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Videos & Blogging Platform App DESCRIPTION

XELOXO is a monetized videos and blogging platform where viewers can watch ads free videos and where expert share their opinions on any topic.

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Find, connect and learn from industry-leading, subject-matter experts. Take an online course orcommunicate directly to receive advice from top-level authorities. If you wish, you can requestan expert to become your advisor. This enables you to receive deeper insights faster because youwill receive 1-on-1 attention from your selected advisor.Learn from subject-matter experts in cryptocurrency, blockchain, leadership, management,marketing, programming, IT, legal and more. Get and maintain your competitive edge byselecting a knowledgeable advisor and building a relationship with world-leading expertsthrough the KnowEx app.Get the most out of your KnowEx app:Search and find subject-matter expertsAsk your question and view experts who may be able to answerView world-leading expert’s background and experienceView free knowledge from experts via the appAsk experts questions before you instant call or choose as an advisorGet world-leading advice specifically for youReceive personalized attention and get your questions answeredKnowEx app is free to download. Searching and finding experts is also free. You only paywhen you connect with your advisor or take their course. Pricing varies depending on advisors’hourly rates and how you connect.If you are a subject-matter expert, download and add..
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Videos & Startups & Investments Expert Question Answer & Blogging Platform
XELOXO is a monetized videos and blogging platform where viewers can watch ads free videos and where expert share their opinions on any topic.
Social Networking & Games
Social Networking & Games & Videos

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