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Immerse yourself in an Idle Simulation Tycoon RPG like no other, where you are no longer the hero protagonist but rather the friendly shopkeeper on a mission to expand your business empire.

The long anticipated sequel to the award winning Shop Heroes title is finally here! Embark on a journey of legends—collect & forge equipment, rise up to new challenges and expand your business empire to become the ultimate shop tycoon!

Upon your graduation from the shopkeeping academy, you received an invitation from your uncle’s best friend, Jacque. Your uncle seems to have suddenly vanished, leaving the once legendary shop unattended. Now, it’s time for you to inherit this shop and apply your business acumen to put it back on the map as the preeminent shop across Aragonia. Do you have what it takes to go from zero to hero?

Before embarking on this journey, please keep the following shopkeeping tips in mind:

[ First and Foremost: Gold Matters! ]
Amass wealth by crafting, selling and expanding your shop.
– Unlock additional crafting slots to forge equipment more efficiently. The faster you can concurrently craft and sell, the more gold you will earn!

– Collect 500+ blueprints from dozens of item lines. Repeatedly crafting equipment will result in its mastery, leading to faster craft timers and reduced resource usage!
– Hire and motivate workers to accelerate your crafting output. Keeping workers motivated will increase the chance of exceptional quality crafts!
– Master the use of Shopkeeper’s Skills! Promotion allows you to attract a large number of customers within a short period of time; Inspiration enables you to accelerate crafting timers; Clearance can help you offload low-level equipment dusting in your inventory at once.

[ Shop Decoration is Crucial ]
Decorating your shop will increase its Appeal and attract more customers.
– Your Shop Rating can be increased by purchasing and upgrading furniture, both functional and decorative. Higher Shop Rating will not yield epic rewards but also increase your Shop Appeal.
– Purchasing multiple and upgrading Resource Bins will allow you to store more raw materials. Racks are required for selling items in the shop and attracting customers while the counter will increase your Energy capacity, allowing you to accelerate crafting timers!
– The glorious statues outside of your shop will both visualize your shopkeeping progress as well as provide rewards and buffs for reaching various milestones.

[ Befriend Your Customers ]
Your hero customers can be recruited for adventuring once you are familiar with them.
– Attract dozens of unique heroes to your shop, each with a unique personality, set of hero quests and item types as preferences. Interact and familiarize yourself with your customers to increase your Affection with each hero. Understanding your customers’ needs will help you make the right choices to quickly increase your relationships with them.
– Many rare blueprints are scattered across the treacherous dungeons of Aragonia. Enlist the help of your hero customers and equip them with your epic gear to adventure across the land and defeat mighty bosses to claim new blueprints!

[ Join a Guild & Ascend the Rankings ]
Form a guild with friends or other shopkeepers worldwide to collectively gain buffs.
– Each Guild has a dozen unique buildings, investing in them will reward both the individual player and all members within the guild with an instant buff. Buffs will stack based on the collective investments from all members and will increase resource output, enhance hero training and improve heroes’ adventuring stats, among others.
– Want to see how you stack up against other shopkeepers? Check out the global rankings to visit the top shopkeepers’ shop around the world! You can also view their total Networth and the strongest Heroes they recruited.

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It's fun. People complain gold takes a long time, but you have to make sure you upgrade racks. Also remember the guy who buys things for 10x..make sure you pick something with highest value. You will steadily progress. Don't rush! Have fun


Very fun game for the first 30 or so levels. Once items hit 5 star it BeComes set it and check back in an hour or two per item at best. So once you get into that area it's far more pay to enjoy I feel


The game has a lot of problems. 1) Each time I invoke it it takes about 4-5 minutes because it is unable to connect to the server 2) a lot of the features are not ready yet 3) a lot of the times, the game will freeze and it will cause you to press the same button twice. That action will cost gems which are very expensive 4) the prices are very high for a freemium. The lowest pavkage is 30 USD 5) the devolper is very unresponsive Save your time and skip this one


Game is really good BUT shopkeeper level requirements to craft better items was a mistake. After 1 month I couldn't get level 40 to craft other ranks items to gear up my characters to farm new dungeon to finally open chests from it because I have a lot of keys but not the chests. Well basically game is boring now. Grinding same items for a long time. Even I bought some pack and premium for auto craft. Can't imagine to play it without spending money.


It would be a fine game if it worked at least half of the time, but most of the time I have to close and reopen it for it to work. Sometimes multiple times. Even when it does open properly I still can't do certain things in game unless I close and reopen the game again. I have a newer phone, and I am connected up to wifi.
Dear Shopkeeper, sorry for bringing you a bad game experience. You can try to reconnect to the network and reinstall the game first. If the problem still exists after that, you can contact us via Facebook message or email for help.


Too many bugs and no obvious quality of life features. This isn't the first Shop Heroes game they've made... you'd think they'd learn from the past or by listening to players over the years, but no... I regret giving them some money because I was excited a new version came out and I thought it'd be a good idea to support them.


I have experienced a block to development. Filled the floor space and then upgraded a bin. It won't let me expand or finish the construction. They are two required limits that contradict. Can't finish my upgraded, can't make it big enough to fit the upgrade. Stuck mode.
Dear friend, sorry for the inconvenience. You can contact us through the game customer service center . We will try our best to solve the problem you encounter. We will try our best to make better games, thank you!


