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Craft World Game DESCRIPTION

Craft your dream home, everything is possible on this pro 3d version.
Explore this world and start living your dreams and imagination.
Each day is a new challenge.
Build a simple house or craft your dream castle, it’s all in your hands.
Get different blocks and craft them to get the desired output.
Enjoy a beautiful 3D game graphics.
Simple and intuitive user interface.
Start your exploration today.
Fly or walk across the unlimited lands.
Your choice and the options are unlimited.

Game Features:
– Deep tutorial and tons of 3D elements
– Procedurally generated open world sandbox environment
– Create your own castles using blocks and other elements
– Walk and fly to show different perspectives.

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One amazing infinite blocky open world to build with craft and explore.
Craft your dream home, everything is possible on this pro 3d version.Explore this world and start living your dreams and imagination.Each day is a new challenge.Build a simple house or craft your dream castle, it's all in your hands.Get different blocks and craft them to get the desired output.Enjoy a beautiful 3D game graphics.Simple and intuitive user interface.Start your exploration today.Fly or walk across the unlimited lands.Your choice and the options are unlimited.Game Features:- Deep tutorial and tons of 3D elements- Procedurally generated open world sandbox environment- Create your own castles using blocks and other elements- Walk and fly to show different perspectives.

Craft World Game DOWNLOAD

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It's a good game being that I play offline. The only problem I have is when I'm playing and it turns night time in the game sometimes my view gets very shaky and glitchy, everything is still going on but the shaky glitch still happens and it happens when I look in a certain direction so when it happens I have to look down to avoid it


Very nice and very good i like this game. But you can mod any thing. It dose not matter how many ads dose come


It's a good game, but there are too many ads, if you struggle with that turn your device on airplane mode. No ads come up and the game is a lot better to play


Literally wouldn't even let me play I clicked play a million times and it would bring me to ads about other ripoff minecraft games.TERRIBLE!


When I downloaded it it was working fine but from last 2 days it's not working properly,, I made 1 big house and after sometime the house disappeared I had to start from beginning where I was before everything is disappeared it's glitching when I changed the character today everything disappeared it started from beginning. It happened 5 times.


This game is the best crafting game I've even played.. I downloaded this game around 7-8 months ago and it still never gave me any trouble.. And when it come to adds you just turn off your wifi/mobile data this way you will not get adds in between... I would like to thank the creator of this app for creating such a wonderful game ☺️.. Wishing you all the best for your future Thank you


There was many ads. To make your game more better, please remove ads. because when we touch the screen, there are many ads per minutes. We can't play in online servers because there are many ads. please remove some so all players can play smoothly. I hope you will care my feedback.


My experience was great. I just wish there were different mods you could add. I found this guy who didn't like the fact that the game would only let you play for 20 seconds my advice for that one guy and just turn your internet off.


Oh, no. Very ads in this game.We can't play online servers. Because there are ads per 20 seconds. I don't want to tell you remove ads. I want to give idea. Please fix the ad problem. The many people want fix the ad problem. please fix the ads per 10 minutes. So we can play smoothly. Always ad, ad, ad, ad. Why we installed this game? For watching ad all time? We plays game for entertainment. but the ads can cause ours mental problem. please I am requesting you as your customer.


My brother really like this game, me and him love to play this. But I wish that we can do multiplayer, it doesn't work for me. If they added more stuffs/items that will be awesome! I kinda recommend:)


The game is really great. Just like the real minecraft! But the biggest problem to me is the ads. The ads I get on this game is crazy. I had like 12 ads building a 7x8 or so house and I just can't do it. Don't get me wrong here but it's a fantastic game but a little work on the ads and updates would be great. I give it a 4 star.


I like that its like minecraft and so much fun. If your someone like me i dont have 7.49 dollars to spend on a game. So over all very good. I dont like the ads but i mainly get quick ads tho that is not the case for some so go get build craft 5/5 i also want more redstone blocks like pistons and the stone cutter doesnt work for some reason


This game is very fun! The only two things I want to add/change are there's just way too many ads and this game needs an update other than that I'd give it a 10/10


It's a good game but there are so many ads and if we turn off internet in multi-player there are also so many adds.


Such a lovely game but there is 3 problems 1. The ads here are kinda annoying 2.Where is the other blocks like for example I wanna try to find axolotls spawn egg there is nothing 3.I can never join anyone like my brother try to join me he sees nothing so please add a friends thing


Soo this is a good game but there is too many adds but besides that it's very good I really wish there was more items so I was thinking on playing "crafting and building" but if you a lot of stuff it will be sooo fun and I also get to play it with my friends just on the hotspot and make them on wifi and also there is a *multiplayer* button in the settings and you gotta on that and bam! Multiplayer so it's nice that's what I'm trying to say ok that's my revive and thanks for reading this 🤗


There are too many adds but if we turn off our data, ads doesn't come. But in multiplayer we can't do that so ads came again and again. You should add more animals such as parrot, tortoise, panda, horse.All though this is like fake Minecraft and you will feel like you are playing real Minecraft.👍👍


This app has way to many ads also i have tried ever skin app but dose not work it says that "thats not a worldbuliding skin, Silly"like what i tried even on Google, tiktok,YouTube and still says that it needs to be updated for the avatars and ads to many ads


Its a really good game but there are too many ads and sometimes after an ad the game glitches and you won't be able to control it until you log out and log back in. Also for me multi-player doesn't work, I'm also experiencing some glitches as if someone else was in there and things were moved and like I said multi-player doesn't work and I don't get any enderman very often, but besides that it's a really good game and I do recommend it.


Good Game but developer need to update: 1.Graphic need to improve 2.Delete Ads 3.Add Friends 4.Fix bugs If developer see this and do all the list,I will give 5 stars and give 10 dollars for the update!Thank you!