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Color Blocks 3D Game SCREENSHOT

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Color Blocks 3D Game DESCRIPTION

Color Blocks 3D is a fun and addictive 3D puzzle game. With its unique blend of color-matching puzzles and sliding mechanics, Color Blocks 3D offers a refreshing and engaging twist on classic puzzle games. Slide the blocks to unpuzzle them. But the puzzle blocks will only go away according to their directions and colors, so you’ve got to approach this swiping game and brain teaser carefully! Help the color blocks escape!

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Used to be a fun way to relax, now they've added the need to watch ads before playing certain levels, and if you decide to skip said levels (an option given on those levels only), you get to watch the ad anyway. Lame waste of time, don't bother downloading


Fun game, gets more difficult as you progress. I mute the ads, ignor the 30 second ads and have reached over level 300. Still enjoying it. However, after some competitions, it locks up and won't let me claim my prize. 😞


Different type of puzzle game, challenging..can play this for a long time.


Fun game, and yes ads are expected. But --- you need to review ads before allowing any. The gross ad from Happy Clinic makes sure i would never download that game and if i see the ad here again ill delete this game also.


This is a really enjoyable game. It starts out easy but steadily raises the hardness.


The simple concept draws you in, but don't be fooled. It is not simple. Before you know it, time has passed by quickly. Like puzzles? This one is a must.


I loved this game... I was at level 1100 plus. Played a race and won 1st place in said race and while claiming the prize for winning the race it froze up on me. Couldn't claim the prize and couldn't get back to play more levels. I ended up having to uninstall and reinstall. Now I get to start all over at level 1. Very very disappointing. May end up not playing again.


this is such fun! I love the puzzle and figuring out how to get everything out in the amount of moves given.


To me, this game is so much fun! At times it's challenging, which I love! An easy game to get lost in.


Fun but repetitive. Idea; computer challenge mode, player is shown close to minimum number of moves to complete level and if player beats minimum moves, special prize.


A challenging game, but not too difficult, either. So far have played to level 254 and have found each game enjoyable. Great fun!


fun game. not too many adds. not hard and frustrating. not timed game. easy too see. bright and colorful for persons with eye issues.


great game. Unlike other games, this one is actually the same as the ad for it. It is relaxing and fun. Some of the levels are challenging. It's fun to play.


So when does it get difficult? Built up well more then enough gold to buy the helpers multiple times over and additional moves, never had to use them. In this game if you can't get to recycle of stages you shouldn't play these games. FYI I got to the recycle without ever buying anything with my coins.


Giving the app, which I have not played a rating of 1 because there is no way to turn off the sound in the apps ad. Yes the ad makes me listen to yuck sounds. The ad also shows impossible moves being made rather than smart, challenging moves. Developer make a better ad and please do not dictate to me that I must listen to your sounds. You seem lazy that you do not put an off button for sound.


I am in love with this app. I like the gameplay and the ads ARE FAIR!! You can buy ads free, but they don't drown you in ads if you don't. I will be buying ads free JUST to support this great developer!!


Unlike most puzle games on Android, this one actually plays like it shows in the add, and it's actually decently challenging.


This is a unique, fun game, a good way to relax while still exercising the brain cells and one's logical thinking. I've played over 50 levels, & the ads between the levels - so far - are reasonable. The downside is that, after playing about 10 levels or so in one sitting, my Android phone gradually heats way up, &, if not plugged into the charger, it drains my battery faster. Also, there are apparent boosters, but no explanation as to their use. Overall, though, a good game & worth checking out!


Pretty straight forward game play, but after 200+ levels nothing gain coins but there's nothing to do with them


Nice little twist on Rush Hour style games. No ads, no "gotcha" mechanic that forces you to buy items or watch ads to not lose.