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->Updated Time Table Feature.
->Airport Services stop identification separately in the Landing Page.
->Enhancement in the list view & map view.
->Track a Live Route : Bus identification separately has been incorporated by highlighting the same.


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The Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is a public bus transport provider for Bengaluru, serving urban, suburban, and rural areas. BMTC is committed to providing quality, safe, reliable, clean, and affordable travel. One of BMTC’s key initiatives is to improve women’s safety and passenger convenience across public transport. Namma BMTC (Beta Version) is the outcome of this initiative. Namma BMTC can be used by women commuters to seek remote assistance in case of emergency. Namma BMTC can be used by all commuters to plan their journeys, get an estimated time of arrival and departure for buses, and get information about bus schedules. Namma BMTC will become a one-stop shop for public transit needs across Bengaluru.




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App is good at initial time but now lots of error coming. Most of time it's not working.


Waste of using this app sometimes it doesn't even shows the actual location and stop working for hours.


The location shown was not approximate. Nearly it shows 3 to 4 stops late, please try to fix this. Please try to update it. If we have a proper location then it will be convenient to people who use this app regularly like me.


It is really helpfull application, if passengers want to do for journey plan. Bus arrival timing deplay very accurately. Overall experience is very good. Thanks to Namma BMTC.


Starting the app was good but now a days it's showing like "no live bus are operated " from majestic to yeshwantpur please fix the bug or remove it from playstore


The app lacks user-friendliness and real-time bus tracking, making it a waste of the money invested in its development. Previously, Nihar Thakkar's app was more efficient, allowing seamless travel planning with all the necessary features.


This app basically describes the current situation in the society. The app is there just for name sake and just does not work. Always server error. No proper mapping.


Good job by the govt, let they keep it alive as since i have been using Bangalore bus and my bmtc earlier which now is not available but as since this new app namma bmtc should be working for years to come with routine bug fix and accurate location of the bus. It's great effort will share the app with others too. 👍👍👍


In initial days live tracking was somehow consistent and accurate, (July) now I cannot rely on this app, inconsistent and buggy. There are many buses that are not in live tracking neither old or new buses, maybe they are intentionally disabled to reduce resources and cost. Please monitor and rectify this important iissue else tracking feature is of no use. Good initiative for commuters of metropolitan. If possible bring QR based bus passes instead of depending of third party. One app for all.


Most Pathetic experience. I am traveling in the same bus but app shows no trips available. Live tracking is very very poor. It's better NOT to reply on this.


The GPS is not live, it takes a long time to update, by the time the bus has already crossed. Not all buses are shown though BMTC claims all buses have GPS. Bus not visible as soon as it starts. Many times it shows no vehicles on the route. And also screen show's no buses for few seconds then shows


We can track buses through their registration nos ,but not through route no. Do we have to remember all bus reg nos? What if busses in route are changed? Search by route nos yields no active buses running 90%of the time. Why no updates to the app from April 23? We are IT capital of India. Please give us world-class app.


The live tracking feature is one of the most important use case for this App. But after a couple of weeks of this apps launch most of the buses are not really trackable. I have checked it for 500A and 500D bus routes. Also another problem is that buses during their journey changes their bus route number. I have seen this happen for 500A and 500D buses.


Despite being redesigned, the app does not address basic commuter routing needs. For example, let us say I have arrived newly in city and am currently positioned at Nagasandra circle stop. I want to now reach Banashankari TTMC. The planner simply reports that there is no live buses and no scheduled routes as it only considers direct routes. I believe the application should have some intelligence and provide indirect routing options with different criteria like frequency, fare, minimum hops etc.
Thank You for your suggestion, we value your suggestion & it will be addressed shortly.


Best BMTC bus tracking app out there! With this app, I can easily track the 500-CH buses and plan my journey accordingly. No more waiting around without knowing the timings. Thanks a lot for this amazing app! Excited for future features.


Good Initiative, but there are few issues, the app fails to show the bus(currently getting tracked) in the journey planner. I can manually track the location of bus correctly with bus registration number, but same bus seems to not appear in journey planner. Please fix this bug.
Thank You for your suggestion, we value your suggestion & it will be addressed shortly.


The app is good considering that it is just launched, it does have small inefficiencies which I'm sure you're working on. I have a suggestion: If I am scrolling through the map, I should be able to see where every bus in that area is. That's already done with the metro stations, I just want it for the buses. I take a route where I can choose any bus which comes to my stop. In the current case, I need to search for every bus number to know the location, but with the feature I can just use the map
Thank You for your suggestion, we value your suggestion & it will be addressed shortly.


Good intiative, but it has very basic features. Unable to swap the start / end points in Route details. Would be helpful to show all busses in a route towards "to" direction with its live location. Pls try to add this feature
Thank You for your suggestion, we value your suggestion & it will be addressed shortly.


I think this app is still in development. Live tracking of few routes is not being shown. Not even the schedule. Suggestions while typing stop names to be provided. I don't understand why enabling GPS is required to use some features. The previous app "My BMTC" used to work very well before COVID.
Hi, sorry for the unpleasant experience you had with our app. Your suggestions will be addressed shortly.


The routes are not mentioned correctly. Even though i know a nearby metro station in reality. But in app it is showing no metro station nearby. Moreover it is so confusing and such half information. What problem it is solving i have no idea
Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. We will surely improve our app based on your feedback.