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Super Stylist Fashion Makeover Game SCREENSHOT

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Super Stylist Fashion Makeover Game DESCRIPTION

There’s a new fashion super stylist glow in town! In this fashion makeover hollywood story game make sure your makeup and fashion styling is on point. Be seen in Hollywood and glow! Go to fancy events in style, win every fashion battle and take pics for the Stylegram. Show off your fashion styling,dress up, glow and makeup skills in this makeover hollywood story game.
You’ve just realized that you could turn your mad shopping and makeup skills into money… by being a super stylist girl in a fashion show! Now, anybody who’s anybody will come to you for a fashion show makeover. You’re the girl who knows just how to style them and live a hollywood story! Create perfect game stylist looks for your dolly clients. Join them at their VIP game events and photograph them so the world can see how awesomely talented you are.

> Open a fashion stylist business and build up an impressive client base, in this awesome fashion story dress up game.
> Give your clients fab makeovers with styles they can wear proudly to specific events, from casual date nights to red carpet premieres. Style them for any fashion battle with your guidance and creative vision.
> Use your stylist bank to buy the clothes, create dolly outfits and make a profit when you sell the items to your clients.
> Listen carefully to what your clients covet so you can choose their clothes wisely from different game collections.
> The better you do, the more fashion collections you can unlock for fab makeovers.
> Complete your look with the right accessories and killer shoes.
> If you want your clients to recommend you to their friends, they’ve got to look great from head to toe! Give the girls a fashion show makeover to remember, with a hairstyle to boot!
> Give your game clients makeup looks that will make them the envy of all the girls.
>Craft a doll-like appearance for your clients through princess styling and doll dress up. Create a doll house ambience within your fashion studio by showcasing exquisite gowns and charming accessories.
> Once their makeup and outfit is on point, accompany them to celeb-filled events and snap fashion style pics for their Stylagram. Make sure they tag you in their pics! This dress up and makeup game is a fashion makeover story dream come true!

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Super Stylist Fashion Makeover Game DOWNLOAD

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I would have given this game five stars if it wasn't always glitching. Every now and then, it just freezes and I have to start the game all over. This is the only thing stopping me from enjoying the game. Another thing is the ads. They are WAY TOO MANY APPS. Every single thing you do, an add appears and it is extremely frustrating.


I've always loved this game. CONS: I hate all the ads, the "treasure" box game seems impossible to get all 3 keys, hard to get new items without buying a bunch of diamonds, would love more body types. Otherwise it's a cool game. Also, I looked at the "Odds" information in the settings, the gift box game shows 97% no prize won and only 3% wins prizes.... that seems unfair lol


I'm really enjoying the game so far. Although some of the options are grayed out, like the ones where you can watch adds to double your rewards or the lipstick option in the makeup category. Is this a glitch or am I missing something?


This game is amazing it is so fun but there are too many ads like all the time ads ads ads and that just really ruins the game also please save your progress you will lose it all if you don't save it I lost all my progress and I was really upset. Please stop that many ads I can barely even play the game


Last played this game with progress synced to Facebook, now returning to play again, but developer changed to Google Play AND removed the option of login by Facebook; old players without a working old device will be stuck like me, as our progress was last saved on Facebook only. Contacted Support, but replied: "unable to retrieve Facebook progress"; unlike other developers that provided ways to transfer from old to new. RIP my Facebook progress, NOT going to grind this game again; uninstalled.


I love the all the new events this game has & it's easy to win & go through the levels without paying to win! I have been playin this every single day since the day I downloaded it randomly! Also make sure you login in the game everyday to get your daily rewards. Plus If you do login everyday, every 5th day you get a whole new outfit, then it restarts over with a new daily rewards and brand new outfit to win on the 5th day! 💃🏻👗👘👙👠👢👡


It's fun and a good time waster BUT it could be better. I like that we have different skin tones in the game, wish there were a few less white clients though. Why can't I wear a jacket with a dress? It's odd. I'd like to wear a jacket and dress together. Also different body types would be cool. Maybe someone shorter/taller, someone heavier, maybe some male models to dress up would be a great addition to the game.


