1. Fix some bugs.
2. Improved the user experience a little.


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Dedicated App for the Popur X5 Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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Box is good but the app doesn't connect


This is truly one of the worst designed apps I have ever encountered. Good luck creating your account in one attempt because after you type your email and get a verification code you're meant to tick this tiny little privacy button, you'll actually launch the page to read the policy which will clear your email and you'll have to enter and get another verification code email. Once set up I moved it to the final location and the app says it's standing by. But it's not because the box is offline.


The product is pretty good, so far. The app is terrible. There are almost no instructions for set up, most of the functions in the app don't work, it says the unit is in use, but there is definitely no cat in the box, I've reset the waste bin counter, but it doesn't go back to zero....


Litter boxes don't need GPS. App seems like it should be nice to use, but it won't find the litter box without GPS. I cannot fathom how broken the mind of a programmer must be to think that a litterbox needs GPS to function. Sorry. Be reasonable, drop the GPS requirement so things work as advertised.


During initial registration it's not obvious how to acknowledge you've read the terms of service and privacy notice (there's a radio button but it's hard to tell that's what you need to click). Would be helpful if I got the waste bin full notifications more reliably. Also, how do you update the system time for the time change (daylight saving time)? Otherwise, it's working as well as is expect for a litter box app.


A good start, app has some dead ends such as no data in the support help menu. It appears future functions have been mapped out such as cat weight and use but this function isn't built in yet, time stamp on cycles use bar chart, is on a time zone 12 hours out of synch but the app does show it has the correct date and time of the wifi connection. Thankfully no advertising or other signs of data mining other than for the intended purpose of managing your litterbox.


It would be nice if they offered API access like the Whisker Litter Robot does. I really miss being able to have it interface with other services so I can monitor it better.


The litter box itself is great, the app is terrible. The notifications do not alert when the bin is full, I just get spammed with the same cleaning record notifications everyday. The bin will just continue to pile up and overflow because the box does not stop self-cleaning. Wish it handled full bin situations better.


It's a decent app, but definitely needs improvements. 1. The daily/hourly section is wrong for displaying the amount of cycles that occur in the hour. It's 8 am, but the hourly on the app says it's 21 hour. The daily is correct. I've checked, if the device is correct for the time, and it is, so it's obviously the app. I've even rebooted in an update and it still hasn't changed. 2. Needs to show a litter bin gauge on the app of when the Popur is 1/4 to 1/2 to full. Look at Litter Robot's.


Great product, terrible app. UI is decent, but app functions like it was designed by a kindergartner. No access to settings to turn off notifications, creates duplicate families, just generally not intuitive or easy to use


cannot login anymore , tried multi times to reset password it doesn't accept it, paid so much for this .. unbelievable


I spent the time uploading a pic of my cats and weighing them, filling out the info and it's just not tracking their use. They both have used the litterbox multiple times but it doesn't show that they have. I don't know what's up with that.


Annoying alerts, can't customize. Have received 20+ alerts in the first 4 hours of using this product.


Simply will not connect. Support is non-existent. Emailed 2 weeks ago with absolutly no response.


The litterbox part of the app is working great for me. My complaint is with the cat tracking part. It's not tracking my cat's litterbox visits or weight at all. Not sure if that's meant to be part of a future update or not. I'll update later if that's added in a future release!


A good start to a very, VERY promising product. There are some bugs in the app that I've already noticed and encountered. Most notably the screen dimensions for the display of the app itself. The edges are cut off and icons, menus, etc are interrupted by this discrepancy. That needs an urgent fix. Another bug is that the wait time setting. It seems to forget what I tell it to do once I navigate away. Other than that, the app works very well and the product itself is amazing!


Can't create account or log in. Keeps asking me to review agreements.


Useless, unreadable text in the signup portion (tiny light grey text on a lighter grey background), the Verify button does nothing, signup button does nothing. No feedback as to what to do to initiate an account Horrible!


The Popur X5 is amazing! Much lower maintenance so far than my previous automatic litter box, the CatGenie. The app is clearly a work in progress but what they've done so far is really amazing. The setup is easy and quick and there are plenty of options for configuring the device to meet your needs.