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The official Swimstars app, book, view your previous bookings, discover new lessons and more.

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Dutch Hatha Yoga classes, just at home!
This is a Dutch app, with different yoga classes. The lessons are recorded, without images, so that you can do the exercises with your eyes closed. This makes you more aware of your body and of what happens during the exercises.There are lessons with varied exercises (lying, sitting and standing) and there are lessons with only sitting or lying exercises. The Hatha yoga classes are quiet and accessible to everyone, you go to your own limit. People in a wheelchair or people who cannot lie on a mat can also follow the sitting and lying classes.The exercises are mainly aimed at awareness, breathing and relaxation. In a mild way you become more flexible and flexible through the yoga classes.The app is free, with a free demo lesson. You can purchase a subscription for only € 4.49 per month or € 24.99 (save 53%!!) per year to take all current and future classes. You can try the app for FREE for 1 month. A trial period of 1 week applies during a promotion. You can cancel the subscription yourself. The app..
Application that arms the recipe to the professional in digital form
The system has all the necessary information to prescribe in a single App. It has a search engine by trademark, active principle, info of presentations, prices, etc. It gives the possibility of saving the patients' information with their coverage data. Calculate the exact amount of the prescription. It allows making recipes in white and for clinical analysis. You have the option to save the template and repeat the necessary times. Save time and take care of the ecology.For the professional:- Do not buy more recipe books. Which implies an economic expense, time and resources.- Promote ecology by saving on paper.- The solution of having the complete formulary of medicines by active ingredient and trademark.- To be able to know the prices of each medicine before prescribing. And that the App updates it constantly.- Save the data of all patients with their medical coverage.- To know exactly the amount that the patient will pay because the program calculates with the plan and the cost how much will be paid for that prescription.- To be able to save the recipes, repeat them..
Real-Time Illness Tracker
What is the Sneez App?Real-time information about what’s going around in your neighborhood, including the flu, common cold, strep throat and allergies. Created by pediatricians, Sneez is an illness tracking app that uses diagnosis data from local doctors, medical institutions, government reports and user-reported symptoms to help you Get Smart, Not Sick.™Be InformedReceive alerts and see illnesses diagnosed by doctors in your area to stay ahead of the germs!Be InvolvedReport symptoms in your household.Be SmartConnect with local healthcare providers, get illness information from the experts and even schedule a virtual visit with a provider right from the app. How Does the Sneez App Work?The Sneez App uses illness data from local doctors, medical institutions and state health departments, as well as symptoms reported by people like you, to create maps that show which illnesses are going around right now and how common they are. Have others in your community been diagnosed with flu? Is strep throat going around this week? Do you have symptoms and want to know if others in your area have them too? Download the Sneez app..
Find support for in-the-moment eating challenges with this mindful approach.
Improve your body awareness and mindfulness with In The Moment! Let this light-hearted app help guide you to better spontaneous food choices when hunger hits and quick options are needed. Practice healthy coping skills when emotional states make decision-making more difficultYour interactions with In The Moment will help you identify the nature of your immediate need and support healthier responses to emotional challenges with food and life.The uplifting and encouraging messages inside In The Moment help you to stay positive more consistently to allow real lifestyle changes to occurSometimes a little encouragement is all we need! Listen to your needs and learn more about what makes you tickWith continued practice, you will get better at creating a healthy, happy life.View your progress with In The Moment in the Accomplishments screenIt collects the history of your usage over time and displays this information in a way that allows you to see trends.In The Moment was developed by Kim Flannery, a nutritionist with 13 years of experience guiding people to make better decisions in the momentShe has a passion for people and..
Prevention of skin cancer caused by UV exposure insomnia self-care smart bands.
Prevention of skin aging and skin cancer caused by UV exposure and insomnia self-care smart bands.-The product analyzes illumination, activity, and light temperature of day and night, and sleep tracking information, provides a sleep cognitive activity plan and an advice for better quality sleep.Main FeatureA. Prevention of skin aging and skin cancer caused by UV exposure1. UV Over Exposure Warning2. Provides a skin care method for skin damaged by ultraviolet rays3. Real-time UV exposure graphB.Improvement of insomnia by managing sunlight exposure, lighting temperature and activity by day and night. 1Predict quality of sleep based on daily information that determines quality sleep such as how much light one was shed, how many exercise one had, or color temperature. 2. Digital go-to doctor that provides adequate advice for quality sleep through LED and vibration at the best timing. 3. Conduct a sleep quality tracking and send it to smart phones. C. Sleep quality monitoring and sleep cognitive activity improvement planner. 1Based on previous night’s data, analyze sleep abnormalities or disruption. 2Provide sleep cognitive treatment for the day’s quality sleep. 3Specific coaching for..