Something that I really like about this game is there is NO MERGING I can't tell you how many time dive looked for a game like this and there was a merging mini game. 🙄 I also love the clothes and the unique and challenging requests for outfits!


Fun game. Ads pop up at good intervals so it's not overwhelming or off-putting. Plus easy for free players to enjoy and level up. Tons of styles, interesting storyline and fun play through. Can't say enough good things about this adorable game.


This is a really good game and now you made it where you have to buy diamonds alot just to get good clothes, I love the different outfits you can get. Had to change my review, since I updated everything it is good. Love the new categories. Need more body moves when taking pictures.


Please Help...I have spent a few hundred pounds...lost everything? Surely you can look myself up on this game and realise how much ive lost! I'm Gutted as I saved everything on you're's all disappeared......please get my money back or find my account that has everything I've paid For!! 😪 Please help! If you look into my's happened twice....but the latest is horrific! lost so much money and progress with this amazing 👏 game! HELP!! Please!!


Adore this game but I have been waiting 2+ weeks for them to restore my game after an update lost all of my levels, money, closet, ect....keep getting the runaround after proving via email that I have spent more than enough time and real money on this game. Been playing almost since they came out, and I am getting nowhere with crazy labs help and support. Look at their fb page and I'm not unique. Definitely not the only account that suddenly "disappeared" & is unrestored.


Cool game BUT so many pop ups for in app purchases. Like every time you complete something the same pop ups keep showing! And when you go to do just about anything, you have to watch an ad first and the most frustrating part about that is whenever it's a credit karma ad, if you accidentally click the ad instead of the x it takes you to credit karma and when you go back to the game it's frozen. I've lost energy with this Glitch but it never let's me complete what I was doing. It's so frustrating


I actually like the game overall. BUT there are SO MANY ADS & popups that it's very frustrating to try to actually accomplish anything! Click anything, it takes you to an ad. Finally get back to the game, have to close out six consecutive popups that want you to purchase things with real money. Also, the style choices are very limited, and the necessary diamonds to unlock more choices are few and far between. It's a nice app, but riddled with frustrations from all the constant ad distractions!


Ads are horrible on the app.. everywhere when you click. Ridiculous. It tries to get you to buy or you have to watch SO many ads. Also, don't have support button to report issues like losing game dollars for no reason (1st over $3,000 and then over $1,000 another day). Terrible when you work so hard to earn it. I'm ready to uninstall it.


I work in the fashion industry & this is the BEST fashion game I've played. The styles are trendy & versatile. I would love to see more inclusion in ethnic cultures & genuine body types!!! I have no idea what to do with all the money I've earned, so it's just racking up! Meanwhile, I can only use the diamonds to purchase anything. Unfortunately, the diamonds don't accumulate fast enough & they don't have as much value. The style events are repetitive, please add new merchandise to model!


This game seems to need a LOT of work still. There are no tutorials, the items are pricey, and they cost diamonds which are earned in ridiculously small amounts. When you are brought to the purchase menu, it doesn't tell you how much the item costs, so you don't know which package to purchase. There are also no help options or explanations. I give it 3-stars because the outfits are cute, and the free beginner choices are better than most.


it cheats, the ticket game cheats, and the challenge game. So thy give you challenges and make it impossible to win they rewards. Normally they give you 3 clients to earn points to level up, level up challenge, they barely give you clients to level up, so it takes a long time to level up, hard to win challenges. I'm thinking of deleting this game, it get greedy I think, like it's to much to make challenges reachable. I usually level up every day, taken 2days, done with, deleting.


Obsessed with this game! So many cool styles and always something to do! Only gave it 4/5 stars due some glitches. My screen will randomly flash as if a pic has been taken which makes me paranoid and the ads go on forever then end up always accidentally clicking on the ad instead of the x button and lose where I am in the game/resets itself. Other than that I absolutely love this!


This game is fun and addicting, the only problem is that you can earn a whole lot of money, but you can only buy things with gems, which are very hard to earn. Plus there is a lot of adds. But still super fun and easy to play, my favorite part is the sassy diolog. So fun! Plus this fashion game is appropriate, most fashion games aren't super kid friendly, but this one is fine. I definitely recommend!