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Cats are unpredictable and always new. Above all, they are very cute.
This game captures the characteristics of a cat.

This game has a unique characteristic that can only be solved by looking at it from a cat’s perspective, not from a human perspective.
Click on the item to clear the stage. It will be easy if you know about cats well.

If the game is too hard, ask for help to cat friend.

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Very cute and silly yet still has very good challenges. Recommended for those who like cats but also like hidden objects games.


This game was very cute satisfying although have a few stages to play but, would love to try again.. cat lovers will like this ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ thank you~
I apologize for the late greetings. Thank you for enjoying my game! I couldn't develop them it without players like you;)


Adorable! Very short, but worth it! You gotta think outside the box 😊
Thank you for your review! I tried hard to express the unpredictability of cats. and I'm very glad that was delivered:) Thanks again


amazing, astounding, spectacular, fabulous, divine, precious, beautiful, gorgeous, poetic, breath taking, incredible, perfect
I really, extremely, immensely, greatly appreciate it! I'm very glad I could give you a pleasure. Thank you so much for enjoying my game;) Your review gave me a super great day


Hello! I just wanted to say that this is a very good game! I'm looking forward to new levels. If you like cats and puzzles, this is a game for you :) Wishing all the best to the developer(s)! Thank you for creating such an amazing game.
I'm so touched. Thanks a million!;) I'm a novice developer who is still studying. Your praise really gives me a lot of strength! I'm currently continuing to produce the next stage. I don't know when it will be, but I hope to see you again later. Thanks again!:)


The game is cute and fun. Wish there were more levels though.
Thank you for playing my game! I received a lot of the same requests, so I'm working hard to produce the next level. If you think about my game later, please stop by again :)


Definitely an amazing and cute game! It only has 9 levels but I can't wait for more! Devs really did carefully make those 9 levels because it's still somehow very logical.
I can't thank you enough;).. You've hit the nail on the head. I spend more time planning than production. I want to produce much more levels to give users more pleasure, but It's not as easy as I thought. However, I'll make my best effort! I'm glad you noticed and thank you for the compliment:)


really adorable! maybe add more levels :)
Thanks a million! I'm currently planning to add a level. If you remember my game later, please stop by again:)


Very cute game. Sad that It's so short :(
I really appreciate it! I don't know when it'll be completed, I'm making the next level step by step. Hope to see you again later:)


Its so cute like literally cute , its a little hard for me because i dont have a cat but i like it, should add more levels AND CATS
Thank you for the compliment. Cats are so lovely! I'm currently producing additional levels little by little. I don't know when it will be. but If you remember my game later, please stop by again:) Thanks again.


I love this game! It's about time for new levels !!!!
I really appreciate it! The review was a great help to me. so I'm planning a new stage in a calm and orderly way! It's all thanks to user:)


It's a fast paced but cute game. There could be a few more levels but it really shows how cats think. I can recommend this game to every cat owner:)
I'm glad the game revealed my intentions;) I thought a lot about how cats behave. Thank you for recognizing it!


Best game in the world, simple yet deadly
I'm very honored to listen your review. How can I repay you? I still lack a lot of thing. I'll try my best. Thanks again


Very funny and simple game! Cute designs and very creative gameplay.
It's a big great awesome compliment;) Thanks a Million!


THE CATS ARE SOO CUTE! but im sad that it has only 9 stages, i hope you make more of these games as I will play it! :DD
Thank you for your compliment! I will give positive consideration to your suggestion. I will make an effort to try it!


Best cat game! I hope they'll add new stages in future updates.
I really appreciate it! I will give positive consideration to your suggestion. Thank you once again.


the only bad thing I can say is it's too short! add thousands of levels and I'd play them all😍
I'm moved;) Thank you very much!


I really loved the game, but it has only 9 stages! We need more please
I appreciate you playing my game. I didn't plan it right now because of heavy workload. But I really want to do it, too!


Really love this game but can you add more levels 🥺 Edit: Its ok it can be hard sometimes like with school and all or other stuff VERYY understandable :'D
Thank you for your suggest. It's a great compliment to me;) I'm a beginner and this is my first work. so I have a lot on my plate right now. But I really want to do it if I have a chance! Thanks again.


The game is very cute and adorable.Good job!
Thanks a million! That means a lot to me. I'll do my best! :)