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Photo to coloring pages Game DESCRIPTION

An elegant tool for creating graphic, pixel, artistic and 8-bit images with your own hands from your photos. Coloring a new level will easily turn any of your photos into a picture.
Upload any picture or photo from the gallery. Or take a photo right in the app.
There are 12 sketch options for your photo in one coloring page.


Coloring 1.
Get your pixel photo in medium and low resolution. Color it with new colors if you like. Make your photo unrecognizable by keeping the main features.

Coloring 2.
Get your pixel photo in high resolution. Congratulations, you have become a pixel character.

Coloring 1 and 2 – Pixelart in four versions.

Coloring 3.
Make your photo 8 bit painting.

Coloring book 4.
Make your photo a graphic painting. Sharper “A” graphics
Abstract graphics option “B”

Coloring 5 & 6.
Your photo from the gallery will become a sketch of the painting. The coloring imitates painting in oil, gouache, watercolor, depending on the chosen option and color saturation, which you can also change on your own.
Or follow the colors that the app suggests, they are the closest to the original photo.
The selected color is surrounded by a pink box and the area you are currently painting is also highlighted in pink, swipe over it as if it were a brush, the area will be filled with the desired color. Color with a swipe.

The numbers will show how full the area is.
• Click the checkmark at the top – find out the amount of filling in the picture, look at the areas that have not yet been painted over. They will be highlighted in pink.
• When the drawing is ready, save it.
A checkmark will appear at the bottom, which means that the image has been saved in the gallery.

If you haven’t finished coloring the picture yet, don’t worry, it will be saved on the first page.
Click on the picture and continue drawing.

There are two helpers:
• The index finger will highlight areas of the picture.
• After selecting the area, click on the pencil and continue to paint over the selection.

Coloring is suitable for leisure and entertainment for creative people.
The application is suitable for designers and artists.
You can share images with friends.
PimurArt coloring book is Art therapy and anti-stress drawing. It will have a positive effect on you.
You can draw offline without the Internet.
Color your favorite photos, unusual anime, pictures from cartoons and films, make an 8-bit or pixel image from a photo.

Just take a photo and color your favorite cat.
There is not a single image that cannot be colored.
Everyone can feel like an artist.


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I don't know what kind of coloring app this is but it's not a coloring app
Hello, if you are used to coloring by numbers and only by the given pictures, then stay put. This is the most unusual coloring book for creativity and working with color. A unique coloring book, but not for everyone! It will turn any photo from the gallery into a coloring book. We wish you a great mood, in millions of standard coloring pages.


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I love. My. Coloring. Game
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