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This game is very easy, you just choose your favorite song, and start playing.
We also provide multiple screen displays for more interesting games.

How to play :
– Choose your favorite song
– Touch the black tile and Music will come out after you press the first tile on the game screen, and make sure you can follow the Instrument while tapping the tiles.
Enjoy the piano instrument from CNCO songs.

This game is free and unofficial.
All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners.
The images and songs in this application are collected from all over the web.
If we violate copyright, we will remove it immediately.
Please send your suggestions and problems to our email
We really need your suggestions and input for a better game.

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Sat seasonAll the best !!!
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CNCO Piano Game is a fun Music game. Join millions of people around the world.
This game is very easy, you just choose your favorite song, and start playing.We also provide multiple screen displays for more interesting games.How to play :- Choose your favorite song- Touch the black tile and Music will come out after you press the first tile on the game screen, and make sure you can follow the Instrument while tapping the tiles.Enjoy the piano instrument from CNCO songs.REJECTION:This game is free and unofficial.All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners.The images and songs in this application are collected from all over the web.If we violate copyright, we will remove it immediately.Please send your suggestions and problems to our email really need your suggestions and input for a better game.


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