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Chokrojan is a simple way to book and buy bus tickets to travel anywhere in Bangladesh. Travel with luxury and comfort.

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Packing Checklist for Trekking/Hiking Trips and Backpacking Weight Calculator
Checklist for your backpacking gear on treks and hikes. Create and manage a list of items you bring on your backpacking trip and flag packed items to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Additionally, the app allows you to calculate your pack weight for optimizing it.FEATURESCHECKLIST GENERATOR: Automatically create a list of essential gear for your next adventure, based on climate of destination and other properties of your tripITEM CATEGORIES: Hiking/Sleeping, Clothing, Cooking, Food/Water/Fuel, Hygiene, Health/Emergency, Documents, Tools, Extras, PreparationOPTIONAL ITEMS: Choose from a number of optional items which can be added easily to your checklistWEIGHT CALCULATOR: Keep track of the weight of your backpack, subdivided into: base weight (loaded backpack without consumables), pack weight (loaded backpack) and total weight (loaded backpack plus items carried outside of backpack)SHARE CHECKLISTS: Share checklists with friends, either as view-only image or data link, so your friend can continue the checklist her/himselfMULTIPLE CHECKLISTS: Create an individual list for each destination, or create multiple lists for the same destination to compare different gear setups
A guide that helps during shopping for clothes and shoes in another country.
Size Guide is the best partner when you are shopping clothes. It is a guide to help you during your shopping for clothes and shoes in another country or even when you are buying gifts for your family and friends.The application stores your sizes and the sizes of your friends. It is easy to check at any time. Size Guide has sizes available for Brazil, U.S.A., Europe and U.KYou only need to choose the size of a country that the application will show the rest.
Discover interactive and engaging Augmented Reality content with the VIZUAL App
Discover interactive and engaging augmented reality content with the VIZUALAR Smart Guide AppBy framing the advertising flyers with your smartphone, you can view fantastic Augmented Reality Videos and find the best for your shopping, but also restaurants, shopping centers, gyms and much more!Frame business cards and postcards and everything will magically come to life: interactive videos, 3D reconstructions.Find the activities and tourist attractions closest to you!Do not wait! Download now and have fun with the VIZUALAR Smart Guide App!
Live Arrivals / Departures for KUL airport
Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) is the largest airport in Malaysia. It is located 60 kilometers from the city and is connected by train. Kuala Lumpur airport is a hub for Malaysia, AirAsia, and Malindo Airlines.This app provides in-depth information for KUL airport.App features :- Comprehensive airport information.- Live arrival/departure boards with flight tracker (including map).- Get Travel OffersSearch and compare cheap flights from hundreds of airlines.- World Clock : Set up a world clock with your selection of cities.- Currency Converter : Live exchange rates and converter, supports currencies from every country.- My Trips : Save your hotel trips and rental car trips. Manage all your flight trips, track your flight, web check-in, share trip details.- Explore Kuala Lumpur: Find interesting places / topics in and around Kuala Lumpur.- Packing checklist : Keep track of things to pack for your next trip.- Next flight : Find and book the next available flight from Kuala Lumpur.- Emergency Numbers : National emergency numbers.
Visit Sicily
Organize the tour by downloading the SICILY app and choose the hotel, restaurant, guide with which to discover the most attractive archaeological, cultural and landscape sites.
Prepare for takeoff with Minneapolis-St.Paul Airport's family-friendly app!
Our free Navigate MSP Airport app is here to help families take the anxiety out of flying!Prepare for a visit to the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport by watching videos about different parts of the airport, reading social narratives, creating your own airport schedule, playing MSP matching, checking out insider tips, and more!
RebuStar Discover the set of noteworthy features empowered in this Uber Clone
