Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble Game SCREENSHOT

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Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble Game DESCRIPTION

He’s sneaky, he’s goofy and he’s back to play!

Your favourite burglar Bob is up to his old tricks again in Robbery Bob 2 with new characters, new outfits, new comics and better challenges!

Playing as Bob, you will sneak around security guards, past patrolling pensioners and evade complex traps as you try to get your sticky hands on as much loot as possible in this free to play adventure!

Many new puzzles are waiting to challenge you in the second chapter of this stealth adventure through beautiful villas and houses.


There are many reasons why you should jump in this new adventure and start playing now:

The man of steal is back! – and he’s landed himself in all sorts of trouble. Help Bob plan a wedding for a mobster’s daughter, stop Dr. Thievious’ devious plans and find out if aliens really do exist?

Over 100 new levels of lootin’ fun! ­– What goodies will you loot as you sneak around the streets of Playa Mafioso, Shamville and Seagull Bay? Our new levels will challenge even the most experienced burglars, making for a great game experience.

Hide and Seek – Sneak around on tip-toe, hug walls to stay out of sight, make noise to distract guards and, if you’re caught red handed, get out of there quick!

Old Bob, New Tricks – Use RC Cars, Teleportation Mines and tons of new gadgets to help Bob get out of a tight squeeze. Find the most ingenious ways to sneak around and avoid gettins spotted!

Suited and looted – Play in style with a variety of outfits to customise your character in all kind of skins

Download now and start your sneaking adventure! Robbery Bob 2 will become your new favourite game!

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He's sneaky, he's goofy and he's back to play! Your favourite burglar Bob is up to his old tricks again in Robbery Bob 2 with new characters, new outfits, new comics and better challenges!Playing as Bob, you will sneak around security guards, past patrolling pensioners and evade complex traps as you try to get your sticky hands on as much loot as possible in this free to play adventure!Many new puzzles are waiting to challenge you in the second chapter of this stealth adventure through beautiful villas and houses. FEATURES There are many reasons why you should jump in this new adventure and start playing now:The man of steal is back! – and he’s landed himself in all sorts of trouble. Help Bob plan a wedding for a mobster’s daughter, stop Dr. Thievious’ devious plans and find out if aliens really do exist?Over 100 new levels of lootin’ fun! ­– What goodies will you loot as you sneak around the streets of Playa Mafioso, Shamville and Seagull Bay? Our new levels will challenge even the most experienced burglars, making for..
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Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble Game DOWNLOAD

Free DownloadGoogle PlayOfficial Website



This is a fun game but when we get to higher levels it can be very frustrating and you will rage Quit a lot of times


This game was a bond this is actually a pretty fun game I just can't get through level 15 chapter 2 that's just my problem actually.


Since I was a kid I was waiting for this update,now I can play it,thanks to the creator of this game,the first robbery bob game I played was the king of sneak, it's really a part of my childhood,this game made me happy,thank you I love this game so much👁️👄👁️


It is a very nice game but sometime it's very hard for me nice I'll give it 5 star. And something bad I want to tell that in robbery Bob 1 it was nice but robbery Bob to the controller is too short and sometime it is not running.


Best game in my favourite games. Download and play you will enjoy it. I play both chapters of robbery bob. Both chapter are amazing. I play many times but, I didn't control my hands to download it again. I will rate it five star. Thank you deca to make this game


Edited (06/17/2024) Fun game and a challenging one. Hauntington was a challenging chapter for me.. Though I finished it, imma miss Bob doing robbery, lol. 5/5


Well designed levels. Save & Load in multiple slots by connecting with google play games. Smooth controls. Lots of useful powerups to make levels easy but still able to complete level with skills and timing without using them. Good mini dialogues. Multiple costumes for powers and get Special costume by completing special levels. One of the best well programmed and designed game. Its size after playing and installing was just ~175MB. Completely offline playable. I enjoyed playing it.


Honestly really addictive game and just turn on airplane mode it's a really fun game. (Airplane mode makes it so you don't need to watch adds.)


Greate Game but the rewards not greate, it's too small I finished the game but when I replay the levels the coins that i get is too small i suggest making the rewarded coins a bit bigger that's all.


I played the 1 St part of robery Bob it was nice I completed it in 2012 but I deleted and download it in 2018 And played and finished all the levels But this robery Bob os much better than the first part so, thank you


Robbery bob is my favorite game.i will die without this game.I sound like am obsessed right?? It has one hundred levels and five seasons each with twenty levels.By the way you should try this game and experience it.Each level of robbery bob is so much fun.robbery bob is so cute and I also love the costumes.......... Bye bye 👋


This game was very nice, cause' you need strategies to finish a level,Its also very fun to play specially when bored, My recommendations in this game is to add more levels becase I finished all the levels


this is good 👍 but, wait this game has too many adds 😞 so I don't like this game more after all this is favourite of me but I unstaill this after 1 one add after 2 one add 3 was also but I am on level 2 of this game sorry ..................end 🔚 ,........,........,..........,
Hi, you have the option to in the game remove all of the ads by purchasing the game for $1.99! If you have more questions, please, contact us here:


Absolutely loved the game, I always strived to get 3 stars which always left me frustrated and the ghost in ghualville(spelling) but if it doesn't challenge me the I don't want it🤭. Really enjoyed it


This game is absolutely amazing but " Robbery Bob 1" Is better I think. Because, some levels here are two difficult we can't get enough coins plus clothes are too expensive to buy


there was a problem, when i downloaded the game. and signed in my account (which is google play service), i turned off my wifi so my phone would avoid lags, however it unlocked many achievments, it was only in game and the play service was not popping up, i thought it was normal. But when i turned on my WIFI, the achievments that i unlocked was never popping up. I tried doing the achievments again, but it never worked, even restarting the game. (I never had this issue before)
We are sorry to hear that you are facing issues with the game. You can always contact us here:


I LOVE ROBBERY BOB 2 it's so fun and by the way just go on airplane mode to turn the adds of duh! Oh and also I love the animation when you get caught it's really fun! And stop complaining about it they tried there best but y'all should make robbery BOB 3!!! It would be cool to have a robbery bob 3 just try yalls best to make it.


Super game i had completed all the levels its interesting to play and more tools are available and the last level it was so interesting to play and i had completed it the running was so slow 🤑🏃♂️..


This was such a fun game! I only played this game whenever I was bored but this is a very easy game that you can complete quite easily. Each stages take probably less than 5 minutes to complete depending on its difficulty, I also like the super secret mission levels and manage to complete every one of them. That being said I like completing everything when I play a game so I had every level completed with 3 stars. Overall I enjoyed playing this game and would definitely recommend it to others!


Robbery Bob is a staple of my childhood. The sequel is very much appreciated. While I feel like it made Bob way more incompetent to the point he admits he doesn't know what innocent means, it's a nice gag! I just wish the suits were either not super expensive or there were more levels or more coins could be earned with replays. Otherwise I love it so much and again, Robbery Bob is a staple within my childhood. I love this game. 4.9 stars ♥️