime communication with donors or blood banks.
- In-App call.
- Lots of discounts when patients uses BetaLife coupon code.




BetaLife is an health-tech solution aimed at improving life expectancy, allowing real-time communications, improving health-care processes, facilitating faster emergency response, enhancing patient safety and supporting healthier lifestyles among Africans.

Blood Donation made Easy!!

Some Key Features of BetaLife App:

– Sign Up to become a regular Donor.
– Get free health tips.
– Get free Medical Health screening.
– Refer friends to donate and earn rewards.

– Book an appointment to donate.
– Get your test results.
– Get rewarded for every successful Donation.
– Book appointments with nearest blood bank for donation.

-Share your Blood Request case.
-Get matched with Compatible Donors.
-Get help from nearby donors in just few minutes.

Our Mission is to provide immediate access to quality health-care services at your convenience and in the process saving cost and time.

Sign Up now and enjoy the BetaLife you deserve.

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An app that brings the high-end medical services of Vajira Hospital to patients.
Vajira@Home is an application that brings high-level medical services of Vajira Hospital into the hands of patients. Based on the patient centric design, the patient experience of the application is smooth and comfortable. The Vajira@Home application allows patients to make appointments with specialists of Vajira Hospital, see doctors, treat and dispense medicines through a single application. , own treatment history, service queues at various points In Vajira Hospital, emergency notification to call an ambulance (Emergency Medical Service), postal medication tracking system, e-KYC system via application and many more that will come in the future. To increase comfort and encourage patients to have a better quality of life thoroughly and safe from disease outbreaks that are likely to be infected by traveling to the hospital.- Save various health valuesHealth stats can be saved manually or connected to an external device.(for general fitness and health records only)- Connect to external devicesSupport for pairing Vajira@Home with external devices. Accu-Chek Sugar Meter, OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor (For Fitness and General Health Records only)
Allows health personnel to view patient records, input new patient records
Medical practice hangs on precision and accuracy. Today's healthcare system is characterized by ever rising patient numbers and a wide range of cases and medical emergencies can be difficult to organize and track. LifeHealth wallet Admin was built to be your ever-present virtual assistant to help you solve this problem. We deploy a range of best-in-class digital healthcare technology features to bring convenience and transparency to the already complex and confusing healthcare system. We put our members in control of their health costs, through on-demand access to patient records. We achieve all of this through one extremely user-friendly and free mobile app experience. This App allows authorized health personnel to view patient records, input new patient records.
Introducing the new application of the Italian Hospital.
The new application of the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires is oriented to provide information and the ability to self-manage the health of patients seen at the Hospital tool. Here you can find useful information and enter the Personal Health Portal.The Personal Health Portal is available to all persons who are registered in the Italian Hospital, regardless of coverage they have.Through this portal, patients can access personalized information about your health and your family, allowing them to establish a channel of communication with your doctors and the hospital, as well as participate more actively in the care your health and your family.To use the Portal from your cell phone, you must first register from your PC.Entering!/home/aprender/salud and click "Join My Portal"Once there, click on "Register" and complete the form.It is easy and fast.
Untire helps cancer patients & survivors to overcome extreme fatigue together.
| GENERALTired of being tired? Cancer Related Fatigue (CRF) impacts millions of cancer patients and cancer survivors around the globe. Untire is here to help you and your friends and family beat CRF and regain energy. The Untire self-help app guides you through a comprehensive step-by-step program comprised of the following features:• Education to better understand fatigue• Tips and reminders to improve lifestyle• Mind and body exercises to increase energy levels• Online community for support and communication with other CRF individuals• Weekly reporting to keep track of progress and energy levelsThe Untire program is based on scientifically proven methods from psychologists and researchers specialized in oncology and CRF. Untire is here to help you gain insight into your behavior, thoughts and symptoms impacting your fatigue. This will allow you to better manage energy levels, adjust behaviors, identify patterns and ultimately get back to living again.| TOP 5 REASONS TO USE UNTIRE#1 Finally a solution to help with Cancer Related Fatigue#2 There is more to managing your fatigue than just dealing with it#3 Learn ways to increase energy levels and reduce..
