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From raw gems to rings!
Collect & stack raw gems and prepare them for your customers.
Break, cut, shine and upgrade them to earn more money.

Avoid obstacles to bring as much as you can!

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Shoot, Upgrade, Collect and Evolve!
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Shoot the obstacles & doors,Collect the bullets,Increase ammo capacity!
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Show your puzzle skills with this rope simulation game!
GET READY FOR FUN!Combine hooks, get stronger and pull cars into the grinder. Let's see how strong are you?
Multiply, Aim, Shoot!
Control your guns, pick the best gates, and destroy everyone on your way.Try to reach a maximum number of guns to kill all the enemies!
Level up your ball to crash other balls.
Level up your ball to crash other balls. Avoid obstacles and high level balls to reach to the end.

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Look,i just wanted to explain this wisely. So 'bout this game, it's very good and also addicting... Surprisingly, the ads will pop out while i was focused on the game. And even sometimes the blue(like a sky dk hw to xplain lmaoo) can also appear on my screen🤦♀️ this gotta be fixed and also make it very appealing so that I can change my review and make it to 5 strs. There is no forcing, but this gotta be updated and fixed... im surely going to play this every day. 😀👍


I like Gem Stack, It puts a nice spin on the "move through gates to increase value" game, but I would love to see some new content to help expand the game in a meaningful way. Maybe put some more emphasis on the jewellery part of the game, where after you collect gems you then make your own rings and necklaces to increase the value. Also it would be nice to make the shop upgrades more meaningful, like the display cases selling for more and the auction/colour matching games not cost so much. 4/5


It was ok for a while something to kill time but to many adds are required to get a limited amount of variations. Also I've had a summer event for a year.... It's a fine game for small kids working on dexterity.


I like this game because of the different gem assortments but I purchased the no ads pack but it's not activated. Hitting the Restore purchase button does absolutely nothing. Rollic makes hundreds of these simple little games so I doubt there's any chance of issues like this getting fixed


Its has too many ads its to laggy and crashes litterally unplayable. Dissapointing still not gonna get 5 stars looks like i need to uninstall.


Surprisingly addicting for a game that's mostly ads (can't use airplane mode). Ads required after each game, ads to get bonus coins, and ads to not lose your achievement award. Then multiple ads to open up EVERY sales table, ads for every possible aesthetic, and ads to play the summer level. I'm tired of watching ads for every tiny thing! It doesn't tell you WHY you're upgrading with ads, what any add-on is worth, to boost your score. Also, the doors need to be more visible.


The new update SUCKS. There are so many ads every second and it is hard to move the hand that collects all the gems. It is very glitchy and it keeps freezing on me so I can never win the game. And for some reason for the game, all of the ads are so long I have other games like this game but the ads are not as long as the ads that pop up on this are so fricken annoying.


New: the new update SUCKS. you get barely any money after buying everything! But all the stands are soo expensive!Old: Too many ads in my opinion, but still fun. The graphics on the shiny gems are 10/10. I recommend this is you have a lot of time to kill! You can spend hours unlocking and buying things. The only thing you can buy with money is the no ads thing, and it's very cheap! Almost everything you can buy by watching ads. I love this game.


Wow. Ads to progress, ads to play, ads this ads that. And yknow It wouldn't bother me if the gameplay was good. The gameplay is subpar at best due to being unable to dodge most money losing items. I like this game but many things need to be fixed. You have to choose between a good thing and a bad thing but right after that good thing is almost always a bad thing. (Takes money) its ridiculous.


Just a desperate grab for money. All the levels are super short, and repeat after the first few so they never get any more challenging. After every level it makes you watch an ad, and then asks if you want to watch an ad for prizes, so if you do that you're watching ads more than playing the game. A decent game if you want to kill some time for a day, but it gets boring fast, and make sure you turn off your wifi so you don't get bombarded by ads.


This game is really good and very fun but every time I play a level and the next level comes its an ad. we all know that almost all of the games have ads but none of us like ads. we can't make them stop and we can't control them the last time there was one of these ads and my screen got Frozen and then kicked me out of the game. I still play the game but that was the only one time it didn't work. I'll just give this a three star but anyways with that on the side, this is a very good game!


It gets 2 stars for being as advertised for the main gameplay. Problem is the heavy ads. For 20 seconds of gameplay, I got 110 seconds of ads. Not including the clicking OK in between the FOUR ads that I got after just 1 level. Only at level 3, and had 10 ads so far (compulsory ones, not voluntary to get more coins or whatever). It's a deal breaker for me, as I'm not playing something that's like 5/6ths ads!


If this was free on Newgrounds, it'd be a 5/5! But it's not. It's fun and addictive, and you will watch a 30 second ad after every level, no matter how short! You'll watch a LOT of ads. But aside from that, it desperately needs a tutorial, or at least a vague explanation of the mechanics. Why do I want to upgrade the shops? How much do different steps increase the value by? How much more are certified gems worth? It's all opaque and mystifying. No music, either. But it IS fun, I guess.


Sure, it's fun. But the ads are getting unbearable. Some of the ads you can't even skip or exit out of. Others literally leave you on a black screen, where of course you can't exit out. When you press your screen during the complete blackness, it doesn't even take you to the play store to download so it's just a big waste of time. You basically have to watch an ad to improve at anything in this game so money is almost useless. Overall, it's irritating but still somewhat fun.


Yes, this is just like those games you see ads for all the time. It's okay, but has so many ads itself. You see an ad between each level, you need to see an ad to double your money, an ad to get new items, an ad to see unlock new areas. It's non stop and the game costs $2.99 to get ad free. The game is worth .99 at best. There's no sound and it's quite repetitive.


I actually think this game is really good. The graphics are simple, as are the other apps made by this development group but they are simple in a way you can understand well. I like how the levels are a good length but I would like if they added more choices to choose from. So far I haven't received any sort of lag and the ads are quite short. The ads are also really decently placed, you dont get one after every level, more after every 4-5 levels 4/5


I like the game but it has a pretty annoying issue of freezing at the end of the levels occasionally and the only way to fix it is to reload the app and then have to replay the level. I'm on level 910 and it has frozen 3 times in a row and I'm starting to wonder if it will let me progress or just keep freezing. Also sometimes the hand will jerk into an obstacle without me touching it


Laggy, awful framerate, uninspired gameplay, ads everywhere. And I mean everywhere and always in your face. Unskippable ads between every level, as well as on the bottom of the screen. The game is built with that ad on the bottom of screen so that it would be very easy to accidentally press with you having to steer the hand right next to it. Don't waste your time.


I mean, it's okay. It's certainly better than all the others of the same type I've downloaded. There are only two issues; there's an ad after every level, but you can pay to remove the ads (for $4.39 aus lmao, $3 for the Americans), and it gets a little repetitive. It does get faster though, which is great, good on the creators for thinking of that! TLDR; it's great, but you'll probably get sick of it on the long run. Edit: first review pog


Overall it looks fun. Yeah, LOOKS fun, but, its unplayable, why? Oh, because this is the LAGGIEST GAME ON THE PLANET! I get like, one frame per second! Its so annoying! I cant even play a game without messing up because of the bad frame rate and the massive lag spikes every three seconds. Please fix this, as a I want pizza addict I would like to play this game. Thank you.