1. Adjust gold coin and diamond advertisements. Increase the number of gold coins purchased with diamonds
2. Increase the basic attack speed of each weapon.
3. Adjust the effects of strength and agility. Agility no longer provides attack speed.
4. The attack speed affix no longer appears in the random attributes of the equipment, and the original equipment remains unchanged.
5. Modify some hero skill effects.
6. Reduce monster attack power and BOSS skill damage.
7. Optimize the operating feel.

Mushroom Knight Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Mushroom Knight(截图1)【图】Mushroom Knight(截图2)【图】Mushroom Knight(截图3)

Mushroom Knight Game DESCRIPTION

Here is a game about making equipment, upgrading, and exploring dungeons. There are various types of equipment, various pets, and many types of monsters in the game waiting for you to discover! There are no occupation restrictions, and different types of weapons are used, which correspond to different skills. Match different pets to have different playing experiences. Hope you all like it!

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Here is a game about making equipment, upgrading, and exploring dungeons. There are various types of equipment, various pets, and many types of monsters in the game waiting for you to discover! There are no occupation restrictions, and different types of weapons are used, which correspond to different skills. Match different pets to have different playing experiences. Hope you all like it!

Mushroom Knight Game DOWNLOAD

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Fun game


Great game so far edit: I still like the game but there no quest? Or any sense of what to do next and the next issue is how to use some items I accidentally broke a few things thinking I was using them but I wasn't. it needs some improvements but it is playable no crashing or lag and no ads from what I can tell


Good game


Great game so far


Where do we get redemption codes..?!


So clean so good


Fun adventure. Cute game. Love it. You can tell the developer(s) put a lot of time and care into the game. 5 Stars.🙂


love it but I can find any code