RebuStar Driver🚖 Take the riders around your city and earn money for your rides. RebuStar offers drivers flexible way to make more cash on their way and even they can drive whenever they want.🚖 Online and OfflineDriver will receive ride requests when he is online or else when they are busy they can switch to offline as they will not receive any ride requests.🚖 User ProfileDriver can manage their profile.🚖 In-App Call / ChatDriver can contact the rider once driver accepts the ride request of the rider.🚖 Work HistoryDriver can maintain their trip history.🚖 Ride Request NotificationsDriver can accept or decline the ride request given by the rider.🚖 Real time NavigationDriver can track the live location of the rider once the driver accepts the ride request.🚖 Driver PayoutDriver can upload the bank account details here as the driver get paid through this option by the Admin.🚖 Rating and feedback ListDriver can view the rating and reviews given by the Rider.
Share No. 1 climbing map "Mountain and Takahara Map" application version First of all, try 'Takao mountain' for free download
■2022年版 更新のお知らせ■2022年版61エリアの地図を更新しました。登山の際は最新の地図にアップデートしてから出かけましょう!■価格・アプリ本体 無料・地図1エリア 600円 今なら「高尾山」が無料でダウンロードできるので、まずはお試しください。※本アプリはエリア毎にご購入頂く仕組みになっています。※ご購入頂いた地図(今年度版)に使用期限はありません。但し、翌年以降に更新される地図(新年度版)は新たにご購入頂く必要があります。 ※別のAndroid端末に機種変更しても、同じGoogleアカウントであれば、ご購入頂いた地図を移行することができます。アプリ内の「購入済みリスト」から再ダウンロードください。※iPhone/Android端末間での地図の移行はできません。★姉妹アプリ「山と高原地図ホーダイ」なら定額(500円/月 or 4,800円/年)で全エリアの最新地図が使い放題。オリジナル機能として登山ルート計画の作成もできます。まずは7日間無料をお試しください。■主な特徴①豊富な登山情報の見やすい地図 50年以上の実績を誇る「山と高原地図」だから、情報の充実度・地図の見やすさはNo.1。コースタイムや水場の位置、高山植物などの見どころ、登山道の状況など、それぞれの山に精通した執筆者が入念に調査した登山情報をお届けします。②圏外でも使える! 地図は全て事前にダウンロードして端末に保存するので、電波の届かない山中でも使えます。機内モードにして使えば、バッテリーの節約ができます。③現在地がわかる! GPSを使って、「山と高原地図」の地図上で自分の位置がわかるから安心。④ルートが記録できる! 記録したルートは、アプリ内で見るだけでなくメール送信できるので、PCで登山記録を整理したり、「ヤマレコ」などのサイトへ投稿できます。⑤日本百名山網羅! 「山と高原地図」全61点をアプリ化。北は北海道から南は屋久島まで日本百名山全山を含む日本の名山約1500を収録します。■収録内容・書籍地図「山と高原地図」の登山地図を収録しています(周辺図・冊子掲載情報などは未収録)。収録地図はアプリ内の商品詳細でご確認ください。・スマートフォンでの見易さや操作性を考慮して、地形表現や経緯度線を省略するなどの修正を行っています。■対応OS・4.0以上(一部の機種では動作しない場合があります)※AndroidOS4.0未満については、サポート対象外です。※Playストア非対応の機種ではご利用いただくことができません。 (らくらくスマートフォン、Kindle端末、 fire端末 等)※GPS非搭載の端末では、現在地表示やルートの記録はできません。※GPSの性能は、機種・OSにより大きく異なります。※一部機種では動作しない場合がありますので、アプリダウンロード後、地図の購入前に以下の確認を行うことを推奨します。 1 地図表示…無料の「高尾山」の地図をダウンロードしてご確認ください。 2 GPS関連…地図範囲外でもルートの記録が可能です。「高尾山」の地図を表示してルートの記録を行い、PCに送信してGoogle Earth等で表示できるかご確認ください。機内モードにして行うと、登山中の環境に近いテストになります。PCへの送信方法等の操作方法は、アプリ内のヘルプをご覧ください。■ご注意 ・各エリアのデータはサイズが大きいため(約10~25MB)、Wi-Fi接続でのダウンロードをお勧めします。 ・バックグラウンドでルート記録を行う機能はバッテリーを多大に消費します。万が一の場合の連絡手段を確保するため、バッテリーを節約する設定を推奨します(設定方法はアプリ内のヘルプ参照)。・バッテリー切れに備えて、必ず書籍地図と併用してご使用ください。・掲載情報の調査時期はは、アプリ内の「お知らせ・ヘルプ」>「クレジット」に記載しています。一部の地域は調査の都合上、それ以前の状態も含まれます。また登山道の状態や施設の営業など登山地域の状況は、大雨や風雪等の影響で大きく変動することがありますので、自己の責任で慎重に判断し行動してください。安全のために、山行前には現地役場などに必ず状況確認をお願いします。・掲載情報はGPSで測位したものではないため、実際の位置とは異なる場合があります。また、周囲の地形等により本アプリで取得できる位置の精度が落ちる場合あります。本アプリの位置情報だけに頼ることなく、周囲の地形等を総合的に判断して行動してください。・事故や遭難等、一切の責任は負いかねますのでご了承下さい。
Trip planner. 100% Free. Top Tours. Best rated activities.
100% Free travel guide. More than 14 languages supported.Trip planner with best activities and top rating tours offered for you to book instantly. Daily itineraries. Day walking tours. City Sightseeing. Hop-On Hop-Off tours and many more. Street and public transportation maps. Subway, Metro, Trains.Start planning your prefect trip to Kiev.Top attractions including:✓ Saint Sophia's Cathedral✓ St Andrew's Church✓ Mikhail Bulgakov Museum✓ National Art Museum of Ukraine✓ Kiev Pechersk Lavra✓ Mariyinsky Palace✓ Hryshko National Botanical Garden✓ St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery✓ National Opera of Ukraine✓ The Motherland Monument✓ National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War✓ Pyrohiv✓ St Volodymyr's Cathedral✓ Golden Gate✓ Expocenter of Ukraine Kiev Travel Guide is the perfect companion to your trip. Discover it today for free.
Masjid Finder to find your nearest Masjid .
Masjid Finder is an application by Beyondwise Technology Solutions find your nearest Masjid when you are in Kolkata,Durgapur,Burdwan or nearby.Key Features*List of MASJIDS in Kolkata,Durgapur,Burdwan.*Search Masjid By Location.*Major EIdgahs for Kolkata are added.* Routes are available.*Works without GPS. (For location accuracy turn GPS 'ON')
Build the earthquake tolerance balanced tower and keep city safe from earthquake
