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Color Bump 3D Game SCREENSHOT

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Color Bump 3D Game DESCRIPTION

Your newest addiction comes in 3D!

Very easy to play, too hard to master

Do not touch other Colors, that is it!

100+ Levels of limitless fun!

SIMILAR to Color Bump 3D Game

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The game is fun but too many ads. I get they have to make money but damn! This is overwhelming.


This game has TOO MANY ADS. Everytime you fail or complete a level a ads pop's up. Doesn't even matter if you turn off your wifi the ads will be there. 😤😤😡😡


I used to really like this game but omg the ads! So many ads! Whether I complete the level or fail, choose the reward or hit no thanks, THERE IS ALWAYS AN AD! So over it!


This game is really fun but gets boring quick. And they just continue to shove ads in your face after every round and it's just bad.


This game was fun at the beginning. The adds were unbelievable! After every stage they would show me asleast 2 adds. At the time I got to stage 5 it was impossible. I don't believe anybody else has this problem but it was impossible to move forward. I don't recommend this game, to many problems!


It's a fun game but there are way too much ads. Ads after every time I win or die. Good game to play without Internet.


It is very nice game very fun I am giving this game 5 star because there is no add issue and I love this game it is very nice game to play you also install this game it is so much fun we have and no ads at all it is very nice game there is only one problem that all state is stages are only 10 to 15 seconds make them little 1 to 2 minutes we will enjoy it more thank you


Love the game! 100% reccomended. Why I gave 4 stars? No tutorial, on level. 2 it changes color without you knowing what to do if this is your first time playing a game like this.


I think this game is kind of cool because when you like push it it's like helping you like how to learn to play when I first played this just help me and yeah I love it


This is TRISH THE TRUSTED GAME TRACKER. The concept is good unfortunately the game is not. Ads are excessive 2 seconds of play 30 seconds of ads. I give 2 stars for effort to continue to work on what you started.


I think the game was really good and fun but there is WAY WAY to much adds after you are done with one level it makes you watch 2 or 1 adds so it is really annoying with the adds.


I would give it more stars if it had the sound that was advertised with it. -- it's a searing burning sound.


Very fun and relaxing game. Some levels do make a challenge but so far its pretty easy, which isn't a bad thing. The ads can get really on my nerves though. Its not the worst offender but if you do get stuck on a level it's frustrating you can't just hop right back in and try again. Sometimes you get constant ads and considering that a lot of levels can be beaten under a minute those ads start to add up. But not so much that I want to stop playing


I got this app on my phone, and the first day I loved it! No ads, kinda hard levels. The next day im happy to play one of me new "favorite games" After every level; (even if I beat one or not) There would be a 30 second unskippable ad. I had to delete it, and I was on stage 81! Then I just kept getting annoyed; so I deleted it. I know you could just turn off your wifi. But it gets really annoying when you have to turn it back on once your done.


Really fun, addicting and time consuming! Definitely one to play when you're bored or stuck somewhere. However, the amount of ads is just not okay. Every time I complete a level and go on to the next one, an ad comes up. Most of the time, I try to press the "X" in the corner but apparently I missclicked and it takes me to whete I can install the game it is advertising. I just want to continue playing the game!


There's ads. Now this isn't a bad thing, for a game to have ads, but it gets a bit excessive when there are both banner ads that greatly lag the game (especially when they decide to change mid-gameplay) AND when there are unskippable ads after a game, win or lose. Not attractive in such a simple game that offers so little in contrast to what you have to put up with. And why does it ask for my location...? All in all, a great concept. But, like many other great games, it's ruined by so many ads.


There is an unreasonable and infuriating amount of ads for a game that is easy to fail (because of its level of difficulty, not due to poor design). Win? Watch an ad. Lose and want to continue? Watch an ad. Lose and want to start over? Watch an ad. The game itself is fun and challenging, though the physics can bog down my phone a bit. The controls are intuitive and flicking the ball past the finish is SO satisfying. But seriously developers, calm down with the heckin' ads. It's rage inducing.


Fun, but very easy. A handful of levels are a bit challenging, 90% you'll complete on the first try. The levels don't increase in difficulty so the game starts to feel old. Finally after 350 levels, the speed increases a tiny bit and it all repeats. The speed bumps up again at 700 and 1050 levels. I'd really like to see a version with more of a puzzle solving approach, with rewards and penalties for hitting certain shapes.


It was addicting/fun at first. But then after a while it just kept repeating the same 10 levels over and over. Everybody is complaining about the ads, but really they aren't that bad. There are 2 types of ads in the game: the ads that play at regular intervals, and the ads you opt into for a reward (i.e. to continue a level). The first type is only a few seconds long and then you can skip the rest. The second type is usually 30 seconds long and you cannot skip.


It is a great game and I love it. Though the ads ruin it. there are way to many ads. Even if I click "No Thanks" it will still give me an ad. In that case I may as well if just watched the ad for the dang boost! At the end of each play, whether I fail or complete, there is almost guaranteed an ad. Please make it to where there are less ads and then I would consider reinstalling. To me there is no point in watching a bunch of ads and play a couple mini games here and there.