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Waqt Al Salaah App DESCRIPTION

As an application for all muslims across the world, Waqt Al Salaah makes sure that every believer can perform Salaah at the right time with the help of timely notifications, direction of Qibla and other convenient features with customizable options. The application provides accurate timing with Azan, locates Qibla precisely and provides Hijri Calendar. In addition, the application integrates Tasbih functionality, which can be customized according to the user’s preference.

App Highlights:

Salaah Timing: Accurate timing of prayer based on the location that can be set automatically or manually.

Salaah Notification: The notification of Azan can be customized with the desired Waqt accordingly.

Qibla Locator: The app has a precise Qibla locator to make it easy to get the right direction of Qibla from any part of the world.

Calculation Setting and Madhhab Setting: Availability of Salaah timing calculation methods and desired Madhhab setting make the app convenient for Muslimeen of different areas and Madhhabs.

Hijri Calendar: The Hijri calendar shows the Hijri date as well as the Salaah timing of any day of any year based on the Hijri date.

Colors: The multiple theme colors of the app enhances the user experience by offering options to choose from different colors.

Tasbih: The customizable Tasbih functionality of the app enables users to add any Du’a or Ayaat that can be recited with repeated number of times. This should make Ibadah reach the next level of obedience, submission, and devotion to Allah.

Share: You can also share this app easily with family and friends using the share option instantly.


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Overall a good effort from you guys, but somehow I felt the UX is not intuitive and simple enough. See, I am talking about some very simple UI/ UX that feel almost effortless. For instance I use "My Prayer" app available in play store. I don't need to scroll for seeing the most important informations. The simple and big fonts added with an elegant islamic UI make them ideal for elderly people also. Not really expert in this field but speaking from an user's POV.
Thank you for your insightful feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and it should help us improve the user experience of the app making it more intuitive and effortless. We are also taking note of your input on the UI/UX and will consider it for future updates. We hope you continue to use and enjoy the app.


Cool specially for BD
Thank you for your appreciation. Please keep sharing your feedback so that we can improve your user experience of the app.


Masha Allah, Every muslim brother and sister should install this app.
Thank you for your appreciation and recommendation.


Minimalistic and handy!
Thank you for your appreciation of our efforts. Please keep sharing your user feedback to help us improve the app.


Find mosques just next shows mosques name and distance in meter...hope it will be future generation apps
Thank you for appreciating the Find Mosque Nearby feature of Waqt Al Salaah. Please keep sharing your valuable feedback to help us improve the overall app experience.


No ads and free .
Thank you for sharing your feedback on Waqt Al Salaah. We are glad to inform you that the app is completely ad-free and will always remain so.


Useful for daily life 👍
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We're glad to hear that the app has been useful for your daily life. Please keep sharing your feedback regarding the app to help us improve your user experience.


Amazing App. The best thing is this app is completely ad free for now and it will continue forever.
Thank you for taking the time to share your positive feedback about our app! We're thrilled to hear that you find it amazing and appreciate that it's ad-free. We're committed to keeping it that way so you can enjoy the best possible experience.


This app is a great boon for Muslims in the online world


Simple and useful


User friendly apps


Masha Allah! This app is up to date with prayer notifications, Qibla director and finding nearby mosque locations also the other features are making this App unique.


Simple and clean App.


Very nice and smooth Application.


Alhamdulillah this app helps me to maintain my daily prayer time.


Alhamdulillah a very good app. I was waiting for such an app for so long.


very helpful apps


Very handy for everyday use and I can set for every prayer time. Aslo I like the feature auto Qibla locator.


Alhamdulillah this app helps me to maintain my daily prayer time. It's quite helpful because I didn't know which time i shouldn't pray. There are many helpful resources those can me in various ways.


Nice app. So peaceful and easy to use. Like the location feature, which is helpful for me and also i like the prayer time tracking feature.