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Get Complete Hands-on Practice Learning Experience of Data Science

We at CloudyML provide Assignment Based Courses on Data Science with 1-1 Live Doubt Clearance Support everyday at best affordable prices.

This Application will help you to switch your career from any background into the Data Science field.

Our Special Features are

✅ Hands-on Guided Assignments

✅ Topic wise Tutorial Videos

✅ Capstone end-to-end projects

✅ 1-1 Live Doubt Clearance Support Everyday

✅ Interview Questions and Answers PDF

✅ Course Completion Certificate

✅ Job Referrals to various companies

✅ Resume and LinkedIn Profile Review

✅ Sample Resumes for reference

✅ Job Openings mails

✅ Live Webinars on Various Data Science Topics

✅ Daily Interview QnAs Newsletter and more

Start Your Data Science Journey and become a Job-Ready Data Scientist with CloudyML App.


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The course is very well structured, covering the concepts from basic to advance level with the help of quizzes and topic wise assignments. It has been a great learning experience so far.


I've been using CloudyML's learning platform to study Data Science, and I highly recommend it. Their courses are well-designed and easy to follow, even for beginners. What sets CloudyML apart is their practical approach to learning and providing real-world examples. Overall, a great platform.


Before joining the course, I had very little knowledge of programming. However, after joining the course, it has been very helpful in learning end-to-end data science projects and assignments. The course structure and presentation were also well-organized and easy to follow. I found the course to be quite affordable and it gave me a good understanding of various data science concepts. The instructor is doing an excellent job in teaching the subject.


I am very happy to write a review for the data science course offered by cloudiml. The way the course is designed is easily understandable. The course is well structured and beginner friendly.


The course was well structured and easy to understand. Exaplanations paired with examples helped in easy assimilation of the content. Half way through my goal! Keep up the good work!


CloudyML proved to be an unparalleled platform when it comes to fulfilling one's learning and support prerequisites. With its diverse range of courses and programs tailor-made as per individual goals, it stands out from the rest. My experience with it was more than satisfactory - it proved transformative in terms of building my competency level and confidence jack-up. Therefore, I encourage everyone on the lookout for an excellent job training platform like CloudyML to consider giving it a go.


Course content is excellent. Provide constant support. Application needs to improve over device.


Amazing course in amazing platform, the course is also same as they told before the enrollment, great teachers with great learning experience, Thanks to Akash Raj Sir to creat/build the CLOUDY ML. I am from civil engineering background but it is easy to learn and understand that course's syllabus with help of all of you.


App is not working properly Its consuming too much of time to finish one video due to not properly working Quiz is hardly opening and not able to open solution


Improve your app It hangs a lot in comparison of other applications. I am using 6GB Ram phone, but it is not working properly in comparison of other apps


The app is good. Want to suggest some things for betterment of the App. Add the "quality" button for videos. While opening the app the first vdo automatically starts. Back to previous module shud work properly.
Hi Rushi, Thank You for your kind feedback. Yes, we are adding this feature on our next release.


The app lags too much and keeps closing everytime, I thought about purchasing data analyst combo course but now I don't think I'm gonna purchase cuz if it closes while processing the payment it can cause some issues. Also I scheduled a free counselling session which I never received any calls from their side
Hi Debanjan, We are sorry for the inconvenience. Yes, we have found some issues on our android platform we are fixing the issue right now. Till then you can buy and access our course from our web portal. Also for free counselling session we have tried to connect you 3 times but call is unanswered from your end.


This course helps me a lot to learn new skills from a beginner stage. This course content is from basic to advanced with a good number of assignments and hands on practice which will boost our confidence level and with a better interviews preparation. The mentors assigned to learners for clearing any doubt you get while learning. Thank you cloudyML.
Hi, Thank you for your comment. Is there something else that we could do to deserve a better rating from you? Let us know at


I would be happy to write a review for the Data Science course offered by CloudyML. I recently completed the Data Science course offered by CloudyML, and I must say that it was an outstanding learning experience. The course was well-structured and provided a comprehensive overview of the key concepts and techniques used in Data Science. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of Data Science, and their passion for the subject was evident in their teaching style.


Bugs need to be fix. Struggle to play downloaded video, after 40-50% video complete it starts buffering, in that case download option is no need. High resolution video quality by default, which consumes lot of data. you should add quality/resolution control option .


App doesn't work properly, sometimes you see quiz section and sometimes you don't. And don't even think about it if you want to take this course inyour laptop because their website is so worse that it doesn't even capture your progress most of the time and it wont show your results in quiz at all Update: they do not have chat option in web
Hey Vicky, Previously we were facing these bugs in our site. But we have fix them. If you are still facing any issues regarding the web portal, please mail us at


Course content is well structured , the only issue is while playing videos there should be an option regarding quality of videos , by default video gets played in full HD which consumes a lot of internet, good if you're connected to wifi.
Dear Learner, We have forwarded your feedback to our technical team. They are working on it. We will inform you once it is done. Please reach out to us at if you have any other suggestions.


CloudyML's course structure is clear and accessible for those new to the subject matter, with a progression of lessons that cover the basics to advanced topics and include quizzes and assignments. Furthermore, the presence of mentors to assist learners with any questions is a valuable addition. The regular updates and 1:1 Session are also useful features. Thank you, CloudyML, for your ongoing growth and development.
Thank You Rajesh. We really appreciate your kind words. Have a great learning journey ahead.


I had previously availed the data analytics combo course from cloudy ml and I loved how detailed and well structured the course was. The course had reasonable fees and they also provide a paid internship after u complete the course and give a basic interview. They also keep updating the course according to updates and changes in the market trends. Queries are solved within minutes and support staff is always available. Would highly recommend!!!
Hi, Thanks for your feedback. Keep supporting us. Happy Learning


I had a great learning experience with Cloudyml. Course is well structured in such a way that it will be helpful for beginners as well as working professional. Course content is filled with theoretical and practical assignment which helps me to learn and practice every single concept.The best thing about Cloudyml is team is quite supportive. Quick response, doubt resolution and guidence from the mentor will keep you motivated throughout the learning.
Thank you for your review. Enjoy reading & keep supporting us