Build the earthquake tolerance balanced tower and keep your city safe from earthquake. Tap at the perfect time to place the moving building block in the appropriate position to build the balanced tower. After complete the tower balance, test its earthquake tolerance. Play and enjoy to build the tower balance game with your friends and family. This is a amazing tower builder game.-::- FEATURES -::-Earthquake tolerance test after complete build the tower balance.Realistic and impressive physics engine used to place the moving building block.One-tap gameplay.The tower balance game is simple and enjoyable but challenging and addictive.Ten different difficult levels.First level is open and other levels are locked.To unlock next level, placed fifteen building block perfectly to construct the balanced tower and pass the earthquake tolerance test.The tower balance game has nice colorful graphics and stunning environment with realistic birds, clouds and buildings.
Escape from world top secured prison.
Play prisoner escape as the notorious prisoner to escape the prison in a calculated way. Observe every noise detector, camera and police vision for prison break. Figure out your safe place and way to reach on exit door for prisoner escape. For prison escape collect every key, access card and hack computer to inactive the laser block. Escape every secured prison one after another. Simple game play but secured prison break objective makes it more addicting. Prisoner escape from one after another, and be the perfect prison escape artist.NEW TWO LEVEL ADDED !! LA SANTE & TADMOR PRISON !! -:: FEATURES ::-Go to exit door for prisoner escape from high secured prison.Tap and drag your finger to run and rotate prisoner for prison break. Escape from first prison, next prison will be unlock.Don't move near the noise detector area.You have to escape from world's top secured prison.Prisoner escape game has nice graphics, eye comfortable colors and simple game play for unlimited fun.
Create train track and drive train to reach destination.
Train drive mission is the best toy train simulator that will allow you to create custom track and drive it in a nice virtual city and virtual zoo. In this city and zoo there has some train drive mission. In this game you have to create track from train station to targeted location and drive it to reach on destination. Play and complete each mission to unlock the next mission. Train drive mission in a virtual city like a train simulator using common community place including station, school, bank, police station, green park, hospital, workshop, fire station, market, house and many more.-::- FEATURES -::-Complete mission objectives and unlock new mission. Complete all city missions to unlock new zoo missions.Create track from station to destination indicated by flag pointer.Collect mission's required star from road.Star collection based global star leaderboard.Zoo missions has more bonus stars.Play train drive mission to reach on the destination.Nice virtual city environment with color full building, people, car and green trees.Nice virtual zoo environment with various animals and green trees. On train drive mission three angle camera available..
Play and enjoy Egg Jump
Egg Jump is a simple game of unlimited fun. Play egg jump and try to reach highest score by jumping from the bottom basket to upper ones just by tapping anywhere on the screen. Egg jump has no level rules only play and enjoy. Casual simple and addictive platform game. Play with your friends and family and try to gain the highest score.-:: FEATURES ::-Egg jump from bottom basket to upper basket to move up and gain high score.Just jump on right time and right place.Play an unlimited level egg jump game for unlimited fun and challenge. Challenges are increased on points increase.Nice graphics, dazzling environment and simple game play for unlimited fun.
Destroy chemical weapon to save the world
Destroy chemical weapon to save the world. You have the responsibility to defend the world against chemical weapons. Perfectly target the chemical missile and hit them to destroy before it launch. Be careful for public life, plane and cars. Destroy chemical weapon game play is simple but challenging and addictive. Let's play it to save the world and enjoy.-:: FEATURES ::-Destroy chemical weapon simple game play but very challenging to save the world from chemical weapon.10 different difficult levels.First level is open and other levels are locked.Destroy 3 chemical missile in each level to collect 3 stars and unlock new level. Be careful for public life, plane and cars.Levels has nice virtual world environment with color full building, people, car and green trees.
