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CFM Rastreamento App DESCRIPTION

We offer a tracking solution dedicated exclusively to vehicles, ensuring peace of mind for you and your family.

Key Features:

Vehicle Tracking:
Specialized in tracking and monitoring the location of vehicles in real time.

Advanced 4G Technology:
Uses the 4G network for fast and accurate location updates.

Real-Time Updates:
Regular updates every 20 seconds for detailed and reliable tracking.

Remote Lock:
Ability to lock your vehicle remotely via app in case of emergency or theft.

180 Day History:
Keep a complete history of your vehicle’s activities for the last 180 days for future reference.

Custom Alerts:
Receive instant alerts about suspicious movement and activity, keeping you in control.

Specialized Support:
For any questions or assistance, please contact our dedicated support:

Telephone: (91) 9 9134-2146

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24hr real-time vehicle tracking
Essential app to keep track of your vehicle! With CFM Mobile, you can lock your vehicle, receive overspeed and ignition alerts, view a 3-month history, and set up virtual fences to protect your vehicle.With the vehicle lock feature, you can prevent your car from being stolen or used without your permission. If your vehicle is moving, you can set a maximum speed and receive an alert if the limit is exceeded. You can also set up alerts for your vehicle's ignitionperfect for monitoring other people's use of your car.The 3-month history allows you to view your vehicle's trip data, including speed, time and location information. You can use this data to optimize your route or monitor vehicle usage.With virtual fences, you can create safe areas for your vehicle. If the vehicle leaves the defined area, you will receive an alert immediately. This is especially useful if you need to leave your vehicle in a high-risk area or in a shared garage.CFM Mobile is the perfect solution to secure your vehicle and stay in full control while you are away.
CFM Tracking - Stay Connected and Protected
We offer a tracking solution dedicated exclusively to vehicles, ensuring peace of mind for you and your family.Key Features:Vehicle Tracking:Specialized in tracking and monitoring the location of vehicles in real time.Advanced 4G Technology:Uses the 4G network for fast and accurate location updates.Real-Time Updates:Regular updates every 20 seconds for detailed and reliable tracking.Remote Lock:Ability to lock your vehicle remotely via app in case of emergency or theft.180 Day History:Keep a complete history of your vehicle's activities for the last 180 days for future reference.Custom Alerts:Receive instant alerts about suspicious movement and activity, keeping you in control.Specialized Support:For any questions or assistance, please contact our dedicated support:Email: cfmrastreamento@gmail.comTelephone: (91) 9 9134-2146

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