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Chess Multiplayer Game DESCRIPTION

Chess is amongst the oldest strategy games around the world. It is a superb board logic game, which develops skills like strategy, tactics, as well as visual memory. Chess Multiplayer is the best chess game for android where you can unlock different levels and become a chess master!

Best Chess App for Android Free

Do you want to know which chess game is best for online or which is the best free chess game or which is best chess game online? If yes then you are at the right place!

We’ve made a great chess online game for you! Chess Multiplayer is the best chess game for Android online, and it’s completely free! You can play this game anytime and anywhere from your smartphone! So, enjoy this game!

Chess Multiplayer is the best chess game to play with friends online for beginners as well as masters. Chess Multiplayer is the board logic game played on the chessboard having 64 squares prepared in the 8×8 grid.

Play chess online with real challengers from across the world!

Develop your chess tactics and strategies, face the task and become the Chess Master! Touch your mobile screen, move as well as drop your pieces, checkmate and Win!

How to Play Chess Multiplayer?
Chess Multiplayer starts with the grid where every player has 16 chess pieces: one queen, one king, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, as well as eight pawns. All the six pieces move differently. The aim is to checkmate the opponent’s king by placing that under a certain threat of arrest.

Chess Pieces
• The pawn goes at one field forward or two fields with the first move of the figure; beats cross-ways to one field forward.
• The king goes at one field within horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.
• The queen goes at any distance horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
• The rook goes to any space horizontally or vertically.
• The knight goes to a field with two fields alongside the vertical as well as one horizontally or one vertically as well as two horizontally.
• The bishop goes to any space diagonally.

Important Chess Positions
• Check: In this situation, a king comes under direct attack by a rival’s pieces.
• Checkmate: In this situation, the player whose turn is there to move is at check but has no permissible move to do check.
• Stalemate: In this situation, a player whose turn is there to move, is having no legal moves as well as is not in the check. (Draw)
The objective of any chess online is to checkmate the rival’s king.

You need to sign in with your Google account to play Chess Multiplayer.
When you sign in, you will get the following options on the screen:
• Free Rewards: Here, you will get daily free rewards.
• Lucky Spin: You can spin the Lucky Wheel every 8 hours and get reward points.

On the main screen, you will get four main options:
• Search Online: Here, you can search for your online opponent to play chess online.
• Private Player: If you want to play chess with your friends, you can create Room and ask your friends to join the room by sharing Room Code.
• Computer: Here, you can play chess online with the computer as your opponent.
• Puzzles: Here, you can play ready-made chess puzzles given in the game where you can take certain moves and win the chess game.
• Learning Chess: If you want to learn how to play chess then this section is for you. Here, you can learn how to play chess.
• Offline Mode: If you want to play chess in the offline mode, then choose this mode and you will be able to play chess offline.

• Login Logout with Google: Here, you can log out from your account.
• Language: You can select your preferred language here.
• Sound Effects: You can turn sound On or Off here.
• Show Legal Moves: You can see the legal moves here.
• Chess Board Theme: You can change the board color and theme here.

Please write any suggestions or feedback you have about this chess game. We will surely implement them and improve the game quality.


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Chess Multiplayer Game DOWNLOAD

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To play Chess Multiplayer on your Android smart phone, you will require to download and install the application from the Google Play store. Once you have actually installed the app, open it as well as develop a new account. As soon as you are visited, you will be presented with the grid. The grid is where every player has 16 items: one queen, one king, 2 bishops, 2 knights, two rooks, as well as 8 pawns. The items relocate in different ways, so you will require to learn the various actions so yo
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Great app for chess lovers! Easy to learn yet fun and challenging for both beginners and experts. Highly recommended!


I truly appreciated playing Chess Multiplayer on my Android phone. The graphics and also audio are great, and also it's a lot of enjoyable to bet other individuals. I would absolutely suggest this application to any person that's a fan of chess.
Thank you for downloading our app! We will keep working on it!


Ideal chess game I've ever played. It's not only the most effective chess video game online yet it's also the most effective chess video game I have actually ever before used my Android device.


Chess Multiplayer is an incredible chess video game that can cater to novices and experienced players alike. It makes playing with good friends online a wind and is an excellent way to hone my skills.


Right place if you want to know which is the best chess game online. We have collected the best chess games for Android and iOS devices.


I love this chess game! It's so much fun and totally free! I can play anytime, anywhere from my phone and it's amazing! Highly recommend!


Perfect for two people who love chess. It's really easy to get started, and the interface is really user-friendly. The only downside is that it's not very challenging, but that's okay because it's still really fun to play.
We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at! Have a wonderful day!


An amazing app! I really enjoy playing chess online with real challengers from across the world. It's a great way to improve my chess tactics and strategies. Touch your mobile screen, move as well as drop your pieces, checkmate and Win!
Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!!


Chess is a cerebral game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. In this app, you can choose from a variety of chess games to play against the computer or another user. The app features a variety of chess layouts and game options to make it easy for you to find a game that suits your playing style.
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I definitely love this game! It's so simple to play and maintains me entertained for hours on end. The multiplayer mode is terrific, and the graphics are amazing. I would most definitely advise this to any individual searching for a wonderful chess game to have fun with friends.
Thanks so much for the awesome review. Please tell your friends about the game and what they are missing out on :)


I absolutely love this app! I'm a hardcore chess player, and this app is perfect for keeping up with my game while on the go. The interface is sleek and easy to use, and the fact that I can battle other players online is a real bonus. Highly recommend!


The perfect choice for a chess enthusiast! Chess Multiplayer offers an excellent chess playing experience, perfect for both beginners and experts alike. Highly recommended!


👍 Great for chess fans! Challenge players from around the world to hone your skills and become the Chess Master. Super easy to use, the interface is intuitive and the games are fun. 🤩


Just How to Play Chess Multiplayer is a very fascinating application which allows you to play chess against other people online. The application has a very easy as well as simple to utilize user interface which makes it simple to get started. You can pick to play against various other human players or computer players. The app remains in English as well as has very clear guidelines which make it simple to learn just how to play. In general, this is a superb application which is well worth downlo


This app is perfect for people who love to play chess. It's really easy to use and it's great that there are multiple players so you can have some really competitive matches. The only downside is that it's a little bit slow to load, but other than that it's a really great app.
Hi, We've forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!


This is the best chess game to play with friends online. It's great for beginners and experts. The game is straightforward and easy to learn, so you can quickly get into the action. Plus, the online multiplayer mode makes it easy to challenge your friends.


If you're a chess enthusiast and want to play with friends online, Chess Multiplayer is the perfect app for you! This game is simple to learn, yet challenging enough to keep you entertained for hours on end. Whether you're a beginner looking for a fun way to improve your skills, or a seasoned player looking for a new challenge, Chess Multiplayer is sure to please. So why not give it a try today? You'll be glad you did!


This is a great app for those who love chess but can't find enough people to play against. With Chess Multiplayer you can easily find opponents in your area and play against them. The app is easy to use and allows for both casual and serious chess players to have a good time.


Chess Multiplayer is the best chess game to play with friends online for beginners as well as masters. The game is simple to learn and can be enjoyed by players of all levels. The gameboard is prepared in the 8×8 grid, and the pieces can be moved either one square at a time, or in any combination. The game can be played either with a human opponent, or against the computer. There are many different chess variants to play, and the game can be saved so that you can resume it later.