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Call screen App DESCRIPTION

Are you bored of the automatic call screen that your phone provides ? You want to pursue your own aesthetics style ? Call screen – Color your call is here to help you make your dream come true by customizing your tedious call screen into a cool screen with different colorful themes, designs,…

Recognizing your passion with color screen, Call screen – Color your call will let you indulge your passion with aesthetics backgrounds and call wallpaper. This theme changer app not only provides available trendy themes in the store such as: BPink that allows you to chase your idols but also has personal themes for you like Zodiac signs to live in your own way.

Additionally, You do not be limited by available themes in the theme app but you can also personalize your call screen by the unlimited designs, stickers, avatars that Call screen – Color your call provides to you. Let your imagination run free and unleash your creativity with this theme app

When you receive a call, your customized call screener will differentiate you from the crowd and you can remember your caller based on the call wallpaper that you create for them. The most important thing here is that your call wallpaper stays there all the time during your phone call. It is also a way to make sure you do not miss any important calls from people.

🌈Main features:
✨ Featured theme: Users can watch available and unlocked themes and choose themes that they like.
✨ Set theme: Users choose contact and set theme call.
✨ DIY Name: Edit Name & Note by Theme changer’s fonts.
✨ DIY Avatar: Users can choose available avatar from app, your gallery or can take photo immediately and set it as avatar.
✨ DIY Background: Users can customize their background by unlimited stickers, texts, paints and color screen
✨ DIY Call icon: User can select available Call Icon
✨ DIY Ringtone: Users can select ringtone from the device’s default ringtone/mp3 files

🎁Join Call screen – Color your call right away to color screen into a vibrant call wallpaper in a very special way! We hope you enjoy your time with this screen phone themes app.

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This app is so amazing but there is a lot of ads I hope to fix the problem because it's really good app❤❤❤


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Call screen ek number


I do like it, I like how u can set the theme call, background, and call icon, it's the best app I have used for calling so far


Doesn't work. Tried to set the app as system phone default.


Great app. Not difficult to use at all.


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Smoking app really good


This app is incredible Am in love with this app Thanks to the creator


It for your phone


Good app but always not go on this a problem Please solve it


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