Simple and easy to use by anyone.
Simple and easy to use by anyone. This is a simple-to-use blood glucose level recording app designed to be easily used by anyone. We hope that persons who have used other apps and had difficulty understanding how to use them, will try this app.• Can record your blood glucose in the morning, noon and evening, as well as your weight on that day• View your records as a summarized list, or in calendar form
Your pharmacy in pocket-size!
Bellen of mailen met je vertrouwde apotheker?Even de openingsuren checken? Meteen je GPS instellen richting apotheek? Allemaal mogelijk !Met de handige zoekfunctie bestel je een product in de webshop en kan je dat dezelfde dag nog oppikken in je huisapotheek. Medicijnen op voorschrift nodig? Met de app scan je je voorschrift in en bezorg je dit in no-time aan je apotheker. Die legt je bestelling klaar voor afhaling, en geeft je het nodige advies.De pilreminder geeft aan wanneer je welke dosis moet innemen.Zo blijf je helemaal op schema.Ontbrekende producten in je medicijnkastje zijn vanaf nu verleden tijd. De app weet precies hoeveel pillen je nog over hebt, en laat je weten wanneer je deze moet bijbestellen.Dankzij Bitler en z'n mobiele technologiepartner G-flux heb je nu je apotheek steeds bij de hand.
We help you to order the medicines from your home at any time.
* Can have access to our medicines database containing more than 55,000 medicines.* Can add required medicines directly from database and add to cart for home delivery.* Just send us Picture of prescription and get medicines at your door step.* Refill your order with one click only.* View our latest offer, Special discount to reduce your medical bill.* Notification to each user for Offers.* Set time reminders for your medication.* Not only Allopathic, Ayurvedic Medicines also available.* Ask our pharmacist for any help
connect with your doctor to safely and quickly, directly from the smartphone!
Esteja sempre conectado com o seu médico de forma segura e rápida, diretamente de seu smartphone!Não é bom poder contar com seu médico sempre e não só no momento da consulta?Foi pensando nisso que criamos o Minha Clion. Com ele, você tem um canal direto para tirar dúvidas com seu médico, enviar resultados de exames e cuidar da sua saúde. Então baixe agora o aplicativo Minha Clion e comece a usar!Se você é médico, baixe também e ofereça este benefício aos seus pacientes.
Acute treatment of migraine
Control your Nerivio device and track your migraine headaches.The Nerivio app controls the Nerivio devicea wireless remote electrical neuromodulation device for the acute treatment of migraine with or without aura in patients 12 years of age or older. This prescription device is self-applied to the upper-arm and should be used in the home environment at the onset of migraine headache or aura.Track your headaches and migraine symptoms in an easy-to-use advanced migraine diary which is included in the app.For detailed information on the Nerivio device, please refer to Nerivio(R) is a prescription device. Use the Nerivio device and this app only if you have a valid prescription and after consulting with your health care professional.
The best application to learn the ECG
The "Easy ECG" is an educational application that design to teach, understand and interpret an ECG. This application is suited for doctors, nurses, and medical students to learn and practice in a very easy way with ECGs.
Connecting blood donors and blood banks to patients across various hospitals.
BetaLife is an health-tech solution aimed at improving life expectancy, allowing real-time communications, improving health-care processes, facilitating faster emergency response, enhancing patient safety and supporting healthier lifestyles among Africans.Blood Donation made Easy!!Some Key Features of BetaLife App:USERS- Sign Up to become a regular Donor.- Get free health tips.- Get free Medical Health screening.- Refer friends to donate and earn rewards.DONORS- Book an appointment to donate.- Get your test results.- Get rewarded for every successful Donation.- Book appointments with nearest blood bank for donation.PATIENTS-Share your Blood Request case.-Get matched with Compatible Donors.-Get help from nearby donors in just few minutes.Our Mission is to provide immediate access to quality health-care services at your convenience and in the process saving cost and time.Sign Up now and enjoy the BetaLife you deserve.


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This is easy and simple to use. Also, a life saving app. I recommend everyone to have this app installed and active with its usage especially in case of emergency services.


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It is extremely easy and simple to use. The layout is very straightforward so you know exactly where you need to go to, how you need to do it. And it doesn't have ad's
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