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Doesn't let me update. Links don't take you to the content it's showing. Notifications are really late if they show at all


Everything was fine after i paid for the pop subscription.. but a few months later, I have not been receiving any notifications even though in my phone, the notification is on. Please do something... i paid for the features but it's not giving me the notifications!


I understand that the app is still newer but a translation feature would be nice. I can't even copy any text to translate it myself. I hope that feature gets added soon. Other than that it's a nice app to interact with Ateez.


I will give you 5 stars because I love ateez very much, but you have to improve the quality of the application in all respects, and the most important thing is late notifications, or there may be no notifications. Why are there malfunctions? I know that developing programs is difficult. I work in the same field, but you work hard, so I will support you. Thanks KQ.


I always have trouble playing previous lives in POP. Sometimes they work, sometimes I can only replay it once, but most of the time it doesn't work at all. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it still doesn't work. Then after two days, they're gone. Please look into this, because I've paid for a membership, but if I'm not getting my money's worth I don't see the point. It would also be helpful if a translation button could be added. As these groups have alot of global fans.


Terrible app. Not user friendly. Can't connect to any content. It always say that it's over, or I don't have access (as a paid member). When I can find it, and try to buy the thing so that I can watch content, it says I can't. There is no translation for international non-Korean reading/speaking fans. I feel like crying cuz I can't connect with my faves.


thank youuu kq for developing an app specifically for their artists. but majority of atinys are all international fans, so it only make sense to have a function to switch from korean to english. hope to see the translation feature in the nearer future. also, the UI and UX could be imporved too.


In order to even enjoy most of the features, you have to pay for subscription for interaction features that should be ACCESSIBLE TO ALL FANS. You can monetize some features but gatekeeping lives beyond a paywall? Please do better and think of every fan and not just the money. Thank you. I hope there will be improvements soon.


Auto translation for the Feed page and POP accounts please. I currently have a membership and decided to try the voucher for the POP feature. The idea is great. However, I was not able to participate in the chat. If there is no way to translate, then it would not be a feature I would pay extra for. No expectations for any user to type in anything but their native language, but surely it would be advantageous for chat to be translated for all fans. Fans can connect- KQ makes more revenue.


Overall the layout is good, and everything is easy to access and use, it would be better if there were translations provided in app for the private messages and posts though! Also having a scrolling group chat in the private messages seems unnecessary.


I get that I'd have to pay for things like the live text chat, but I'd love to at least have livestreams without having to pay more for that option. It just feels like KQ is trying to continue to take money without realizing not everyone has the ability to pay for a livestream Please let us at least have those. It would also be nice to have a translate ability so that international fans can at least be able to understand a little better. Thank you.


There is no translation feature on the lives or for messaging. A majority of the people using this app are international and do not understand Korean. Will we have to screenshot everything to use in papago? Messaging and getting access to the lives for the artist on this app is a feature you have to pay for but translation feature is not provided. What does the money go to?


I think it's a good app, however I think some improvements are needed. A lot of fans are international and there isn't an option for any kind of translation. It would also be nice to be able to hide/ report chats within the POP chatrooms.


At this moment, it requires a lot of work to make this app user-friendly. For now it's an useless app for non-korean speaking fans since there's no option to translate into English. Considering that in order to view chat and live, you will need paid membership, not having built-in English translation (which is basic minimum requirement) makes me question if I should renew my membership.


So far, the only thing missing are translation options for iTiny. Otherwise, it's just like b.stage. I LOVE seeing both Ateez and xikers in one feed on the main home page! The POP feature is fun. LOVED listening to 종호 talk just now. (He's my Ultie) Got to be there for 여상 POP, but I missed 성화 and 윤호. 😫 Bottom line: please find a way to add auto translations for international Atiny. At least let us copy & paste into a translator for typed POP sessions. 🥺 Thank you for all you do for us, KQ! 🫰


I am THRILLED that we get an app exclusively for Ateez and Xikers, but bstage needs to realize there are 1000s of international Atiny and Roadys who can't read Korean. A translator within the app needs to be installed!! Another fan app that begins with W is a perfect example of how to incorporate a translator. Long-pressing only goes as far as a few words to use the pop-up translator. If it's longer than that, we have to select and then copy/paste it in a translator. Translator install = ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Usable only for those fluent in Korean. AKA 2% of the fans. No translation option. Unable to copy text to paste into translator. Unable to resize small text, hard to read with imperfect vision. Large animated stickers encourage spam posting in chat, making it scroll even faster. Please at least add ability to highlight a user in chat in case we see a member or someone translating.


***Really needs translation within the app!!! Also needs an option to hide the general chat box, takes up too much of the screen and private messages (like stray kids bubble) would be preferred. We want ateez to be able to read our messages, not just see a chat box, as that moves too fast for them to read.


IT'S AMAZING!! It is really nice to finally have an app for ATEEZ and Xikers. And the over all app is really nice and easy to figure out. Although, the only issue is that there is no translation option for international fans which is quite unfortunate 😭 Especially with private messages and artists posts. I really hope soon there is a translation option one day!


Love the app. It's a great tool to communicate with artists. However, I think it needs a translation feature in order to improve, as there are a lot of international fans that would love to read the messages they post, especially on the live chat. You can't even copy their messages to paste them on translation apps, so it's a bit difficult to follow the conversation. I hope this is something you can work on! Thank you so much for developing this app!!