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CGX by Caroline Girvan App DESCRIPTION

Embark on a transformative fitness adventure with CGX by Caroline Girvan, an experienced Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Pre and Postnatal Specialist with over 12 years in the field. This app is designed to help you achieve your fitness aspirations and become the best version of yourself. New members can enjoy a 14-day free trial!

Dive into the CGX Fitness app and discover:

Unique Workouts: Access 80+ distinctive workouts for various muscle groups and equipment, with fresh content added weekly!
New Programs: The Ultimate Beginner and Beastmode programs cater to different fitness levels.
Form Library: Refine your skills with 50+ instructional videos by Caroline.
Progress Tests: Track your progress with six challenging strength assessments.
Meal Ideas: Access Caroline’s nutritious, budget-friendly, and delicious meal ideas exclusive to the CGX App.
Knowledge: Boost your fitness knowledge with evidence-based articles from Caroline and industry professionals.

App Features:

Scheduling & Calendar: Effortlessly plan your fitness journey.
Search & Filters: Easily find your perfect workouts and content.
TV Casting: Enjoy workouts on a bigger screen with Chromecast compatibility.
Music Choice: Choose Caroline’s music, no music (with beeps), or your tunes via Apple Music or Spotify. (Apple/Spotify subscription required)
Health Sync: Compatible with Google Fit.
Workout Journal: Log notes and weights used during your sessions.
Community Engagement: Interact with fellow fitness enthusiasts through workout comments.
Favourites: Heart and quickly access the content you love.
Discover: Discover the app’s latest, trending, or popular content.

Coming Soon:

Offline Mode/Downloads
Web Platform and access
Progress Photos
And more…

Our website’s help desk offers extensive support, addressing FAQs, usage, workouts, programs, features, and subscriptions.

Join Caroline Girvan and many of the millions of individuals she has already inspired on the new CGX journey to transform your body and mind.

Let’s go!



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First! WAIT a while before getting the app. It freezes all the time. Does not seem to work as advertised, such as planning your schedule after choosing a program. Very disappointing so far. Plus, if you're not careful, you will not get a 14-day trial. I'm stuck with a 100 dollar app i don't use. I'm giving up on it and going back to YouTube. I'll continue to use Fitness Blender to track my progress. Caroline does amazing videos but oversold the app.


I love Caroline. Her YouTube videos are amazing so this app has A LOT of potential BUT it keeps crashing. It resets the minute I have to change screens. It is unresponsive and gives authentication error every time a video completes. Pretty disappointed by this, especially because I'm paying for it. Caroline and team should have delayed the release. This is a pretty bad user experience and the multitude of problems need to be addressed. I do hope they get all the bugs patched up soon.


I love Caroline's workouts, especially Beastmode. Unfortunately the app still needs work. If I pause a video it instantly crashes. I have to relaunch the app and it doesn't save your progress, so I have to find the spot I left off on. This is pretty annoying since I usually need to pause a couple times each workout for extra rest. It also freezes when I try to start Spotify music or will play Caroline's music over the top. Brilliant idea, just doesn't work yet.


The content is spot on, I love Caroline workouts and the recipes and articles are great. However, the app needs improvement. It crashes all the time, it doesn't save all the workouts I have completed and the screen of my phone has to stay on the app to cast the workouts on TV (I can't answer the phone or check the time or change settings on my Fitbit for example). I couldn't figure out how to pair it with my Fitbit either. I hope it gets more stable and less glitching with future updates.


If I was just rating the workouts and videos, I would give 5 stars. But the app is disappointing. I can't cast to my tv. I see the option, but it doesn't work. I use this for YouTube so the problem isnt my phone or TV. There's no option to play your own music from Pandora, the only music app I use. Not all of CG's workouts show up so I still go to YouTube for some, and I can't record that I did those because there's no journal and you can't make notes on the calendar. I wish I had not paid $100.


I love Caroline and her content. She is my fav trainer and I'm happy to see her back. App needs a few things though. I would like the app to pick up where it leaves off in the video. I've gotten phone calls then I have to figure out where I am again. I would also like a download feature so I can save workouts without having to use wifi or mobile data. Other than that, I like the user friendliness.


I love the workouts! But the app glitches and shuts down every time when I try to pause or fast forward or do anything else while using it. Sometimes, it just shuts down on its own during the workout. It is very annoying! The calendar schedule doesn't work for me as well. Otherwise, the concept and information are very useful! Please fix the glitches!


