We got a new version for all you lovely people 🥳

It's been a while since we had time to update our fine Android app. We have been busy bees working on the underlying Colibrio Framework.

From now on, you will get updates whenever we release a new version of the framework. So you will always have the latest and greatest version 🙂

As always, don't forget that we love feedback, so keep in touch if you have ideas and suggestions! 😊

Colibrio Reader App SCREENSHOT

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Colibrio Reader App DESCRIPTION

The Colibrio Reader is an implementation of the Colibrio Reader Framework, the most advanced development framework for building digital reading systems.

Colibrio Reader supports all of the features in EPUB3, including,

* Talking Books (Media Overlays)
* Interactivity (Scripting)
* Reflowable and Fixed Layout
* Text to Speech
* Bookmarks
* Annotations

and much more!

We have chosen to make this app free to all to help people that are looking for an accessible e-reader and to help promote EPUB as a format. And, also to promote our framework of course 😊

This app will be updated regularly with all our latest features at the time they reach their Beta stage. So you can look forward to a steady stream of fun new features!

A note to screen reader users, the app works best when used with the Google TalkBack service. Also, for accessibility testers, please turn on TalkBack before you start the app.

Now go read a good book 😀

We are looking forward to your feedback!


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Colibrio Reader App DOWNLOAD

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This is totally the kind of app I have been looking for
Thank you Nzube 😊🙏


The March 2023 W3C EPUB 3.3 Test Results suggests Colibrio is probably the most comprehensive implementation of the EPUB standard. For example Colibrio implements media overlays for talking books. Simple user-friendly interface.
Thank you for your review 😊 I dare say that you are correct. We do our very best to be as close to a reference implementation of the EPUB specification as possible. We will of course keep improving thanks to feedback from customers and users, such as you 😊 Cheers!


Everything is fine, except when I turn off the phone screen, TTS mode stops too. Hope you can fix this.
Hi Nam 🙂 This is a thing that bugs me too 😉 Let's see what we can do 👍 Cheers!


Have just downloaded this app. While I have a number of other tts ebook readers, this one seems to be an ideal app with a very straightforward settings & menu framework. Top marks for offering a nice free (and ad-free) app.
Thanks so much for your kind review 😊🙏 We promise to keep improving! Cheers 👋


Waiting for the next update 🙃.
Hi Sèho 👋 Sorry for this very late reply! We just updated the app for the first time in a while. We have updated the underlying framework continuously during this time and there has been a lot of improvements that I hope that you will enjoy 🙂


Extremely nice reader in such a small apk. Suggest display page number at bottom instead of percentage.


Everything is great, Can we get an option where we can copy the highlighted text as it's not available, we can't copy the annotations.
Hi Gourav 👋 Sorry for this very late reply! Thanks for reporting the copy text issue. I somehow missed this in my QA. I will fix this for the next release 👍 Cheers 😊, Lars


Good so far, but there needs to be a more granular control of the playback speed, as well as the ability to import custom TTS voices.
Hi Paul 👋 Sorry for this very late reply! Thanks for the feedback on playback rate 👍 Regarding TTS voices, we use the voices available on your Android system. If you want to add additional voices you can install those in Settings. You can also install third party voices from companies such as Acapela. Thanks for using Colibrio 😊 Cheers!


Very good ebook reader. Glad I found it, Thanks for making the app.
Thank you for your kind words 😊 We promise to keep improving!


I'm impressed by the quality of this completely free app. The visuals are ok. UI is pretty neat. The performance was pretty good. The only thing I find not impressed by is the import mechanism. Don't import files, read directly from storage. Also the loading while changing dark mode, dark mode is not working on pages. Please Update :)
Hey 👋 Thanks so much for your review! Regarding import, we copy the files you add to the app's storage as we do not want to scan the users device for files. You can move the app to external storage if you want to save space 👍 Reg. dark mode, fixed layout books (pdfs, picture books etc) do not support theming. You can always send us an email 😊


Nice simple UI, but 1. No option to turn off paging/percent progress 2. No AMOLED black mode 4. Zooming on page doesn't automatically flow text properly, which is what epubs are supposed to be for. Instead page zooms like a pdf file.
Hey again Neoli 👋 Happy to report that we have now added a black mode that will make users with AMOLED displays happy 🙂 Try it out! Cheers 👋