Not worth the time. At first I thought this would be an improved shop heroes game. Turns out while you're crafting a bunch of copies to get a purple item for a quest, the game can randomly just say, "everything is being confiscated". All those copies you've been working on for days to fuse together? All gone. All your work to complete a quest? Start over. This happened multiple times to me and ruins any sense of progress. Waste of my time. Play something else.
Hi Shopkeeper, thank you for your feedback! We'll be forwarding your concerns to the development team and will make sure that your voice is heard and concerns addressed! No promises on when it will make it into an upcoming release, but do keep your eyes peeled on the release notes as your collective feedback is of our highest priority!


Update: I'm leaving this review up for context. I'd like to note this was 100% my fault, not the company's. I did not follow the communication correctly. The failure was from my end. I'm changing my review to reflect that. I liked the graphics and the basic game play, but it's very hard to make money. Also, I spent $5 on the three day pack and didn't receive it. I sent a support ticket, with photo of the receipt, 3 days ago and have heard nothing.
Dear friend! Very sorry for the inconvenience. You can send screenshots of payment with order number and contact us by customer service center again. We will help you solve this problem as soon as possible! Thank you!


Unplayable Started off well but soon as tlreached level 10 it won't let me select anything on screen. So can't give review until bugs have been fixed. Edit. Some bugs have been fixed but I'm unable to change hero equipment and there is still a delay when tapping
Issue is being resolved, we will work hard to improve your gaming experience


Game has a lot of potential if you can get past the bugs. I put 1 more star like I said potential is there they fixed the login issue so support team I can't fault however, lag still major issue and not only that prices of certain upgrades are ridiculous. 500000 for the FOURTH crafting slot. Seems a bit greedy to me especially if you see what the payouts for items are like. Not everybody likes to pay for games. Especially from the get go. I would spend if it didn't force me to
Sorry shopkeeper, it happens because so many players joined the server. We are working on it and will fix it asap


I'm really enjoying the casual gameplay and stylish graphics. There's always something to do albeit slowly so the game is best played while doing something else. It would be cool if you could lock a specific weapon to a slot and have it restock from your inventory.
Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. You can contact us through the game customer service center, we will optimize the problem as soon as possible. Thank you for your support!


I'll probably change this in a month or two, but the initial wave of lag this game has had on the past 24h is the only reason Im rating with a star below 5. Overall, this game is pretty well done, structured, etc. Management wise and all, it fills my needs to be able to manage and run the shop.
Dear friend, very sorry to disappoint you and give you a bad gaming experience. The game has been updated and repaired again . Please re-enter the game and try it out. If you encounter any problem while playing the game, you can contact us through the game customer service center, and we will try our best to solve the problem. Thank you!


One star until they can fix some more of the bugs. Myself and a few other players are having some issues with characters being in combat with no way to retrieve them, and it doesn't say where they are or when the combat would be done. Lag is a big concern yet. But overall, not too bad, so far.
Thanks for your feedback, we will continue to work hard to improve it. Thank you for supporting our game.


As of right now, it is a buggy mess. Gems that you paid money for disappearing, heroes getting stuck in a void, resulting in not being able to progress, and most of all the lag. 1 star right now, will edit it to 5 stars once everything gets fixed. I dont recommend downloading the game at the current state.
We are sorry for the issue, the team is already working on the issue you mentioned. please give us some time to fix it~


Daylight robbery - you get bombarded with a few pop up packs early and I don't mind supporting games so brought the usual 3day new event which gives you a hero and items. HOWEVER... being a shop game, the items I brought were immediately requested to be brought by NPC characters so I assumed it was part of the game. Later on during play you realise there are heroes you use in battle and those purchased items were actually needed!!!! Why would a game allow that to happen with new players. Shocked
Sorry for not bringing you the best experience, shopkeeper. We will keep optimizing the game in future versions.


I can move my screen and click setting and all but this game won't let me get things done like clicking sell button, get the craft done and clicking the upgrade. This is unplayable game, totally disappointing from all the wait. Besides, this type of game wasn't new and fresh but somehow things get more complicated. Try to make things more simple at least
Dear friend, we feel so sorry for not meeting your expectation and satisfying you. We will become a better game based on your precious suggestion. It will be great to have more feedback and attention from you, thanks!


I'd love to sell items to customers but the interface has become so slow that it takes anywhere from 10-30 seconds to start each action. Start crafting the timer takes 10 seconds to appear, before starting it's countdown, wanna collect it that takes 30 seconds. Wanna sell it? Good luck. Ever since I recruited my heroes every action takes this additional time
Sorry shopkeeper, it happens because so many players joined the server. We are working on it and will fix it asap


I was initially excited to dive back in to my favorite shopkeeper RPG. I didn't notice that it was from a different developer. The game has QoL improvements similar to Shop Titans, but there are far more negatives. The way the customers talk makes me feel like I'm trapped in a bad mobile game ad and they are far too chatty. The price of furnishings is disproportionate to the amount you make early on, and equipping heroes with gear is much more difficult as there are fewer low level options.
We still have a lot of content waiting to be optimized, sorry for not being able to bring you the best gaming experience for the time being, thank you for your support


The game is completely unplayayable in It's current state. There are a Ton of bugs galore. The game completely stops responding when you click on anything. When a customer wants a item you can't even sell it because the game says can't find customer. Really this many bugs In a game. I can't play a game like this that has that many bugs. Please fix the glitches and bugs ASAP.
Dear friend! We feel very sorry for this and we will mark this comment as suggestion. It takes a long time to confirm problems, fix and examine them. We will try to provide better games. Thank you!