The exercises and information the app provides are sublime, but the UI, bugs, lack of QoL features, battery usage, no reply from cx ser. and incessant crashing are exceedingly frustrating. Caroline's approach to fitness is excellent both mentally and physically, which is why I'm a big fan of her. Being met with so many software related issues is disappointing. I will retain my subscription, but I also have to be honest and thus will rate the app accordingly until the issues are addressed.


I'm so excited Caroline finally made an app. This is a brand new app with a lot to improve. There are still many quirks to this app. If you pause the video and get out of the app, the video starts from the beginning and doesn't start from where you paused. The app crashes and can't play videos especially when the video just became available. Some articles lead to a error message when you click on it. I was also one of the users who paid for the app and didn't get the 14 day free trial.


Can't cast to Chromecast when trying to play my own music from Spotify. Only works when using Caroline's music or no music option. App has glitches and restarts from beginning of a workout or freezes and stops playing altogether. When it is restarted it counts the workout as being done again. Example: today the workout froze twice and each time I had to restart the workout. Counted it as being done 3 times!


love the content. Understanding the app is new and hopefully will be fixed as time goes along: as others have said, when I try to schedule anything in the calendar, it won't recognize my timezone, so it thinks I'm trying to schedule something in the past; it does crash randomly a fair bit of time-like in the middle of workouts it will just go black and then reset back to the beginning; navigation is a bit cumbersome.


Love CG, so this review is specifically for the app itself, not the program or quality of content (which would get a 5/5!). If I pause the workout and my phone dims to "sleep" from the workout, the app crashes. This happens every time, and my progress on the workout isn't saved. I also have done each workout, but they don't show as "completed" in the program itself. Do I have to add them to a calendar to then make them look "complete"?


I have been doing Caroline training for almost 2 years. I can't give any less than maximum stars for the quality of her workouts. The app is easy to navigate . I can't play on TV just yet and there are some minor issues but I'm sure it will be adjusted and updated in time . Overall, it is a great app and most importantly, an effective tool to keep yourself strong, motivated, resilient, and energetic 💪


The content is fantastic, but the app itself definitely leaves more to be desired. I had to buy an additional component just to enable casting on my TV and the app consistently crashes. I find myself spending more time sorting the bug issues out than actually working out. I'm a devout Caroline fan, but these issues are now making me consider cancellation and finding an alternative.


It has the potential to be so good but it's freezes every time I try to play Spotify through the app. Can no longer turn off the music. The amount of times it freezes during a workout is insane and very frustrating. If they can sort out the bugs then I'll give the app 5 stars but unfortunately I'll be cancelling my membership until then. Very disappointed


I love the content on the app, but the app constantly crashes and I have to reopen it, sometimes several times. I know this will be fixed since the app is fairly new. As for the content, I love the Beastmode challenge so far. It's very similar to the Beastmode series on YouTube. But there is also a beginners challenge. And also several other short workouts for different areas. I also love the meal ideas and articles.


It's got lots of potential but it's not the smoothest yet. If you stop a workout partway through, it doesn't remember where in the video you left off, it starts from the beginning and you have to skip forward to where you were. It also asked me to subscribe twice as I downloaded the app on 2 different devices, even though I logged in with the same account. I can still hear Caroline's music track under my Spotify in the app as well. Once these issues are fixed it will be great!


Absolutely love Caroline and her workouts, the app is beautiful and well thought out, but there are some things that need work. When I try to schedule anything in the calendar, it won't recognize my timezone, so it thinks I'm trying to schedule something in the past. One of the features I was looking forward to was having the calendar scheduled out with everything. Also, Google blocks anything from this app. I'm hoping that writing this review will help fix some bugs.


I love Caroline's workouts and I'm stoked she has an app, but I'm a bit annoyed that I subscribed thinking I'd have the free two week trial and was instead charged the full amount on day 1. No additional days were added to the year subscription either because I checked. In addition, the app repeatedly freezes on my Galaxy S22 Ultra. I was trying to see how the Spotify connected with it and went back to the workout I was doing and it had frozen. I hope they fix the bugs soon.


I think this app has awesome potential, but it is clearly not finished. It is identified as a "less secure app" by Google, which blocks access to Google Fit integration (and probably other features). Every time I attempt to cast to Chromecast, the app crashes and my phone locks itself. More work needs to be done. For now, I can watch the workout videos and cast by mirroring my phone screen. Not ideal, but doable.