Drive school train to pick up students and reach to school.
Create track and drive school train to pick up student and reach to school. Complete level objective one by one, after complete first level second level will be unlocked. School train drive in virtual city using common community place including train station, bank, police station, green park, hospital, workshop, fire station, market, house and many more. Its a nice train driving school games.-:: FEATURES ::-Complete level objectives number of student pick up and unlock new level. Create track from station to school train station indicated by flag pointer.Stop train to pick up required student from road side or front of building.Start school train drive to reach to the destination and enjoy the rides.Nice virtual city environment with color full building, people, car and green trees.On school train drive three angle camera view available for view city environment to make ride enjoyable.Nice graphics, dazzling environment and simple game play for unlimited fun.
MR Paribahan app for online bus ticket booking
MR Paribahan app for online bus ticket booking
It's a bus ticket booking app
Chokrojan is a simple way to book and buy bus tickets to travel anywhere in Bangladesh. Travel with luxury and comfort.
Play foosball or table football world cup and feel it's real excitement
Play Foosball 2D, Table Football or Table Soccer game. Play world cup to win your favorite team. Now you can carry a whole table football and foosball games around in the pocket of your mobile and play any time. Keep fit, play sport, play football games, well at least it will keep your fingers fit as you sit there on the sofa pitching your two favorite teams in battle.Choose your favorite team from top 10 world ranked country. Select your preferable stadium and win goal limit then start play and do battle on the stadium ground with our Foosball 2D. GAME FEATURES:- Real Foosball or table football game.- Quick Match and World Cup Tournament play.- Choose your favorite football team country.- Choose your preferable stadium.- Adjustable number of goals to win the game.- Player jersey country wise selection.- Spin the players by sliding your finger.- Play tournament win match and increase world rank point.- Win tournament match to bring your team on top in world rank.- XP based leaderboard and tournament trophy based leaderboard.- Tournament achievement record feature.
Falling marble ball simply tilt device and enjoy endless game.
Falling Marble Ball is an endless game play which you make a marble ball fall down through a series of shelf gap by tilting your mobile device. The ball will take more speed gradually, you have to remain alert. At the end of falling marble ball game you will get to see the score. Challenge your own score with your family and friends and make new higher score every time! As time goes by, the falling marble ball game will speed up making it more difficult to fall the ball through the gaps in time. Also the moving shelf will make it harder to make the ball falling down.-:: FEATURES ::-Realistic and impressive gravity and wind flow engine.Enjoyable and simple game play but challenging and addictive.Play an unlimited level for unlimited fun and challenge. Collect star for extra score.Collect bonus star for extra power.Collect color bonus star to change theme color.Fan forces ball in opposite direction.Stay away from black hole.Level has nice colorful HD graphics.

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আমি J5 টিকিট কিনেছিলাম। সার্ভিস চার্জ সহ টিকিটের দাম পরিশোধ করলাম। পরবর্তীতে জানানো হয় J5 নামের কোনো সিট নাই ঐ বাসে। আমাকে সিট দিবে না এমনকী টিকিটের টাকাও রিটার্ন দিবে না। সুপারভাইজার বলে অনলাইন থেকে টিকিট কেটেছেন ওখানে বোঝেন। পরে অনেক বাক বিতন্ডার পরে প্রায় চারশ টাকা লস দিয়ে বাকি টাকা ফেরত দেয়। আর কম্প্লেইন করার নাম্বার তো সবসময় বন্ধ থাকে। আর খোলা থাকলে ফোন রিসিভ করে না।


Not available bus


Did not work at all. Search result not found any route any time.


Good app for ticket book.need more imprvement


very good app.they stand by their policy of ticket cancellation, return and other things.So a very good user experience over all.very friendly app.❤️❤️


Easy to handle.... mobile friendly apps.


Very helpful Apps


Helpful apps❤️


Very helpful app for buy ticket Bus in Bangladesh. Love it❤️❤️


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