It is the best solution created to guarantee your goals!
It's here!After months of development and testing we release a new update in which we have taken into account the feedback received during this time from you. Enjoy greater autonomy and a better user experience.Take note of the new features, they will not leave you indifferent!- You have at your disposal tutorials so that you know the main functionalities- You can better see the side menu options- The shortcuts on the home screen will allow you to consult 4 functionalities more quickly- Choose from the list of club workouts other workouts you like and assign them to yourself- Visualize and validate the exercises of your training more quickly
HealthQ app is about taking appointments from the Doctor at your fingertips
HealthQHealthQ app is about taking appointments from the Doctor at your fingertips. You don’t need to go anywhere like hospitals and clinics specially for taking appointments.Its main purpose is to save patient’s valuable time and also travel expenses which increase for only taking appointments.The app also provides all the details related to the Doctors and hospitals to the patient and also introduces the facilities provided by the Doctors.This app is an initiative towards the betterment of not only patients but also hospitals and making life of patients and hospital workers easier and more comfortable. Having information about Medical Stores and Ambulances Contacts.HealthQ offers a fast, easy and friendly way to gain access to Physicians, Surgeons, Gynecologists, Dieticians & nutritionists, Dental Implantologist, Psychologist, Dermatologist, and Specially Super Specialist in Gastro, Cardio, Neuro and many more.You book appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with this simple application.
Welcome to BODi: Here it feels good to be you.
BODi makes space for you to live your real life, and simplifies your fitness, nutrition, and mindset options to help you get started and keep going. • Try a new BODi Block each month with 3 weeks of work and 1 week off• Stream thousands of workouts plus programs like P90X, 21 Day Fix, and Sure Thing• Dig into easy-to-follow eating plans and recipes• Strengthen your mindset and set yourself up for success with meditations and guidance• Track your progress and connect with your community to stay motivatedIf you loved Beachbody On Demand, BODi still includes your favorite programs like Xtend Barre, 21 Day Fix, #mbf Muscle Burns Fat, LET'S GET UP!, INSANITY, and 80 Day Obsession led by world-class trainers like Andrea Rogers, Autumn Calabrese, Megan Davies, Shaun T, and Jennifer Jacobs. We’ve added BODi Blocks and Super Blocks, monthly workout programs based on the science of Block Periodization and designed to help you see results.We’ve also added two eating plans by experts Autumn Calabrese and Illana Muhlstein.And don’t miss Mindset master classes with positive psychology performance coach Petra..
An app made for you to exercise at home.
Esse aplicativo foi feito com parceria do Grupo de pesquisa em Atividade Física e SaúdeAFISA do departamento de Educação Física da UFRN.
Gym Personal Trainer - Describes all the exercise / workout you can perform.
Gym Personal TrainerA Perfect Fitness Gym Coach 2019 is the ultimate tool to assist you boost your effort workout routine and assist you train gym coachWith its help you get to make fitness goals through this app and follow the correct plans as you are attempting to succeed in the utmost success. Physical fitness may be a state of health and well-being and, additional specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities.Bodybuilding AppAre you Looking for a bodybuilding application? Try our personal trainer app! This personal trainer will help you to build muscle through this fitness app which has more effective muscle building workout / exercises.Workout at Home Removing 1 hr of your busy schedule is good plan for your health and fitness but if you don't have time to join any fitness class or gym. Take a few minutes of your day to get six pack abs with our personal gym trainer. if you have Equipment then you may use them else if you don't have then no problem, No equipment needed, just use your..
Swim Stars Official App
The official Swimstars app, book, view your previous bookings, discover new lessons and more.
The first workout reservation application on demand!
Vous en avez assez de la salle de sport?Redécouvrez le sport avec bsport, la 1ère application de réservation d'activités sportives à la demande.Sans engagement, nous avons sélectionné plus de 300 cours par semaine spécialement pour vous.Boxe, Danse, Yoga, il y en a pour tous les goûts et toutes les envies.Qu'attendez vous?

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