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Seguros Mundial Autenticador App DESCRIPTION

Seguros Mundial presents the application of double authentication factor, so that you have greater security when accessing corporate applications.

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What is Crighter? Crighter is an android security app created to save your and other's life. We want everyone to be safe in this cruel world from crimes. Crighter captures continuous pictures for 5 seconds along with location, audio, date and time. No matter you are using your device or its in the sleep mode, Crighter security app always works.After activating Crighter, when you feel that you are in danger, you just need to press the power button thrice and all of your captured information will be mailed, saved and texted on both authority and personal details which can be used for further investigation. It also contains the security map that shows which area is most safe, normal or dangerous. You just need to enter the location and you will know all about it. We are hoping the future to be safe and protected. Crighter security app is a sleeping cell which can change this world forever. Crighter wants everyone to live peacefully because WE PROTECT YOU!How it works? 1- Signup and Enter your details and authority details. (Trustworthy) 2-..
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Today, communication with parents is increasing.As a result, the exposure of personal information of faculty and staff is inevitable, and personal privacy is emerging as an important issue.In these situations, if you use our Teacher Call Teacher Safety Number application, you can communicate with parents and other civil servants without exposing personal information to faculty members, so please use it. (* Teacher Privacy Protection, Faculty Work Label Solution)*Features of teacher call01.050 Safety number service- A security number starting with 050 can be issued to each faculty member and used (incoming call to personal phone number)-Callable business hours can be set for each individual, and other hours are automatically answered-Easy call blocking function for various situations [during meetings, driving, during breaks] even during business hours- Receive and record text messages with 050 safe number- Caller information notification window function- Safety number missed call notification window function02.Safe outgoing service-A service to call by changing the calling number from a personal mobile phone number to a school number, etc.(* This function is only legally available for educational organizations)03. Text service- 050 safety number..
Application double factor Authentication World Insurance
Seguros Mundial presents the application of double authentication factor, so that you have greater security when accessing corporate applications.

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